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Merry Christmas Mr Bean--a holiday classic!

Author: bartonim from Japan
17 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

He's not for everyone, Mr Bean. Some loath him, but others love him. Either way, there is no disputing Rowan Atkinson's comic genius, and it is no more evident than here, in 'Merry Christmas Mr Bean,' one of the most beloved among Bean's antics. In this holiday classic, Bean shops for Christmas ornaments, plays with some toys in Harrods, and buys his girlfriend a couple of 'surprise' gifts. He also attempts to stuff a turkey, and loses his watch along the way! This Mr Bean episode is probably one of the most popular--so if you've not seen it, give yourself some laughs! It may not be as warm and soothing a seasonal tale as other classics (White Christmas, it ain't!), but it is certainly a comic treat.

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Child-like innocence

Author: WakenPayne from Valhalla
16 December 2013

The fifth Christmas special I have decided to review in celebration of this holiday season is none other than Mr Bean's Christmas special. A show that has never really aged on me since I got into it as a child and now that I'm 17 I still watch this special.

The plot is that Mr Bean is doing Christmas shopping as well as his girlfriend wanting him to give her an engagement ring. He basically prepares for Christmas and celebrates it with his child-like persona.

The reason why I think people are coming back to this special for Christmas is because Mr Bean is basically a child in a man's body, and to see him celebrate Christmas I think kind of reminds people of that time when all they could think of on Christmas Eve is opening the presents under the tree.

I know that's not the only reason I mean there are some funny things as well such as what he does to a nativity play as well as him testing out his Christmas decorations. They're all scenes that have aged surprisingly well on me, and who can really forget that turkey scene that almost instantly comes to mind when someone mentions "Mr Bean".

So this is a lot of fun to watch as well as kind of sad in some scenes (such as him giving Christmas cards to himself) and it also could remind you of what you were like as a child on Christmas day (If you celebrate another holiday then replace every mention of "Christmas" with that - I don't want to offend other people). This is definitely worth a watch and I haven't stopped watching it every year since I first saw it. Just don't expect a moral or anything like that at the end of the day.

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I agree--this is in contention for the best of the Bean shows.

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
6 November 2011

While I still think "Do-it-yourself Bean" is the very best show, this one sure comes close and is a delight for the holidays. And, like the best of the series, every time you think the show is giving way to sentiment or showing Bean to be a nice guy, there is a twist and he turns out to be a selfish and clueless jerk.

The show begins with Bean at the department store (I assume it's Harrod's). I won't try to describe all the action here and in the rest of the show, but it's amazing how Rowan Atkinson is able to make so much of just a few stupid props--mainly a nativity set and a few toys. After making a thorough nuisance of himself here, he goes outside to do a bit of shopping with his girlfriend, directs a band, steals Christmas tree, and lots of other craziness.

The next act finds Bean at home preparing for tomorrow--which is Christmas day. Again, I really can't describe it all--you just need to see it. The turkey (which is either fake or an ostrich), the carolers and the exchange of gifts with his soon to be ex-girlfriend. You just have to see it all to believe and appreciate it.

The bottom line is that Bean is very creative here, VERY selfish and totally clueless. Again, you just have to see it all to believe it--and it's a hoot.

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In contention for Bean's absolute best. Rarely will you find a Christmas themed comedy episode, as good as this one!

Author: callanvass
2 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Merry Christmas Mr. Bean is an absolute joy to watch, and I rarely ever say that about anything. There have been many classic Christmas theme episodes from all kinds of comedy shows, but not many can ever live up to the greatness of this one.

Act 1. It's Christmas Eve, and Bean decides to do a little late Christmas shopping, before Christmas arrives. 1st Bean harasses a man dressed as Father Christmas, by tugging on his beard, and also buys an ornament, but decides if one breaks don't buy it. He also decides to test some Christmas lights by using the same socket he used for the exterior Christmas lights, making the lights shut off in the building in the process. Bean then decides to have some fun with the figurines. Using his well-known imagination, using a T-Rex, an army tank and a Dalek, in the end the store manager stops him by using a figure of a Policeman. Absolutely wonderful stuff here, you won't be able to stop smiling or laughing when all is said and done.

Act 2. Bean meets his girlfriend Irma Gobb later on, while she tries to give him a message that she wants the Engagement ring as a present. Bean wins a free turkey by cheating, and proceeds to pull another Father Christmas's beard, only to find out this one was real. Bean catches a pickpocket and gives the thief's items to a salvation army brass band. Bean ends up conducting the band in hilarious ways, while the real conductor tries on the items given to him by Bean. Bean then goes about his way, but not before stealing the town's largest Christmas tree. The conductor scene made this scene for me, but everything else was amazing as well.

Act 3. Bean prepares for Christmas eve, and sets up the Christmas tree he stole. He then sets up some stockings for a mouse, himself, and Teddy. Bean hilariously sends Christmas cards to himself, because he hasn't received any from anyone. He then checks out some war films on every channel, before listening to some carol singers, and shutting the door rudely on them. This gives you a great warm feeling, without being too nice, because Bean's nastiness is probably one of the best things about Bean.

Act 4. Bean wakes up to Christmas morning, jumping around all over the place, before discovering what Santa has brought him for Christmas. He got a new pair of socks, Teddy got a pair of two drawing pins to replace his eyes, and the mouse got a piece of cheese, which Bean evilly sticks on a mousetrap. In one of the most infamous Bean scenes, Bean decides to prepare the Turkey, but loses his watch in the process, while stuffing it. Bean gets it stuck on his head, right when Irma arrives for Christmas dinner. Bean tries to pick up a saw to get it off, but freaks out Irma out. Irma helps Bean get the turkey off, while they had to have sandwiches and carrots for dinner. Irma isn't too thrilled, and decides to give Bean his present. Bean gets a classic ship, while Bean decides to give her his gift to her. Irma is disappointed when it's a portrait of the shop's window dressing and starts to cry. Bean realizes he forgot the main bit, and reveals a big ring box, and hands it to her. Irma overwhelmed with joy, hugs Bean only to find out it's a hook for the picture. Irma leaves his flat crushed, and slams the door on him. Confused about what went wrong, Bean decides to pull the super cracker he had made. You will rarely ever see anything as wonderful, inventive or amazing as this. Even Friends was inspired by this, and decided to tribute it by having Joey get it stuck on his head.

Bottom line. Merry Christmas Mr. Bean is a treasure to behold forever. It's most likely the best Bean episode, and one of the greatest Comedy episodes in the history of television. If you haven't seen it, please go out and do so, if you're having a bad day it will make you feel all warm inside. It's not just something to watch on Christmas, it's something to watch year round.


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One of Bean's most popular episodes. With a reason.

Author: Atreyu_II from The world of artists
17 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

'Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean' is one of the best and most popular episodes of the famous British sitcom. This is Mr. Bean at his best! The episode is completely amusing, you can laugh from the beginning until the ending.

But the biggest surprises come at the end, where you can see the funniest moments of it. As we all know, this episode takes place at Christmas time. Bean's house is decorated and his girlfriend comes to his house. They've got sandwiches for dinner (that's right, sandwiches) and when the time of giving presents come, Bean's girlfriend is expecting an engagement ring. Instead, he gives her a portrait used as part of the shop's window dressing for the ring. She cries, but then he mutters "I forgot the main bit!". Then he takes out a ring box and gives it to her. As she opens the box eagerly, she finds out that it isn't an engagement ring but a hook for hanging the picture. Then she leaves very upset.

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