Shaun of the Dead (2004) Poster

Plot Keywords

zombie cricket bat
record collection zombie apocalypse
pub social satire
death impersonation
shot in the eye beaten to death
no opening credits flower shop
husband wife relationship smashing through a window
neighbor loss of husband
hit and run shot in the chest
the color red flesh eating zombie
flower arson
disembowelment flatulence
severed head satire
trampoline reference to queen
zombie child gore
mother son relationship look alike
roommate actress
car alarm explosion
corkscrew shot repeatedly
dysfunctional society ink
air raid siren answering machine
arab grocer 2000s
dart shot to death
shot multiple times friendship between men
salesman rifle
cell phone decapitation
national emergency shot in the forehead
jukebox eaten alive
tool shed cannibalism
cult british comedy
improvised weapon killer child
hip hop montage old lady
tv show in film chase
impalement four word title
severed leg lifting someone into the air
suburb violence
convenience store dead body
boyfriend girlfriend relationship hit with a shovel
impression climbing through a window
tire iron generation x
crying throat slitting
beheading slow motion scene
secret love slacker
television news pool cue
london england british horror
cult film bloody handprints
male tears swat team
molotov cocktail bitten in the neck
car accident britain
friendship dismemberment
machine gun shot in the neck
spoof title military
long take suburbia
broken bottle post modern
hit with a dart gash in the face
electronic store f word
stepfather stepson relationship loss of mother
siege winchester rifle
shop assistant accountant
severed arm zombie parody
tetherball black comedy
anti hero breakup
death of mother independent film
character name in title surprise ending

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