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Season 1

21 Jan. 2002
First Movement: Invasion of the Capital/Overlord
Ayato is just a normal teenager until there is an attack on Tokyo.
28 Jan. 2002
Second Movement: God and Man Awaken/Awakening
Ayato gains insight into Reika's enigmatic nature.
18 Feb. 2002
Fourth Movement: His Own Watch/Watch the Year Hand
Ayato is tested to see if he is Mulian.
25 Feb. 2002
Fifth Movement: Nirai-Kanai/On Earth as It Is in Heaven
Ayato is taken to his new home.
10 Mar. 2002
Seventh Movement: The Day of Gathering/Phantom in the Cloud
Elvy tries to take on a Dolem on his own.
16 Apr. 2002
Tenth Movement: Sonata of Recollection/War in the Remembrance
Kunugi's departed daughter's composition proves to have strange qualities.
30 Apr. 2002
Twelfth Movement: The Black Egg/Resonance
Quon has fallen into a strange catatonic state and is hospitalized. But then to everyone's surprise, she suddenly vanishes, and the search is on to find out just where it is that she went.
7 May 2002
Thirteenth Movement: First Human Specimen/Sleeping Beauty
The question that seems to be on everyone's mind is just who Quon really is. Itsuki claims that she is his sister, but other things are coming to light that prove that may very well be a lie.
21 May 2002
Fourteenth Movement: The Boy in the Mirror/Time After Time
A shake up at the base takes place when the corporate interests use their influence to take charge of Quon. A new Terra weapon, The Vermillion, debuts and it's made known that The Foundation granted TERRA it's use.
28 May 2002
Fifteenth Movement: The Night of the Children/Child Hood's End
The present becomes the past as the focus shifts to the Bahbem Foundation. Three young children live there as students, but Isshiki has found a Dolem living in the ruins beneath the mansion and wants to protect it.
11 Jun. 2002
Seventeenth Movement: Return to the Maze/Ground Zero
TERRA sends Elvy to catch Ayato and Quon, as well as bring back the RahXephon. Though returning to Tokyo Jupiter may have seemed like a fantastic idea, Ayato quickly learns that much has changed.
18 Jun. 2002
Eighteenth Movement: Bond of Blue Blood/The Memory of a Lost City
Ayato's life is falling apart. It seems that his only salvation is with Hiroko, and together the two decide to leave the Mu infested Tokyo and return to the safety of the real world.
25 Jun. 2002
Nineteenth Movement: Blue Friend/Ticket to Nowhere
Megumi and Elvy make it back to the Vermillion but the RahXephon has been lost due to a magnetic storm.
2 Jul. 2002
Twentieth Movement: The Battle of the One Who Controls/Interested Parties
Ayato returns to TERRA and finds out Isshiki has take over the command and they have a new cadet that resembles Reika.
6 Aug. 2002
Twenty-Second Movement: Mission Jupiter Annihilation/Down Fall
Issihiki receives an order to cancel operation Downfall but ignores it.
13 Aug. 2002
Twenty-Third Movement: Eternity from Here/Where the Sweet Bird Song
Ayato comes to terms with everything that has happened to him and by doing so regains his past.
20 Aug. 2002
Twenty-Fourth Movement: The Door to Tuning/Twin Music
Futagami shows up as Jumonji from Federation Division 6 and orders Lilia Litvyak and the other TERRA ships to unload the evacuees and join the Federation forces.
27 Aug. 2002
Twenty-Fifth Movement: God's Uncertain Sound/Deus Ex Machina
The remaining TERRA forces use the TDD unit on Elvy's plane to destroy much of the Mulian units.

 Season 1 

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