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Season 10

25 Sep. 2012
Extreme Prejudice
After Harper Dearing blows up Vance's car and destroys most of the NCIS building, the agents increase their efforts to find him. The president gives permission to kill him if necessary. Ducky is in a hospital after his heart attack.
2 Oct. 2012
Another NCIS employee is found a few weeks after the explosion at the NCIS building, but this agent was murdered. While investigating the crime, the team also has to talk to a crisis counselor to deal with the after affects of the explosion.
9 Oct. 2012
Ducky exhumes the body of a man who died 12 years previous. Abby finds proof the man was actually murdered. When the team investigates a current death, they find a connection to the murder 12 years ago and Gibbs assigned Ducky as lead agent.
23 Oct. 2012
Lost at Sea
Crew members from a downed helicopter washes ashore. The missing pilot is later found in the water, dead from a gunshot wound. The NCIS team finds there was a conspiracy plot with the other crew members. The pilot was not part of the plan.
30 Oct. 2012
The Namesake
A man is killed in a borrowed sports car belonging to a wealthy business man. The murder weapon leads the team to a pawn shop where Gibbs finds a Medal of Honor belonging to his namesake, a man who used to be his father's best friend.
13 Nov. 2012
Shell Shock: Part I
Two men who recently returned from the Middle East are attacked. One dies. The other suffers from post-traumatic stress and has a hard time separating what happened in the Middle East and the current attack. Gibbs helps him figure it out.
20 Nov. 2012
Shell Shock: Part II
Gibbs continues to help Sgt. Wescott retrace his steps in order to determine what happened. Abby plans a holiday meal for the team. Ziva tries to get tickets to an opera performance but cannot. Tony finds a way to help Ziva.
27 Nov. 2012
A young girl's father is murdered during a kidnapping attempt, while her best friend is taken. The team tries to track down the kidnappers while trying to figure out why she was taken. Meanwhile, an old friend of Ziva is coming to visit.
11 Dec. 2012
Devil's Trifecta
Agent Fornell is targeted by a hit-man. Since it was a Navy man, Gibbs team steps in for the investigation. Fornell & Gibb's ex-wife is undercover and working on the case that caused the hit to Fornell.
18 Dec. 2012
You Better Watch Out
A Navy officer's husband is murdered. The team investigates and find the man connected to $100 bills, that were to be destroyed, stolen from the Treasury Department. Tony's dad visits and tries to create a family holiday for him and Tony.
8 Jan. 2013
Shabbat Shalom
A journalist is murdered but dressed as a naval officer. Ziva is surprised by a visit from her father whom she has not seen in about two years. He says it is a friendly visit. His secret visit is discovered by enemies, and shots are fired.
15 Jan. 2013
NCIS and Mossad team together to find the killer of Ziva's father and innocent bystander - Vance's wife Jackie.
29 Jan. 2013
Hit and Run
Two people are found dead in a car accident, and the related families seem to have a Hatfield & McCoy feud. The case reminds Abby of her first case when she was a child which is seen in flashbacks.
5 Feb. 2013
Gibbs and the team capture the number 2 man on the list for Internet crimes. They want him to reveal the name of his boss. It takes old-fashioned methods against his high-tech methods to break the case.
19 Feb. 2013
The team investigates the death of a Marine with multiple wounds on his body from various beating events. They find he is involved with extreme fighting along with other Marines. Director Vance finds his wife had hidden some facts from him.
26 Feb. 2013
After picking up a dead body at a crime scene, Ducky and Jimmy are kidnapped with the deceased. They are forced to do an autopsy because the kidnappers want to find information the victim had. Ducky and Jimmy use their skills to avoid death.
5 Mar. 2013
Prime Suspect
Gibb's barber asks him to investigate his son in connection with a recent killing of a young woman. He fears his son might be a serial killer who killed three women in the last few weeks.
19 Mar. 2013
A marine is shot. His widow talks to NCIS because she has an email from him indicating he was investigating a situation. NCIS learn the marine was murdered because he uncovered valuables being stolen. Vance interviews for a nanny.
26 Mar. 2013
During a sea storm the medical doctor is killed while the ship is struggling to save lives and stay afloat. McGee's estranged Admiral father was on board and berates Tim for his life and job. The team learns the doctor was killed for drugs.
9 Apr. 2013
Chasing Ghosts
A woman comes home to find her living room in disarray and her husband missing. The husband recently inherited a trust account and that may be reason he was taken. Jimmy tells Ducky he wants to know more of the psychology of doing autopsies
23 Apr. 2013
A Mossad agent is killed while waiting for his contact. The new Mossad director works with Gibbs and McGee to find his killer. Ziva and Tony travel to Berlin to find her father's killer. Ziva and Tony are in a planned car accident.
30 Apr. 2013
Tony and Ziva have minor injuries from their car accident. The team continues their search for Bodnar, the person responsible for killing Ziva's father and Vance's wife. They track him down and Ziva gets her revenge.
7 May 2013
Double Blind
A cook from a naval destroyer is being followed but does not know why. Council from the Inspector General gathers statements from the team to close out the Bodnar case. It seems he is investigating someone specific.
14 May 2013
Damned If You Do
The Inspector General continues to investigate Gibbs for taking shortcuts when solving crimes. The team investigates the investigator to find out why he is intent on prosecuting Gibbs. A Navy officer's head is found, and it is radioactive.

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