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Comic gold for anyone who is currently stoned, has been stoned in the past or spends a lot of time around stoned people.
The Hollywood Reporter
Sticks to formula but delivers some seriously dumb laughs.
Entertainment Weekly
Works just like a Tenacious D song. The movie feels giddy and eruptive, dopily enthralled with itself, and more or less made up on the spot.
The movie is spotty. The short films, essentially comic sketches, were more consistently funny. The movie lags on occasion, but it also has quite a few laughs.
As a movie, it's a mess - and lazy, too.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Baked and half-baked, Tenacious D does manage to give the term potty humor a new meaning. That's some kind of genius, right?
New York Daily News
Proudly, and often hilariously, juvenile, "Destiny" is packed with typically grandiose Tenacious D anthems - the sort that thrill 15-year-old boys listening alone in their bedrooms.
Miami Herald
The Pick of Destiny is fast and funny, and you can't beat the songs (especially the not exactly heartwrenching Dude I Totally Miss You).
New York Post
The beginning and end are classics.
Ultimately, Tenacious D is a sight gag -- two unprepossessing, chunky dudes rocking out like wiry guitar gods -- supplemented by spot-on digs at the macho bombast and Dungeons & Dragons silliness that drives heavy-metal mania.
Chicago Tribune
A large amount of dope is smoked in The Pick of Destiny, perhaps the most since the salad days of Cheech & Chong. This may be the problem. Pot rarely helped anybody's comic timing.

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