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5 Jan. 2010
An investigation into the death of an aviator and an experimental jet pack is hindered by a lawyer who appears to have a vendetta against NCIS.
12 Jan. 2010
Flesh and Blood
Gibbs questions DiNozzo's ability to do his job when the elder DiNozzo becomes involved in their latest investigation.
26 Jan. 2010
Jet Lag
When the government's star witness in an embezzlement case is targeted by an assassin, it's up to the team to help her make it home alive.
2 Feb. 2010
The team finds themselves in a race against time when a terrorist group threatens to detonate a "dirty bomb" in the D.C. area.
9 Feb. 2010
Jack Knife
Iraq veteran Marine Damon Werth asks Gibb's help after witnessing his mate being killed on a truck-ride for their dodgy employer, Aaron Szwed, suspected of smuggling and hits. FBI Agent T.C. Fornell allows the NCIS team to join in, in fact Gibbs take the lead, on his jurisdiction. Damon goes undercover on another ride, with Ziva as his partner. They find the cargo is legal, yet provides a surprising motive.
2 Mar. 2010
Mother's Day
Secrets arise when Gibbs' former mother-in-law surfaces as a witness in a murder investigation.
9 Mar. 2010
Double Identity
USMC lieutenant John Mayne is shot in his car in US park Rock Creek (DC) with his own gun. But according to wife Leah and his military record he went missing, presumed captured after breaking his leg, during a reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan six years earlier with former sergeant Matthew Gontz, now a cab driver, and then captain, present major, Gordon Holcomb. John lived a new life as day-trader Christian Wells, 'remarried a year earlier with unsuspecting Rachel. P.I. Pete Iger was hired to identify Wells from a marathon photo-finish- by Holcomb. The Afghan ...
16 Mar. 2010
The team discovers striking similarities between themselves and their CGIS (Coast Guard Investigative Services) counterparts when a Navy diver seeking sunken treasure is found dead.
6 Apr. 2010
Guilty Pleasure
When the team links the death of a Navy officer to a call-girl, they have to use the help of Holly Snow to help them find the culprit.
27 Apr. 2010
When an NCIS polygraph specialist's night job takes a dangerous turn, Gibbs, Fornell and the team have to uncover the truth.
4 May 2010
DiNozzo finds himself increasingly captivated by a woman he's never met while investigating the murder of her brother.
11 May 2010
Loner Afghanistan vet Marine corporal Ray Collins's corpse is found dumped in a junkyard car, both feet amputated, first knocked out and branded in the face. He was court-martialed and discharged for various crimes, affording a luxury motorcycles collection. He was apparently the latest victim of a serial killer of victims with motorcycle gang tattoos, collecting their salted feet. Abby is invited by Justice liaison Alejandro Rivera to address a Mexican forensic symposium in Benito Juarez, escorted by McGee. They meet the Reynosa cartel, trying to solve drug trader ...
18 May 2010
Patriot Down
Just before the Naval Academy's grand graduation, NCIS special agent Lara Macy's corpse is found in a campfire on Annapolis beach. The agent, officially on leave from Marseille, had her throat slit. She was apparently tailing petty officer 2nd Class Kaylen Burrows who, according to Macy's laptop, was an uncooperative rape victim. Suspect college boy Tyler, son of DC contractor Randall Hammond, was just roughed up by men in a US Navy van. The Hammonds claim Tyler saved Macy from Seamen George Capetanos and Karl Wachter. Gibbs knew Macy years ago and can no longer avoid...
25 May 2010
Rule Fifty-One
Gibbs heads to Mexico to face his demons and make a startling decision.
21 Sep. 2010
Spider and the Fly
For months after Mexican drug cartel baroness Paloma Reynosa's failed attempt to kill Gibbs's dad, Jackson lingers under tight NCIS protection while McGee looks for her and retired agent Mike Franks in Canada, Ziva in Miami's Cuban community. In the West Virginian Blue Mountains, the home finds captain John McMahon and his passenger, Reynosa gang member Estaban Lopez, shot after their helicopter made an emergency landing. They were consolidating a new drug distribution line along the Atlantic. Alejandro turns up, officially for a Mexican cooperation offer, in fact ...
28 Sep. 2010
Worst Nightmare
A custom-made anesthetic gas released in a Quantico marine base high school and former arsenal's ventilation system made substitute English teacher Walter Carmichael's class faint, allowing the abduction of Navy brat pupil Rebecca Mason (13). During parents Navy officers Nick Jr. and Lisa's Persian Gulf tour, she stayed with doting and adored grandpa Nicolas Mason. He tricks the team so he can handle the ransom claimers himself, bloodily, apparently twice, but fails to get Becca. One of NCIS's internship kids helps Abby trace the gas to a pharmacy, which proves a ...
5 Oct. 2010
Short Fuse
When the motives behind an attack on a female bomb tech link her to a murder, the NCIS team investigates her very guarded personal life.
12 Oct. 2010
Royals & Loyals
When the body of an American Petty Officer is connected to a British Navy vessel, murder turns into an international incident.
19 Oct. 2010
Dead Air
While USNavy public affairs commander Walter Daniels was the guest in politics student Vincent Clark's small local radio station for a foreign policy debate with DJ Adam Gator, they and the engineer were suddenly shot by hunting gun just. He was to start his announced exposure of Military At Home, a group of listeners who want all security resources domestically deployed, a 'terrorist' excess of patriotism. banker bomb
26 Oct. 2010
Delving into the mind of a brilliant Naval Scientist, Abby becomes fixated on solving her murder, while DiNozzo's latest fling leads to an interesting Halloween.
9 Nov. 2010
Broken Arrow
At Annapolis naval academy, retired Marine Commander Woodrow Iverson's corps is found in a dumpster by his puzzled friend Vice Admiral C. Clifford Chase, deputy director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who claims to ignore why he was asked to meet 'Woody' there. Woody arrived from billionaire Joanthan Royce's Swiss home to a Washington trade conference on the same plane as Tony's slick dad, who is presumably ruined. The team needs Anrthony Senior's help to investigate Royce's possible involvement with a 'broken arrow', a missing hydrogen bomb.
16 Nov. 2010
Enemies Foreign
Gibbs team ensures security for the Mossad delegation, including the director, Ziva's father Eli, in person, to a conference Vance hosts, including all people known to be involved in the disastrous Amsterdam 'Trident' operation. They soon link apparently unrelated cases in Washington and the Caribean to a Palestinian splinter group planning a heavily-armed attack on the NCIS conference premises. Despite dealing with the Palestinians, security is grossly breached.
23 Nov. 2010
Enemies Domestic
The team scrambles for answers after a shocking ambush reveals a new twist to their current investigation.
14 Dec. 2010
False Witness
Navy petty officer Jerry Neisler goes missing, Deputy DA Gail Walsh gets NCIS's help to retrieve him before a mob murder trial is which his testimony is crucial. Thanks to Texan turkey trivia, he's found among hunters in a Virgia woodland. Neisler fled after two death threats with scary proof and believes to be betrayed by the D.A.'s office, so Gibs takes him home without telling her and finds his psycho-analytic heritage annoys everyone at NCIS. Meanwhile the team works out who wants and can have Jerrykilled and why, which proves confusing as it concerns several ...

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