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"Suppose we float all the way to Mexico, Abby. To South America! Or China!"
somethingtotallyoriginal9 December 2005
A boy and his younger sister are left and entrusted in their small farm house while their parents go away to have their new baby. A scary flash flood occurs over night. The kids wake up next morning to find them in their house gently floating down the Mississippi river. It hits an island and they are startled to find a vicious cougar stuck in the tree in the other room. They escape only to encounter and befriend the cougar later. A pair of no good river-men pass along, with only the intent of robbing, harming, and holding for ransom. And you can pretty much guess how the rest of the story goes.

This is one of the most unique films I've seen. It runs a tight 60 minutes and is a well made, fun family adventure. There are also a variety of really sweet/sincere moments/conversations shared between the siblings. A must see. Great entertainment. Who knows what treasures you'll come across at a discount store.
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Sweet Old Fashioned Yet Exciting Story
emmeline0131 August 2006
I remember this being on television from the time before we had VCR's. This show came on several times I think on Saturdays. I had such a crush on the lead male character, Albie, Matthew Vipond. This story is even more poignant because like most of us children of the 80s my parents were divorced. What gal wouldn't love to have a big brother like Albie who'd even fight off a wild cougar for us.

Basically this young girl and her older brother have to make it down river. Somehow their house becomes afloat and a cougar is trapped in the next room with them. What will they do? Feed the cougar, let it die or kill it?
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