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Found it, saw it, didn't really like it.

Author: Omar Mouallem from Edmonton, Alberta
26 May 2003

Being a huge advocate of PTA, I hunted for this video forever. Eventually I found it. So I saw it and, well, aaah--didn't really like it. Sandler walks into a furniture store and in an attempt to find the perfect sofa, his legs end up over his shoulders--go figure. So its funny in one way--Sandler's mullet.

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Author: Professor_Isak_Borg
9 June 2003

P.T. Anderson's 'Couch' consists entirely of Adam Sandler, with a chaplin-esque smile on his face, walking into a furniture store and enjoying himself as he sits on two couches. It's not like this was taking seriously, it's fairly obvious that Anderson and Sandler had some time off from filming the brilliant 'Punch-Drunk Love' and wanted to have some fun. I can't help but love this two minute piece of gold. I hope these guys work together again in the future, whether it be a short such as this, or a full length feature.

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Funny because it isn't.

Author: Torgo_Approves from El Paso!
29 October 2007

So let me get this straight: this short is terrible, but Sandler fighting Bob Barker is classic comedy? There are two ways of looking at this flick. The first is the obvious one; to see the short as something pointless and random that PTA and Sandler put together because they could and because they had a good time doing it. But I prefer the other interpretation; this is PTA's own way of giving the people what they want. After suffering through two hours of great acting and subtleties in Punch Drunk Love, Sandler's fans finally get what they ask for from him: mugging, stupidity and screaming. The short isn't funny, that's the point. The joke is on the Happy Gilmore fans. Now that's hilarious.

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Great PTA/Sandler skit

Author: HumbleFox
19 May 2003

For what it is, a silly 2 1/2 minute skit starring Adam Sandler, I thought this was great. The opening shot is particually PT Anderson, but the rest is just down right stupid humour. The ending particually cracked me up, although I honestly don't get what the hell happened (and I don't think I'm supposed to). This is simply just PTA and Sandler screwing around with a free set after filming PDL, so I doubt any real thought went into this, so please don't expect "Magnolia" or "Boogie Nights" or anything, just expect a stupid, retard Sandler style short that will leave you confussed, laughing, and saying out loud "What the F***?".

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In a way...perfect...

Author: notdempsey from new york
30 August 2004

The two minute "Couch" (2003) starring Adam Sandler is perfect in it's simplicity in the same way that the Lumiere Brother's twenty second "A Sprinkler Sprinkled" (1895) is. Basically, a man (Sandler) searches a furniture store for the perfect couch. The search ends with a presumably perfect couch, a Lay-Z-Boy, which the man seems very comfortable in...until the films punchline.

You can see this pleasant little short at, so I won't spoil the punchline. But it's short and sweet and free, so why wouldn't you check it out? Adam Sandler plays the part of "the man" very much like Chaplin's Tramp--with just a bit of Waterboy thrown in. And in a way, that's what this little film is: a throwback to those perfect little silent comedy shorts of the first twenty years of cinema.

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It's a dumb short, and shame on me for treating it otherwise.

Author: Matthew Clayfield from Mount Gambier, South Australia
6 September 2003

Paul Thomas Anderson's "Couch" is a fairly good example of how a dolly and a film camera don't always make a good film. However, it is an interesting short to watch, just in terms of where it fits in his filmography, especially so soon after "Punch-Drunk Love".

If people found it harder to pinpoint the sources of Anderson's inspiration in "Punch-Drunk Love", "Couch" provides an answer of sorts.

It's funny, and I laughed, but only the first time.

But you also have to remember that this film isn't meant to be reviewed, nor even taken seriously. It's a dumb short, and shame on me for treating it otherwise. See it, enjoy it, don't expect much more from it.

Done and done.

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Funny, in a Sandler sort of way

Author: A.J. Brown from Visalia, California
23 June 2003

I saw this when it was "Premiered" on Comedy Central's "Night of Too Many Stars". Sure, I laughed, but it wasn't anything special. The screaming and moaning that Sandler did kind of reminded me of Fatty McGee on Adam's album "They're All Gonna Laugh At You". So if you liked that track, you'll like this very, very short film (less than 3 minutes long).

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Author: Enchorde from Sweden
10 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Don't know why either Sandler or Anderson felt the need to do this short. If it was made in 2003 they both were established, yet the short movie is typical of someone that want to make something, almost anything, to showcase some kind of talent and make a name. Neither of them need that. The plot is simple, a man goes into a shop and tries some couches, with some odd accidents as the result. It is simple, goofy and frankly just mostly silly. Not even that funny. A director and writer like Anderson and actor like Sandler, both established, talented and good at what they do, should be able to do more with a short scene, even if it is just 2 minutes.


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I laughed

Author: rentafish from granada hills, california
15 June 2003

well i was excited when i heard that p.t.anderson had made a short with adam sandler. i saw it on tv. i never thought pta would make anything like that put i wasn't disappointed. it was quite silly and pointless but funny. it made me laugh.

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More strange than funny

Author: Thomas ( from Berlin, Germany
25 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a 2-minute sketch that shows us famous actor Adam Sandler at a furniture store. The director is Paul Thomas Anderson and he made this one over 10 years ago right after the two collaborated on the pretty successful "Punch Drunk Love". Sandler's character gets sucked in a couch and, for whatever reason, makes weird martial arts moves afterward and then takes place in an armchair. Very carefully he does so in order to avoid what happened with the couch. Still no happy ending for his character here. this was a fairly strange watch. I cannot say I found this funny, even if I like Sandler and Anderson more than most people do I guess. In the end, it just felt like random screaming to me. One of the worst works for the duo I'm afraid. Not recommended.

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