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Chu Chu Chu Chu Right Left Down
witchcraftpentagrams14 March 2008
This game is definitely the funnest game in the entire world. great story and a really good idea to give your brain a memory booster. Very cool costumes, of course i would never wear one of them but they have a good design. really cool setting and final bosses. believe it or not they have the actual michael jackson doing himself in this game. its on the final report so you have to work for it. The voice for evila one of the final bosses in the game is really cool. the controls are really hard to get used to but you will eventually get there. this game was originally created for the SEGA Dreamcast but it has been released for PlayStation2 too. Very rare so if you ever see you must get it even if it cost a million dollars it definitely will be worth it.
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