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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Shaun first walks down stairs, he sits on the sofa and picks up a PlayStation controller we hear "Player 2 has entered the game" And "Player 2 has left the game" The game Ed is playing, Timesplitters 2, does not have a press start to add players feature.

Boom mic visible 

When Shaun is walking to the shop (for the second time - when the zombies are rampant), the boom is reflected in the blue car on the side of the street.
When Philip is bitten, everyone gets into the car. There is a quick reflection of it on the car.

Character error 

When Shaun and Ed are frisbeeing vinyl at their two zombierific backyard invaders, Shaun claims that a copy of New Order's "Blue Monday" is an original pressing. The first pressing of this 12" single in the UK was in a die-cut sleeve with a black insert, so the one in the film is obviously a later release.
When Shaun is visiting the shop the first time, one of the newspapers can be seen to talk about a "Vacine," instead of "Vaccine."


When Ed lights the Molotov cocktail, it disappears when the zombies drag him.
When Shaun and Ed are in the back garden hitting the two zombies with a shovel and a cricket bat, their clothes get covered in blood, but the weapons remain immaculate. Later, in the living room, Ed holds up a blood covered shovel.
After Mary falls on the pole, she gets up and she is standing straight up. The next shot from the front shows Mary standing up again.
At the start of the movie, when the camera pans across the road, the red Renault Megane that is subsequently used by Shaun and his friends is missing the Renault badge. It appears and disappears again several times during the movie.
The red mark from the leaky pen in Shaun's pocket changes size and shape several times even before he gets covered in Zombie blood.
After Mary gets up, Ed winds the camera to take a picture, but he already wound it right after taking a picture of Shaun and Mary together.
When the characters are in the car, the wound on Philip's shoulder changes and then changes back.
When Mary falls onto the pole in the back garden, she is at an angle where her feet are facing Shaun and Ed. In the next shot, her body has rotated so her feet are facing the fence to Shaun's right.
In the basement of the pub, Shaun puts his hand behind Liz. In the next shot, his hand isn't there, and then in the shot after, his hand is back.
In the Pub basement, Shaun puts a cigarette in Ed's mouth and lights it for him. In the next cut, the smoke is not lit, cut back again, and it is lit.
During the Queen fight, as Shaun falls and gets back up, his pool cue swaps hands twice, but only one is deliberate.
The "shaved" patch on the back of Ed's head changes size throughout the movie. In some shots, it is very small, but in others, it is quite prominent.
When Shaun and Ed are throwing objects at Mary and the Fat Man in the garden, one of the first objects (and another later) goes through the back window and the interior curtains are seen to fly up in the air. When they run out of objects all of the windows are still intact.
When Shaun is walking to the shop (for the first time - when the zombies are not yet rampant), a man is cleaning the windscreen of his blue Vauxhall Cavalier, the windscreen is a tinted one (solar green with a blue shade). When Shaun is walking to the shop (for the second time - when the zombies are rampant), the smashed windscreen of the same Cavalier is a clear one without any tint or shade. The first shot was probably taken after the second one, as the tinted windscreen appears to have been replaced, as the rest of the Cavalier's glass is not solar tinted, too.
When Shaun and Ed are playing on the PlayStation, when the camera cuts to the screen the level they are playing on changes.
During the living room fight scene with the groom zombie, Ed picks up an ashtray to use as a weapon. You can clearly see that the ashtray isn't in his open hand as he swings his arm, and luckily reappears just in time to crash into the zombie's head (about 30 minutes into the film).
After Shaun and Ed stop to make sure the person they hit with the car is indeed a zombie, they drive off. As they do, to the right of them you will see a lawn mower moving along, apparently by itself.
When Shaun visits the local shop for a second time, he slips on what is assumed to be blood on the way to the fridge. However, when he walks away he doesn't slip again and as the camera moves backwards you catch a glimpse of the floor and there is no sign of the blood. The clean floor is also visible for a split second as he enters the shop.
After Shaun picks up Liz at her home, the Jaguar the group is using to get to the pub has a rear-view mirror in some scenes and it is missing in others moments later.
When the shotgun shells start going off on the burning bar, there are three close up shots of the shell box. In the first one there's only a couple exploded shells in the box, in the second one most of the shells have gone off, but in the third one there are more non-exploded shells than in the second one.
When Dianne throws Shaun the tennis pole, she throws it so he should catch it with the tennis ball to his left-hand side, but in the next shot he catches it so that the tennis ball is on his right-hand side.
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When Shaun goes to Liz's flat to patch things up with her after not booking the restaurant, he says he doesn't need cigarettes, and throws his pack of Embassy into the bin. Later, at the end of the film, Liz offers Shaun a cigarette from the same pack she took from the bin because she was desperate, yet the pack is now Marlboro Lights.
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Crew or equipment visible 

When they first start beating the pub owner with pool cues, the actor/stuntman is clearly wearing padding under the back of his shirt.
When Shaun and Ed reverse to check the zombie they've just run over, there is an UN-snipped cable tie attached to the fake demented leg of the zombie.
Each time Shaun opens the fridge door in the shop, the camera is reflected in the door.
When Shaun is climbing through Liz's window you can see the top part of a scaffolding pole from the platform he was standing on.
When Liz jumps over the bar after Shaun, there is a bald man to the right trying to help Liz get over the bar.

Revealing mistakes 

In the opening montage, you see Mary the checkout girl, working at the supermarket. On her name-tag it says "Landis Supermarket", yet on the checkout it clearly reads "Asda Supermarket".
When the 'Groom Zombie' enters Shaun, Ed and Pete's home you can see positioning markers on the floor in Shaun and Ed's reaction shot. Look to the lower right of the screen and you'll see at least two markers in blue tape on the floor. These are for continuity and should not be visible in the final cut.
When Ed goes to smash an ash tray on the head of the groom zombie if you slow down the picture you can clearly see that he hasn't got a ash tray in his hand.
When Shaun runs out of Liz's Apartment to get to the car, when he hits every zombie with his cricket bat, it bends, revealing it's made of foam.
When Liz uses the fire extinguisher she is holding the horn with her left hand. This part of a CO2 extinguisher becomes very cold when fired - enough to burn skin. She should not have been able to do this without suffering injury.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Character error 

Towards the end of the movie, there's some TV news footage and the caption reads, "Rememering Z-Day" - "Remembering" is misspelled. This is fixed on the DVD.


In the pub, after Shaun has shot his mother, he drops the gun to his side, with David standing some way behind him. After he punches David, David flies backwards still further, and when he lands, the gun is right beside him.

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