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Proving Kronocide wrong. The game is much better than he discredits.

Author: Matt Parantha (mparantha@yahoo.com) from Clewiston, Florida
28 August 2004

I've completed this video game over 6 times. I simply can't seem to get bored by playing it. As for Kronocide's description of the game, he/she was not entirely correct. Yes, the camera for the game is difficult sometimes. However, if you're decent at the game, you will learn how to use the camera to your advantage. For example, you will learn that by pressing down on a combination of buttons, will lock the camera on a target or, if you're really good, you can lock the camera on multiple targets.

The story-line: great. While the dialogue is crappy, it really does follow the same quirky outline that the TV series follows. Buffy still throws out those intelligent puns before she dusts the vamps. The plot is awesome. I particularly liked that in the first level, Giles makes a reference to Wesley.

The graphics: nothing bad to say about them. In fact, the first time I played the game, I thought that I was watching a never-before aired episode of Buffy.

The weapons: C'mon, who doesn't want to unleash the fury on a vamp by whacking him upside the head with a shovel. Crossbows are nice also. However, my personal advice is that when using a crossbow, try to be at a very far distance. Particularly, I like to take advantage of the Hell-fire soakers or the Holy Water soakers.

The characters: The creators of this game knew exactly what audience they were creating for. All of the characters are generated very closely to scale with their real-life counterparts. One of the great things about this game is that it features the voices of Nick Brandon, Amber Benson, James Marsters, and Tony Head. Unfortunately, SMG didn't do the voice of Buffy Summers in this game nor in the 2002 VG release of the self-titled, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Thankfully, Giselle Loren sounds almost exactly like SMG and delivers the quirky dialogue with pure excellence.

The extras: after you've completed the game, you have the chance to explore the Extras menu. Here, if you've scored a Slayer rating on all of the levels, you will have the opportunity to see the voice overs of Tony (Giles), Nick (Xander), Amber (Tara), James (Spike), and Robin (Ethan Rayne). Also, you will be able to see bonus interviews with all of the actors/actresses just listed, plus a bonus interview with Joss Whedon. And, if you're a comic fan, there is a bonus Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic in the Extras menu that helps lead the into the video game.

My conclusion: This game is excellent. Whether or not you agree with my views or with Kronocide's, that's your choice. However, I firmly believe that all of those who are interested in the game should play it before they discredit it. And, Kronocide, I strongly urge YOU to finish the game or at least get better at it before you criticize it.

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Good, But Flawed

Author: rtchidc@aol.com from Evanston, IL
18 April 2005

By way of personal background, I am a huge fan of the TV series on which this game is based (as well as the "Angel" TV series), and I've completed this game as well as 2002's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" game for the X-Box. "Chaos Bleeds" looks very similar to the earlier game, has a good storyline, and is a good game, but the earlier game (by a different game developer) is significantly better, for the following reasons.

First, the camera movement in "Chaos Bleeds" is problematic. The camera (unseen) seems to be positioned within whatever room your character is in, and the camera has a habit of running into walls. Because of this, 360 degree rotation of the camera around your character doesn't work if your character is too close to a wall. The earlier game didn't have this problem.

Second, the hand-to-hand combat is somewhat clunky in "Chaos Bleeds", as compared to the earlier game. Punches and kicks are far more likely to miss their mark in "Chaos Bleeds", as compared to the earlier game. Also, in the earlier game, your character (always Buffy) could simultaneously fight multiple enemies positioned at angles up to 180 degrees apart with fluidity of player control, but not so in "Chaos Bleeds".

Third, in "Chaos Bleeds", Buffy isn't hampered much by the law of gravity, unlike the earlier game. In "Chaos Bleeds", despite the presence of a ladder at the edge of a 25 foot high platform, your character can walk off that platform and fall safely to the ground, landing uninjured on his or her feet, as if the character had just stepped of a sidewalk curb onto the street. In the earlier game, Buffy would have landed face-down and been slightly injured.

Fourth, whereas in the earlier game, Buffy couldn't fatally stake a vampire or demon until its life force was almost entirely depleted by kicks, punches, etc., in "Chaos Bleeds", all a character has to do to fatally stake said vampire or demon is get it on its back (easiest done by a simple throw) and stake it once, no matter where the enemy's life force bar is. And throwing enemies in "Chaos Bleeds" is child's play. A note regarding staking enemies lying on their backs: whereas in the earlier game, Buffy always staked enemies in their hearts, in "Chaos Bleeds", your character will stake an enemy in its leg, lower torso, etc., and the vampire/demon will still be dusted.

Fifth, although it's great that "Chaos Bleeds" allows players to play as Faith, Spike, Willow, Xander, and Sid the Dummy (as well as Buffy), the game-play flaws earlier described take away the necessity of using each character's unique fighting style to defeat enemies, and characters who should be relatively poor hand-to-hand combatants (Willow and Xander) are able to vanquish enemies with the efficiency of a slayer or a vampire (using the "throw and stake" technique).

Those are what I feel are the game's significant flaws. A minor flaw is that Allyson Hannigan, who played Willow in the TV show, doesn't provide the voice of Willow in "Chaos Bleeds" (unlike in the earlier game), and the voice performance of Willow suffers greatly by comparison.

The strong points of the game are the graphics, storyline, level designs, music, and sound effects. Whereas the earlier game was set during the early part of season three of the TV show, "Chaos Bleeds" is set during the late part of season five of the TV show, and the characters and character relationships are somewhat different between the two games. Show fans will probably enjoy the game despite its flaws.

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This game is friggin awesome!!!!

Author: BuffyPhanatic from Vacaville, Ca
31 August 2003

I have been a fan of "Buffy" for a long time. I had always wanted there to be a game, then there was. The bad part is, i don't have an XBox, i have a PS2. I was very sad and had hoped for a while for a Buffy game to come out for PS2. Then it did. I absolutely love this game. I got it 2 days ago and i'm already on level 10. Don't get me wrong, this game isn't that easy. Each level takes about an hour to beat. I have become addicted. Once i beat story mode, I will spend my time trying to unlock all the secret characters for multiplayer mode. Speaking of multiplayer mode, this is where the game really shines. Nothing is better than beating the crap out of your friends in an all out brawl. I highly recommend this game to anyone, especially "Buffy" fans. It's out for all systems, check it out! 10/10

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This game is HORRENDOUS!

Author: WakenPayne from Valhalla
12 February 2014

Okay, I did a previous review of this game and after revisiting it I have decided to talk about it again. It seems to me that the developers focused more on the story of the thing but also put forth game-play that makes the idea of having all your ammo in one pool in Deus Ex Invisible War seem like the innovative bullet-time of Max Payne.

So what is the story? You play Buffy, Spike, Willow, Faith, Xander (really?) and... I swear to god I'm not kidding, the Vampire hunting doll from the fifth episode. Together they stop Ethan Rayne from causing chaos by raising Kakistos because he is now... What Caleb was in Buffy Season 7. Faith joins the group after escaping from jail (which we never see... Don't the developers think that might have made a level?) and must put together the body parts of Ethan's ancestor - Cassandra, who was not only a slayer but stopped The First (how?).

The level design is a complete joke. After the tutorial level you must repair a sundial, which will open a tomb door, which gives you the key to where you want to go, not to mention that 2/3 of the sundial pieces are in previous areas of the game... Because this is what you associate with Buffy right? Repairs of ancient marble clocks.

The controls are awful too. The last time I played this game I couldn't master the ability to possess enemy vampires... Does that sound awesome? Well instead you constantly cause shock-waves or light them on fire. The aiming technique of the Crossbow is so awkward and time consuming that fighting the enemies bare handed is better, the tutorials appear so late that you would have already figured out how to do these moves and the selection system is so bad that you will consistently return to the stake. The camera is also so awkward that you can't see what it is you're hitting half the time. Worse yet is that the developers added no map of the level when from the very first level YOU NEED A MAP OF THE AREA IN DESIGN'S AS BIG AS THIS.

Worse yet is the inability to save your game at checkpoints or during the levels. I wouldn't mind this so much if the levels were short. Most of them take at least half an hour to complete, some even over an hour. I mean you could save during levels in Doom, a game made 10 years prior to this - Why couldn't this? I mean... half an hour of this? I really wanted to know how I beat the entire game until the third last level the previous time.

That leaves the voice acting. The main players from the show... They're okay. But with the replacements, they are so bad I mistook them for having Tommy Wiseau as an acting coach. They are borderline soap opera quality, especially the Willow replacement. The one-liners that are uttered throughout your playing of the game are not that funny, worse yet is that I would believe you if you told me that they were only there for collectively 10 minutes to say all of them.

But the most obnoxious part of the game is the extras. Cast and crew interviews from the show such as Joss Whedon, James Marsters, Nicholas Brendon, Amber Benson and the person who played Ethan Rayne. All of them talk about how more people would spend time playing Buffy because it would have such an engaging storyline that if you don't understand, you'll obsess over it.

Where do I begin? I can name games off the top of my head that have better stories made around the same time and are much more engaging. The Max Payne games, The Star Wars: Jedi Knight games, The Deus Ex games... Already I found nearly 10 examples. And that comment about how people will stay there until the end no matter what... Usually in my experience of playing these games, That mentality usually comes around the end of the game, It wouldn't do that from the tutorial level because that's how early it is when you point out the problems with this game.

Buffy could have made an awesome video game. I honestly think that with the right people, time and effort that this game could have been good. But this game honestly ranges from boring to pathetically bad. The story wasn't THAT bad so in all honesty... This deserves a 2/10. I wanted to find something... At least decent in this game other than the story, I found nothing.

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Buffy 2 not as good

Author: magita666 from United States
8 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I own the Xbox and I have the first Buffy game which was amazing! When I was 13 i bought Chaos Bleeds because I loved Buffy so much and thought that this game was great due to the ads. I was sort of wrong I will tell you the Pros and Cons and my overall feelings of this game.

*Pros/Cons: Decent Story- for me a game HAS to have a story. that is why I dislike games like Left 4 dead. But this one was really interesting. But... it is also flawed due to the fact the first on all evil does not appear until season 7 of the series to fight Buffy.

Voice acting- was great by most actors. Giselle Loren who voices Buffy is almost dead on-except for the way she says Tara Anya is voiced by her as well,which i find really weird, and She did not nail Anya. Willow makes me what to scream every-time i hear her. But all the others did their respective characters.

Graphics- are good, not as good as the collective with Buffy 1 but good. Some models are right on while others are not even close to being the person. Baddies- all good choices,except for Adam- who DIDN'T Speak. Really? Some are harder to beat then others. Puzzles- The puzzles aren't too bad but... sometimes you have to around in circles for 1 item which takes up a lot of time.

Controls- Not sure if it is just Xbox users but i find it hard with the camera angles, and collision detection sucks- you aim for legs instead of the heart.

Other Stuff- Sunlight No effect, I can dust vamps with swords? No decapitations like the other game. And other continuity issues. Oh and Willow acts like season 2 willow all unsure of herself, She is a powerful kick ass Wiccan in season 5 onward See Level 1 if you want an example.

If you are a hardcore Buffy fan this is a must have-if not... well maybe you should try before you buy. I think it is super cheap now a days so you might luck out and get it real cheap. I give it six stars because it is Buffy and it didn't suck but wasn't excellent.It was slightly above average. But it was still a good time to have. Oh and wouldn't touch the multi-player mode with a ten foot pole. it sucked. just stick to the one player stuff.

Happy Slaying*

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The Best Way to Attack Your Inner Demons...

Author: Tina from United States
4 February 2007

I absolutely love this game! It's great to play with just enough challenge. The walkthroughs online help as well.

Also, when I'm stressed, it's really fun to just kill vampires! It releases a lot of tension.

I would say the last level is my least favorite. You have to run around in a gazillion circles which makes it more stressful and slightly less enjoyable.

The best levels on the game (for killing vampires) are: Level 1: The Magic Box Level 5: Downtown Sunnydale

and if you're up for having a big-bad challenge at the end... Level 10: Sunnydale Mall (GREAT FOR USING MAGIC) Level 11: Sunnydale Zoo

Basically, if you're a Buffy fan you'll love it and if you're not, you'll still love it. Just remember to check out the walkthroughs online on Gamespot. They make things a lot less confusing.

The graphics in the game, as far as I can tell, are great! The vampires basically dust in the action they're currently in. I once killed one as it was kicking me and it dusted beginning in that position! It's very realistic. Also, when throwing vampires/other demons or when you're being throw, you can smash into things and break them (if they're wood) or shake them (if they're a lamp).

The sound effects in the game were also great. Everything sounded different whether its falling into a chair, staking a vampire, punching them, or hitting them with a shovel.

Some of the voice overs in the game for Buffy's character can get very repetitive! Beware that by the time you're done with this game, you'll have memorized her "puns". Willow's as well. I feel that because SMG and AH were unable to do voice recordings, the actresses who did theirs did less. Everyone else had a nice selection of responses and hearing NB and JM on the game was really great.

Overall, I love the game and will continue to love it! Take my advice, this is a game you want.

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Buffy Chaos Bleeds

Author: papermakerever from United States
19 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I got this game about a year and a half ago and was really just starting to get into Buffy. I mean at this time I only owned season 1 and that was because my parents got it. Anyways I got this game mainly because it was Buffy and not that expensive. When I played the first level I thought this game would be a very easy game. Then I played the next level and found out the game was a challenge. I was stuck for a while but eventually got past the Cemetery. I started going decent but the game did provide a challenge.

Eventually I got stuck in the Initiative with Spike but got through after a tough time with Adam. Then the Quarry is also tough with Faith but I got through it. Then at the Zoo I got completely stumped and just gave up after many deaths. Then I'm like what the heck I'm gonna finish this game. While it takes time and thinking I made it through the last two levels.

As far as I am concerned the bosses are difficult in most of the levels. The First is surprisingly easy to beat and Anya is also. In my opinion Adam is very difficult but it is possible. Also I never get tired of this game. If I want to just play and not care I play the first level and beat the crap out of vamps without staking them.

There are some things I didn't like but that is because I am a die-hard fan of Buffy. One of these is one that if you didn't watch the show you wouldn't know. In the last level Spike punches out Ethan but the chip does not do anything. The other is the vamps can be staked with something other than wood. Such as a sword.

As James Marsters says in the interview in the game. "If you are a fan of Buffy you will love this game. If you are not a fan of Buffy get this game and you will be."

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best game ever

Author: tclement665 from United States
19 February 2006

this is a sort of game that you don't find at every game store. it is tough to beat and when you do, you can unlock extras like multiplayer characters, interviews, voiceovers and outtakes. then you also get a chance to keep playing the levels over and over until you find all of the secrets and unlock all of the extras. but don't find any cheats because that just takes the fun out of it.

the only problem is that there are no save points in the game and you cant use any different characters when playing a level, except for multiplayer. otherwise, the game is very complicated and has excellent graphics

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Pretty fun

Author: Funeral_Dinner from Ireland
21 December 2003

While the game is fun, it can also be damn hard. I looked up Walkthrough Guides on the net loads of times. But overall the game doesn't dissapoint. While the characters can seem abit wooden, you've got all the locations from the TV Show, like The Magic Box and Sunnydale High. And of course the clever, sarcastic humour. The only thing I was dissapointed about, was you can't play Story mode as a multiplayer game. Multiplayer mode itself, is pretty restrictive. But there are some cool characters. Unfortunately you can't play as Anyanka, who judging by the High School level, would rock. Now all I want to do is play the original XBox version of Buffy.

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Gotta love it!

Author: jedijaylor from Canada
22 October 2003

I played this game and i'am a fan of the show and really recommend it.It's fun and challengeing to playing with good humour.If i gave it a number out of 10 it would be 10.I can't stop playing it :).I also own the PS2 and was very glad they they made a buffy for the PS2.

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