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Season 4

27 Oct. 2006
Father of the Bride Redux
Picking up from where the last season left off, security realizes that a gun was fired in Ed's suite, as Danny and Ed's daughter realize they have deeper feelings for each other than either of them wanted to admit. Samantha realizes what trouble she's in when one of her high roller clients rolls into the hotel's beach front resort in Hawaii and rolls up a half a million dollar bill and threatens to leave it in her lap, along with the dead stripper in his room.
3 Nov. 2006
Died in Plain Sight
The mission laid before Ed comes to light, as he is picked to, once again, kill a man the CIA ordered him to kill 20 years earlier. Sam wraps up her issues in Hawaii with the help of Mike, and Mary goes off in everyone's face about Danny and Delinda's heated romance and the fact that no one told her about it.
10 Nov. 2006
The Story of Owe
Ed turns Samantha onto a guy who can help out her own paycheck by trying to retrieve some of the money that her high roller clients have skipped out on paying. Danny and Delinda discuss wanting to take their relationship to the next level. Mary decides to try her hand at stand-up comedy, and Ed tries to give someone a special birthday present.
17 Nov. 2006
History of Violins
The Montecito's safe-deposit vault is being robbed, with Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl XXI ring among the stolen items.
1 Dec. 2006
Delinda's Box: Part 1
Some crafty kidnappers put Dalinda in a box and bury her for a fifty million dollar ransom they're forcing out of Ed. Mary gets to choose a mascot, but ends up with several complaints from hotel guests. Guests at the casino include a couple of buddies who just won a lottery and are rather reluctant to wager any of it, opting instead to play a game of hide and seek in the casino, and a monk who's known for cleaning out casinos, one every seven years, and has picked the Montecito.
1 Dec. 2006
Delinda's Box: Part 2
Just in time, Danny finds a way to deal with Ed's explosive foot-clamp. Delinda's kidnappers think he's dead and still hold her. The gloves are off, it's everything goes, even illegal means, catching them included. Tibetan Buddhist monk Soli Tendar keeps winning at casino's, but how? Can Sam tempt him or be enlightened? During a staff flu epidemic, Mary fills in lowly jobs.
8 Dec. 2006
Meatball Montecito
After the kidnapping, Delinda is mean to Danny, who can't believe she even bags on his dancing. The $1,000,000 wedding package nobody expected to run is actually ordered. It includes singing by Wayne Newyton, who refuses since a bitter golf dispute with Ed. To Danny's horror the guest list includes 50 New Jersey mobsters, yet a diamond theft may not be their work. Sam hosts terminal socialite Sharkey Rosenthal, who partied with the big stars. Future MIT student Leo Pedowitz turns losing his virginity into a questionable business.
15 Dec. 2006
White Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas, and all is not merry. When three kids are abandoned by their mom, a "strawberry." Meanwhile, a Christmas elf commits Grand Theft Auto right in front of a staffer's nose.
5 Jan. 2007
Wines and Misdemeanors
Danny worries a sex-toy might become a rival for Delinda. He also drops an obscenely expensive bottle of wine for a prestigious auction Ed and his new sommelier Phillip Corbin, but a security complication proves a far worse nightmare. The swimming pool is infested with topless crones.
12 Jan. 2007
Fleeting Cheating Meeting
Ed doesn't like the new husband one of the hotel's former employees brings out to the desert for a weekend, while Danny and Delinda agree to buy out their partners on the property that their tenant burnt to the ground.
19 Jan. 2007
Wagers of Sin
When a report is filed by accounting, Danny and Mike look to Ed for a pat on the back, who only prompts them to work harder, and even bets them that he can do their job better than either one of them can. Mary tries to sell the last residence suite at the Montecido.
2 Feb. 2007
The Chicken Is Making My Back Hurt
When the Gambling Commission receives what it considers too many complaints on Ed, the board forces him to attend Anger Management. Mike considers asking for a loan from Ed in order to buy his new condo. Danny searches for an employee who is in so much need of money that he's willing to gamble with his life. Dalinda feels the need to do something with her life, and Sam gets jealous when one of her high profile big spenders comes to town and wants to take Mary to dinner instead of her.
9 Feb. 2007
Pharaoh 'Nuff
Ed, Danny, and Mike are forced to "steal back" an Egyptian mummy from someone who has diplomatic immunity. Meanwhile, Sam deals with her personal indecent proposal from one of her high roller clients who feels he can't get into an intimate relationship any other way, and Mary goes on the trail of someone well-known for stealing from his room when he stays at the hotel.
16 Feb. 2007
The Burning Bedouin
Danny sees red when a rich Arab seeks out Dalinda and attempts to make her his fourth wife. But the events surrounding his death become suspicious when firefighters find out the reasons behind his death. Ed also has problems getting out of bed after straining his back the day before on the golf course. And Sam takes a personal day when a long-time friend of hers gets out of bed after being in a coma for twenty years.
23 Feb. 2007
Barechested in the Park
An unexpected death hangs a cloud over the company picnic, where the stakes have been raised between Ed's crew and the "back of house." Mary deals with her father's trial and Sam tries to land a big spender, stealing him from a rival casino.
2 Mar. 2007
Junk in the Trunk
Danny has worries from Wallace, who rips off his place after turning down the requested favor Danny owes him; Dalinda, who walked in on the guys while they were still in the place; Ed, for placing his daughter is danger; Mary, who, unknown to Danny, has bought a gun after her father was found not guilty for crimes against her and her step-sisters; and Sam, who has inherited the Montecido and is beginning to go power crazy. Meanwhile, Ed has his own plans for the casino, which does not include retiring like his wife wants him to do, and Mike meets an old classmate, who...
9 Mar. 2007
Jillian questions Ed's priorities when she finds out he's trying to purchase the Montecido. Delinda questions Danny's priorities when he's more caught up in trying to prevent a friend from being returned to Iraq than sitting down with her and finding out she's pregnant. Mike finds out Sam's plight, and Mary takes steps in helping her step-sisters' plight.

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