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Atomic Bomb Drama Wins $15K Film Independent Grant

19 June 2011 10:19 AM, PDT | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

Chris Eigeman's and Eric Morris' "Midnight Sun" has been selected as the recipient of a $15,000 production grant funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, while 20 filmmakers have been named to Film Independent's Fast Track Fellows program. In the past, that program has helped shepherd films including this year's SXSW award winner "Natural Selection," the Spirit Awards nominee "Amreeka" and Courtney Hunt's "Frozen River," which won an Oscar nomination for Melissa Leo. "Midnight Sun" is a dramatic film dealing with the World War II initiative in which a group of young »

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Tsr Buzz: The Alamo Drafthouse strikes back, Cooking for A**holes, Daniel Plainview smiles

7 June 2011 1:07 PM, PDT | The Scorecard Review | See recent Scorecard Review news »

With Tsr Buzz, you’ll find links to articles, videos and other random things that will help you waste your time just a little bit more.

Grand Rapids, Michigan strikes back against naysayers with this touching music video that features hundreds of citizens lip-dubbing along to “American Pie.” Covered in one take, this nine-minute video spans multiple streets and features many different Don McCleans.

I suck at cooking, and reading cooking books can be an intimidating, crusty experience. Thank Godard someone knows how to speak my language. Time to get sophisticated. (Language Nsfw)

Cooking for Assholes

There are many reasons why the Alamo Drafthouse is probably the best theater in the entire world, but their crusade against movie-talkers and texters ranks is one of its more special. The theater chain in Austin, Texas is dedicated to offering moviegoers uninterrupted experiences, the way every movie theater should be. »

- Nick Allen

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Creature Proves Blood is Blood and Gets a New One-Sheet and Trailer

27 May 2011 4:22 PM, PDT | | See recent Dread Central news »

What's in a name? Apparently a lot as the latest movie about a badass swamp monster getting ready to maim everyone in its way is up to moniker number three, but it looks as if this one will be sticking!

Creature (formerly Blood is Blood and Lockjaw) from writer/director Fred M. Andrews stars “True Blood” co-star Mehcad Brooks (aka "Eggs"), Serinda Swan (Tron Legacy), Sid Haig (The Devil's Rejects), and Daniel Bernhardt (The Matrix Reloaded).

The flick revolves around a group of family and friends who, while en route to New Orleans, are sidetracked in the Louisiana bayou and encounter a monster named Lockjaw who is revered by the locals as a god. When will people ever learn to just stick to the damned road? Natural selection I guess!

In the movie Brooks will play a Navy Seal back from the Middle East; Swan will play his fiancee, who »

- Uncle Creepy

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Sales Art and Trailer: Glenn Ciano's Infected

19 May 2011 12:47 AM, PDT | | See recent Dread Central news »

While Inkubus getting all the love lately, we thought it was time to shine the spotlight on another film director Glenn Ciano has haunting Cannes, a living dead-laden opus known as Infected!

Look for more on the movie starring Michael Madsen, William Forsythe, Christy Carlson Romano, Tommy DeNucci, Johnny Cicco, Annie Worden, and Jeanine Kane soon. In the interim dig on the eye candy below.


Natural selection says that, when faced with a predatory intrusion, all organisms must evolve to survive. However, Darwin made no promises that evolution would lead to improvement...

As they’ve been doing for years, Louis and his son, Andrew, are first to arrive at the peaceful cottage their hunting club rents each deer season, and as the other club members arrive, they begin the familiar, relaxing task of setting up the cabin. Deep in the woods, cut off from civilization, they spend a long weekend cleaning, »

- Uncle Creepy

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Ebertfest, Days Three and Four

2 May 2011 5:49 PM, PDT | | See recent IFC news »

The movie beat can be a lonely job. Even in a theater with hundreds of people, the film critic is alone in the dark. But personally, I find that the real joy of movies come from sharing them with others. Host Chaz Ebert asserted several times from the stage of the Virginia Theatre that Ebertfest is "all about the movies." But after my first trip to the festival, I would say it's an event as much about a community of movie lovers as the movies themselves.

As Tilda Swinton, star of Ebertfest selection "I Am Love" noted during her Q&A, festivals are about "the collective experience." It's even more true at Ebertfest than at most other film festivals I've attended. Bigger festivals sprawl over numerous venues with dozens of movies: two people could spend the same amount of time at Sundance or Toronto and have two entirely different experiences. »

- Matt Singer

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Slackery News Tidbits, April 27

27 April 2011 9:00 AM, PDT | Slackerwood | See recent Slackerwood news »

Here's the latest Austin film news, along with some special screenings and events.

Last week, I wrote about the Austin films that will screen at Cannes, some of which have screened here already. Now you can see Kyle Henry and Carlos Trevino's short film Fourplay: Tampa here in Austin before it plays the Cannes Film Festival. aGLIFF and Austin Film Society are sponsoring a benefit screening to raise completion funds for the film. Catch Fourplay: Tampa on Saturday, April 30 at 1 pm at Alamo Ritz.Austin is also getting some representation at Ebertfest in Champaign, Illinois this weekend. Austin filmmaker Richard Linklater will be at Roger Ebert's film festival on Friday to screen his delightful 2009 movie Me and Orson Welles. In addition, Natural Selection, the Smithville-shot film that swept the SXSW Narrative Feature awards this year (Ebert was on the jury), will play the festival.If you're here in Austin this weekend, »

- Jette Kernion

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18 April 2011 5:41 AM, PDT | The Scorecard Review | See recent Scorecard Review news »

SXSW Film Review


Complete Coverage of SXSW Film 2011

Director: Joseph Kahn, Writers: Joseph Kahn & Mark Palermo

A downtrodden 17-year-old girl is sent to detention where she must survive a slasher film killer and save the world in time for prom.

Cast: Josh Hutcherson, Dane Cook, Shanley Caswell, Spencer Locke, Aaron David Johnson (World Premiere)

Who’S It For?: This is especially for those just leaving high school, as for the right person, Detention will play right on cue to chords of pre-adulthood angst. As for everyone else, some appetite for 100% pop sugar is needed for full enjoyment of this movie.


Roaring from the under-appreciated kinetics of his debut motorcycle-actioner Torque, music video director Joseph Kahn has concocted Detention, a delicious MegaGulp of wonderfully true teen satire. Though its imagination speedily transcends genres, bouncing between slasher film, teen comedy, and science fiction with an unending sugar rush, »

- Nick Allen

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A quintessence of dust

6 April 2011 8:38 PM, PDT | | See recent Roger Ebert's Blog news »

An idle comment caught my eye: "After all, no one saw the Big Bang." Somewhere else I read, "The universe has no opinion." Then I read that the next Hubble telescope will be able to peer six times as far into space and time as the one now in orbit.

An issue of Discover magazine arrived with a cover story about astronomers struggling with the problem of information overload. The new telescopes have moved far beyond visual images, and monitor a flood of information picked up on many wave lengths. Not even super computers can adequately organize and assess their vast findings. Amazing discoveries may be buried within the data.

The universe is too large for me to comprehend how large that really might be. I've seen those animations where Earth shrinks to a pin point, and then the sun shrinks to a pin point, and then the Milky Way shrinks to a pin point. »

- Roger Ebert

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SXSW 2011 – Day Four: Franklin Barbecue Has Got The Best Ribs in Austin, ‘Beginners,’ ‘The Fp’

4 April 2011 1:00 PM, PDT | The Scorecard Review | See recent Scorecard Review news »

The following is Part Four of a Five Part series that chronicles Nick Allen’s first journey to SXSW, which also stands as his first time in Texas, ever. The final day, Part Five, is to be posted soon.

I slept in! No express pass waiting, no 8 Am wake-ups, nothing. Instead, it was decided that we would actually take a break from SXSW to explore some Austin culture. Of course, I do not mean a historical tour or anything remotely tourist. Instead, we headed over to a dee-licious small rib joint called Franklin Barbecue, which is not just Tsr-recommended, but is said to offer some of the best ribs etc in the entire state of Texas. (This is a strong recommendation: I owe them for that free Coke they let me have.)

While Jeff has photographic evidence of the entire species we eradicated with our meal, I can say that the tray was huge, »

- Nick Allen

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The Best of SXSW Film Festival 2011

29 March 2011 9:45 AM, PDT | The Film Stage | See recent The Film Stage news »

South By Southwest is largely awesome as a condition of place. Austin is an amazing case study that has much going right. It is a city of filmmakers, lovers and scholars with public and private support. An organization with the most visible influence is the Austin Film Society, which sponsors filmmaker financially through the new Texas Filmmakers Fund (partly funding two strong films I saw – Where Soldiers Come From and Five Time Champion) amongst other initiatives. I think SXSW Film has grown partly because Texas filmmaking has grown. There is a large display of strong work including the festival’s Lone Star States showcase. This is as much a local festival as it a national festival (and shockingly less so an international festival, with very little work from other non-traditional Hollywood funding bodies like Europe).

The flexibility of SXSW to discover new voices is one of their leading strengths. If »

- John Fink

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SXSW 2011 – Day Two: Elmo Sightings, ‘Super,’ Rainn Wilson Thinks That Is A Stupid F**king Question

28 March 2011 12:02 PM, PDT | The Scorecard Review | See recent Scorecard Review news »

The following is Part 2 of a five part series that chronicles Nick Allen’s first endeavor into the unknown realm of SXSW 2011. It will be continued with the even crazier Parts 3, 4, and 5 very soon.

Complete Coverage of SXSW Film 2011

Jeff and I woke up pretty early on our first full SXSW day for two reasons. I had to wait in line to secure “Express” passes (they put you in front of a theater line) while Jeff had to go hang out with “Jake,” as he called him (Jake Gyllenhaal, for Source Code). After waiting about an hour in line, I was able to secure two passes for Ti West’s The Innkeepers and Super, a movie in which I could not miss due to my tentative interview with director James Gunn.

To our shared disappointment, neither Jeff nor I caught a morning screening. (For years, he’ll probably bitch »

- Nick Allen

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The Five Best (and One Worst) Movies I Saw at SXSW 2011

22 March 2011 | Nerve | See recent Nerve news »

The Best (and Worst) Movies I Saw At SXSW 2011 Featuring Conan O'Brien, Ridley Scott, and one appalling documentary. By Andrew Osborne Austin's South-By-Southwest Film Festival is famously more laid back and idiosyncratic than the taste-making Indiewood buzz factory known as Sundance. And yet, the 2011 edition of SXSW often felt more slick than scruffy, with high-profile projects sharing a certain tonal sameness I can only describe as Sundance-y. Win Win (starring Paul Giamatti), The Beaver (Jodie Foster's study of family dysfunction starring Mel Gibson), and the award winning Christians-gone-wild road-trip warmedy Natural Selection were three different flavors of the same well-crafted, well-acted, self-consciously edgy but ultimately well-behaved formula on show this year. It's a recipe favored by slumming A-listers, big studio "indie" divisions and all the usual suspects of the current festival-industrial complex. Like other films of the Sundance-y genre, they violated the Seinfeld [...] »

- Andrew Osborne

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SXSW 2011: The Awards (So Far)

16 March 2011 10:09 AM, PDT | Slackerwood | See recent Slackerwood news »

Last night, the SXSW Film Festival presented most of its awards, except for a few audience awards. It's a pleasure to see Austin-connected films all over the list. Natural Selection, shot in nearby Smithville, practically swept the Narrative Feature categories, including the Audience Award; while former/sometimes Austinites Kyle Henry and Heather Courtney won the Best Editing award in the Documentary Feature category for Where Soldiers Come From. (I agree that the editing in that film is absolutely amazing.) The Narrative Shorts jury award went to Pioneer from Dallas filmmaker David Lowery, a short that premiered at Sundance this year.

In the Texas-specific awards categories, Steve Mims and Joe Bailey's documentary Incendiary: The Willingham Case (pictured above) won the Louis Black Lone Star Award. The Texas Shorts jury award winner was 8, directed by Julie Gould and Daniel Laabs, which Don Clinchy says was "the most poignant and bittersweet film »

- Jette Kernion

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linker like me

16 March 2011 8:30 AM, PDT | FilmExperience | See recent FilmExperience news »

Did you see last night's Glee "Original Song"? I always feel so melancholy at Regionals episodes because I know that means no Glee for awhile. For a show I often actively dislike on account of lazy writing, wasted opportunities and ridiculously unnecessary pandering (People loved the show before it started pandering to them! Why bend over backwards to worry about what people might like now?), sometimes the show makes it really hard for me to pretend that I don't just love it, warts and all. So many highlights in this one, from Brittany's always dependable split second deadpan "favorite song: my headband" to a rare Mercedes showcase "Hell to the No" to a gay kiss played emphatically and without apology, to the return of undergirding themes (Rachel's future completely obvious stardom versus small town limitations) to that killer joyous finale "Loser Like Me" in which the kids learn the age »


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SXSW 2011: Day Four

15 March 2011 1:36 AM, PDT | Slackerwood | See recent Slackerwood news »

I just realized I haven't brought up the bumpers this year yet. Absolutely love them, from (Super) "Mario" re-conceived as a live-action thriller, to "The Line" mocking festival lines. Kudos to SXSW and Austin filmmaker Joe Nicolosi for the fun bumpers (as well as not taking it too seriously). If you need to see examples of "Knitta" just look around when you're in line at the Alamo South Lamar. I don't know the title of the one featuring John "Zach Galifianakis looks like me" Merriman, but I wasn't the only one giggling.

Despite my plan to not have a plan this year, I managed to catch a lot of films today, including Where Soldiers Come From, Last Days Here, A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt and Natural Selection. Let me say today was an A+ day for films. I really liked them all, and the only downside was »

- Jenn Brown

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How the Crisis in Libya Affects Movies

9 March 2011 10:00 AM, PST | | See recent FilmSchoolRejects news »

This isn’t an in-depth exploration, and to be honest, there’s not much of a Libyan movie market. However, there’s one production company that won’t be delivering 20 promised films now. It’s the production company owned by embattled Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi‘s son. Al-Saadi Gadhafi is co-head of Natural Selection, the production company that delivered the Adrien Brody/Forrest Whitaker low-budget thriller The Experiement. They were moving forward on at least 20 films – all floating around the $15 million range in a market starved for films not under $10 million or over $100 million. Now, with government sanctions and all of the family assets frozen, those projects are on hold indefinitely. At least one of those projects might be a biopic about mafia assassin Richard “Ice Man” Kuklinski. The production company was just getting off the ground, and it’s an understatement to say that Gadhafi has far more pressing concerns, but »

- Cole Abaius

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TV review: Horizon: Are We Still Evolving?

2 March 2011 5:29 AM, PST | The Guardian - TV News | See recent The Guardian - TV News news »

Are we still evolving? is not really a yes-or-no question. How irritating

I had a strong urge to skip to the end of Horizon: Are We Still Evolving? (BBC2) to find out the answer. In fact, for me the ideal programme on the subject would be 30 seconds long and called Are We Still Evolving – Yes Or No? I might even let them string it out to a minute, just in case the explanation is a bit complicated.

What we got from this Horizon was more or less what I expected: an hour-long seesaw ride, with scientists supporting the "No, we've stopped evolving" case alternating with those whose work supports the other view. In real life, I doubt these scientists actually disagree on anything as basic as this question. It's not really a yes-or-no question at all. How irritating.

I do like presenter Alice Roberts, the red-haired PhD presenter who used to be on Coast. »

- Tim Dowling

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Onir’s I Am to open 13th London Asian Film Festival

2 March 2011 3:22 AM, PST | | See recent news »

Onir’s I Am will open the 13th edition of the London Asian Film festival which will take place from March 18-27, 2011.

The other films that will be screened in the festival are Dilip Mehta’s Cooking With Stella, Murali Subramani’s Natural Selection, Sona Jain’s For Real, Rakesh Mehta’s Khudakhushi, Avantika Hari’s Land Gold Women, Anusha Rizvi’s Peepli Live, Laurens Corneliz Postma’s The Interview, S M Raju’s Varnam, Rajeev Patil’s Jogwa, Sundaran’s Thittukudi, Andrew Piddington’s Killing of John Lennon, Sander Francken’s BardSongs, Jeet Matharru’s Women from the East, Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi, Nayan Padrai’s When Harry tries to Marry and Sudipto Chattopadhyay’s Pankh.

Ajay Naidu’s Ashes will be the closing film of the festival.

The short films which will compete in the festival are : Wild Things by Sandeep Sharma, The Invigilator by  Manesh Nesaratnam, »

- NewsDesk

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Qaddafi's Son Funds Mickey Rourke's The Ice Man

26 February 2011 1:28 AM, PST | | See recent Worst Previews news »

Al-Saadi Qaddafi, the 37-year-old son of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, has invested $100 million into a Los Angeles film production fund called Natural Selection, which will produce 20 films over the next five years. One of the first projects is "The Ice Man," which has Mickey Rourke in the lead. Another film being funded is "Isolation," a thriller starring Susan Sarandon's daughter, Eva Amurri. It is expected that Qaddafi won't have too much trouble in Hollywood despite having a connection to Muammar Qaddafi and Libya, which is in the middle of a revolt that has already left hundreds dead. Meanwhile, Qaddafi's other son, Saif Al-Islam, recently threatened that "rivers of blood" would flow unless the uprising ends. »

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Isolation Promotional Trailer Surfaces

20 February 2011 12:56 PM, PST | | See recent Dread Central news »

The trailer for the new absent-minded horror flick, Isolation, has just started circulating around the interwebs so of course we nailed it down for you and have it right here! Dig it!

The film directed by Stephen T. Kay and starring Eva Amurri ("Californication") and David Harbour (Revolutionary Road) is now is post-production and is prepping itself for festival screenings later this year. Amurri plays a medical student who awakens in a hospital isolation room, having been exposed to an unknown disease, desperately ill and with no recollection of how she got there.

Natural Selection fully financed the movie and produced with David Greathouse, Principal Entertainment's Danny Sherman and Josh Kesselman, as well as John Baca. Chris Billett has penned the screenplay.

Look for more soon if we can remember to write something.

Isolation - Promotional Trailer

Uploaded by dreadcentral. - Check out other Film & TV videos.

- Uncle Creepy

Visit The Evilshop @ Amazon! »

- Uncle Creepy

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