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Remarkably fresh and inventive.
Chicago Tribune
A gleefully gory, pitch-perfect parody of George Romero's zombie films. But this isn't a movie about other movies. Shaun of the Dead stands on its own.
Whatever you want to label this quick-paced crowd-pleaser, it is definitely one of the year's must-sees.
Entertainment Weekly
The daffy, innately British joke that propels the cheeky U.K. comedy hit Shaun of the Dead is that although real zombies have risen up -- slacker wankers Shaun (Simon Pegg) and his best pal and roommate, Ed (Nick Frost), are too slack, wankerish, and blitheringly British to notice.
Blast of fright and fun.
Philadelphia Inquirer
This gory horror romp is a goofball medley of "Dawn of the Dead," "28 Days Later" . . . , and Monty Python-style severed-limbs/blood-spurting sicko comedy.
New York Daily News
Its social satire is so dead-on.
Chicago Sun-Times
I like the way the slacker characters maintain their slothful gormlessness in the face of urgent danger, and I like the way the British bourgeois values of Shaun's mum and dad assert themselves even in the face of catastrophe.
Miami Herald
Mines a great deal of its humor from the can't-be-bothered attitude of British culture, but the jokes survive the trip across the Atlantic mostly intact.
It's a grisly but sweet ode to friendship, love and the George Romero zombie trilogy.
The Hollywood Reporter
It's worth sticking around for the coda too as it contains some hilarious and very politically incorrect suggestions as to how zombies might be put to work once they've been tamed.
For those who like their spoofs silly and their cartoonish gore vivid, Shaun offers some amusement.

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