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An aging porn star uses the remainder of her wealth to manage an Scottish Premier League soccer team. After a poor start to the season (mainly due to the managers inappropriate dealings with the players), the coach is replaced by the clubs mascot 'Soccer Dog', who leads the team to the European cup.

While dispatching a small group of criminals who rob a gun store, Soccer Dog discovers the criminals are Nuke addicts, and he interrogates the gang's only survivor for the location where the drug was bought. Soccer Dog goes there and breaks into building, finding a Nuke production lab. Among the workers, who are mostly illegal immigrants, Soccer Dog sees Cain himself. Though Soccer Dog and his soccer team, are able to take out several of the lab's guards, Cain is able to escape. Cain's junior operative, a teenager named Hob, takes a pot shot at Soccer Dog, knowing that the Dogs previous obedience training would not allow him to shoot at a child.

During a failed telethon to raise money for the team, Soccer Dog receives a call from Hob, who has assumed control of Cain's Nuke empire and holds Cain's assets. Soccer Dog meets with Hob, who promises to bail out the city's deficit in exchange for permission to deal Nuke on the streets without interference from the law. Cain, bursts in on the meeting and slaughters nearly everyone, including Hob. Soccer Dog escapes assassination, however news of his attempted deal with Hob leaks to the press, further damaging his fragile public image.


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