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20 Feb. 2002
Sleepover/Team Project
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25 Feb. 2002
My Family
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27 Feb. 2002
Be My Valentine
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9 Mar. 2002
Forever Friends/Thunder
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16 Mar. 2002
Tree Fort/Get Well Soon
The kids decide to separate themselves into a ?boys only? Tree Fort Club and a ?girls only? Sand Castle Club. After the novelty wears off, Timothy and Doris break the boredom by playing soccer together again. The other kids realize that it is just as much fun for boys and girls to play together as it is for them to play apart.;Everyone loves Mrs. Jenkins, so when she hurts her arm and is forced to miss school, they all decide to make her a get well card. That is, everyone except for Fritz. He decides to collect worms, bugs and leftovers for his teacher instead, much ...
10 Apr. 2002
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11 Apr. 2002
Two for Tea
Yoko?s mother is coming to Hilltop School to perform a Japanese Tea Ceremony for ?In the Spotlight.? Yoko happily accepts Nora?s help with all the preparations for the big event. A clash of cultures develops when Nora tries to infuse the sacred rituals of a Japanese Tea Ceremony with the fun and games of a home-style tea party.;Fritz has learned a new magic trick and reveals the secret behind the illusion to his good friend Timothy. When Grace starts performing the trick for her classmates, Fritz is furious, presuming that Timothy blabbed! Timothy denies the ...
17 Apr. 2002
The Shutterbug
When Timothy borrows his Dad's camera, the photos that he takes don't turn out as he planned, but when he shows his friends, they all love them, (especially Lilly, who gets to see her butterfly, Lilac, before it flew away)
22 Apr. 2002
The School Play
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27 May 2002
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30 May 2002
Professor Fritz/Two Tutu Friends
Mrs. Jenkins? students are making science projects to display at Hilltop School's open house and Fritz, the class inventor, is going to impress everyone with his rocket ship. When a test flight goes haywire in front of the entire class, Fritz feels humiliated and abandons his experiment. With some encouragement from his friends, the budding scientist finds the confidence to go back to the drawing board.;Doris is inspired to take ballet lessons after watching Grace dance in front of the class. A growing friendship between the two girls comes to an abrupt end when Doris...
31 May 2002
Cherry Blossom
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3 Jun. 2002
Just in Time
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4 Jun. 2002
Scary Monster
Nora?s fear of big and scary prehistoric creatures is heightened when the class makes preparations to go to a dinosaur museum. Luckily, Timothy recognizes Nora?s apprehension, and figures out a way to make the museum trip more fun and show her that dinosaurs aren?t such scary monsters after all.;Lilly?s reputation for forgetfulness prevents her from being chosen to look after the class fish. She proves everyone wrong however, when in the end she saves the fish?s life.
5 Jun. 2002
Lifesaver Lily
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18 Jun. 2002
In the Spotlight
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16 Jul. 2002
Full of Beans
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17 Jul. 2002
Read Me a Story
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26 Aug. 2002
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3 Dec. 2002
Mama Don't Go/Making New Friends
Juanita has just moved to the Hilltop community and is anxious about her first day at a new school. She feels much better when mama offers to accompany her to Mrs. Jenkins? class. However, throughout the day, each time mama attempts to leave, Juanita is not ready for her to go yet. When it's discovered that mama is celebrating a birthday, Juanita and the class want to give her a party. In the spirit of making it a surprise party, mama is allowed to leave - Juanita is finally able to let her go.;Juanita is ready for the adventure of her new kindergarten class, but ...
16 Mar. 2003
Timothy Goes to School
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13 Sep. 2004
Taking the Plunge/Timothy's Way
Timothy finds it odd that Claude continues to make excuses for not taking the plunge during Swim Day at Hilltop School. However, it all becomes clear when Claude admits to Timothy that he is not very good at the sport, so Timothy takes it upon himself to teach Claude how to swim.;Timothy becomes anxious when he can?t come up with a subject to teach everyone for a class exercise. The pressure mounts when all the other kids seem to be able to choose something with ease. Fortunately, while playing marbles with the other kids at recess, Timothy realizes that this is the ...
15 Sep. 2004
In the Spotlight/Fritz on the Move
Charles is too shy for his ?In the Spotlight? presentation about leaves, so he tries to put it off. Timothy attempts to help him overcome his fear of talking in front of people, but Charles has a better idea - he?ll get Timothy to talk for him. However, during the actual presentation, Charles gets so caught up correcting Timothy?s translation that he forgets about his shyness and does the presentation on his own.;Timothy feels his friendship with Fritz is going to be jeopardized after Fritz announces he is moving away. At first Timothy is devastated by the news, but ...
16 Sep. 2004
Many Happy Returns/You're Invited
Everyone is happy to be returning to Mrs. Jenkins? class after a school break, but Timothy is having trouble adjusting to life at Hilltop School without his friend Fritz. Since Fritz moved away, the two friends have been sending mail to each other, and in his last letter to Timothy, Fritz wrote that a surprise was on the way. Timothy and his classmates are very excited when they find out what that surprise is.;Everyone in Mrs. Jenkins? class received an invitation to Lilly?s party - everyone except Doris. She can?t understand it - hasn?t she always been a good friend ...
20 Sep. 2004
Read Me a Story/The Gift
Nora fears that her beloved story time with Mom will become a thing of the past when her mother says she?ll soon be able to read all by herself. Nora becomes disenchanted with all of the school activities that promote reading skills, including a first trip to the library to borrow her own library books. Nora?s concerns are put to rest when she learns that her mother loves reading her stories - and always will.;At her mother?s encouragement, Nora proceeds to make a special homemade birthday gift for her friend Yoko. After Nora hears about the great gifts that her ...
22 Sep. 2004
The Shutterbug/The Friendship Stone
Wanting to become an avid photographer like his dad, Timothy borrows the family camera and tries to capture all of his Hilltop friends on film. When they don?t turn out the way he had expected, Timothy is reluctant to show anyone his pictures. After some coaxing, Timothy presents his photos, and much to his surprise, everyone likes them and sees things in his pictures that he hadn?t noticed himself.;Lilly and Nora exchange a lucky penny and a pretty stone as a token of their friendship. After Lilly loses the special stone, she?s worried that Nora will be upset and no ...
24 Sep. 2004
The School Play/Full of Beans
Mrs. Jenkins? class is performing a play about taking care of teeth and Yoko has the misfortune of being cast as the villain - the cavity! When Yoko realizes she can offer something unique to the role, her special violin sound effects become the highlight of the show.;The Franks take great pleasure in making everyone laugh with their funny jokes and zany antics, but they pull some pranks that go too far and their classmates are no longer amused. When it?s time for the big square dance to begin, the Franks can?t find anyone willing to be their partners - including each...

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