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Season 1

30 Oct. 2003
Tru Davies starts working on a morgue before she can start studying Medicine. The first night she's working at the morgue, a dead woman, Rebecca, asks her for help. Suddenly the day goes forward and Tru repeats her previous day. Tru knows she must help Rebecca and prevent her from being killed. But how can do that if nobody's going to believe she has the power to go back in time and save people?
6 Nov. 2003
Putting Out Fires
A young fire fighter who has died after trying to save a child asks Tru to help him. While she investigates about the fire's cause, Tru meets the fire fighter and, as a strong bond between them starts to be established, tries to convince him to avoid the danger.
13 Nov. 2003
Brother's Keeper
Harrison is accused of killing Andrew, the husband of his new girlfriend, Sarah. Andrew asks Tru for help when he's in the morgue, and the day starts once again. Tru has to prevent Andrew from being killed while she asks herself if her brother was capable of shooting him.
20 Nov. 2003
Past Tense
Meredith is caught in a random drug test at work and is fired. Meanwhile five "John Does" arrive at the morgue from the same pick-up and they all ask Tru for help. Can she find out how and why they were murdered in time to prevent it and find time to help Meredith as well? Meanwhile Luc arrives for a job interview in the hospital. Is romance about to blossom for Tru?
4 Dec. 2003
Tru attempts to save a medical student who dies after participating in a dangerous medical experiment with two other students. The experiment, which temporarily stops the heart, causes the students to unearth repressed memories.
11 Dec. 2003
Star Crossed
In what appears to be a "Romeo and Juliet" double suicide, Tru tries to prevent the deaths of two high school students who go over a cliff in a car.
18 Dec. 2003
Morning After
Tru deems herself as the prime suspect when she wakes up with her ex-boyfriend's dead body next to her.
8 Jan. 2004
A soldier recently returned from overseas is about to undergo risky surgery. The soldier runs away from the hospital and Tru tries to help him find his former girlfriend to get some answers from her before the surgery that may take his life.
15 Jan. 2004
Murder in the Morgue
Tru faces her toughest test yet as Davis is shot in the morgue by a groom trying to cover up the truth about his bride's death on their wedding day. Tru's day rewinds just as the groom fires a bullet at Tru.
22 Jan. 2004
Tru attends a former schoolmates reunion, where Candace,her annoying ex-best friend, dies, so the day repeats and Tru has to save her.
5 Feb. 2004
The Longest Day
Tru lives her more exhausting experience when every time the day repeats, a different person dies and asks her for help again. She must discover the true reason she was required the first time to finally see a different day.
12 Feb. 2004
It's Valentine's Day, and Tru, Luc, Harrison and Lindsay spend the day in a cabins resort in the forest. When a man dies, the day repeats and Tru tries to prevent him to go the resort, but she fails, and she and Harrison must discover who's the killer while keeping Luc and Lindsay away from Tru's secret.
18 Mar. 2004
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Tru must prevent a death at a beauty pageant. At the same time, she tries to keep a nosy newspaper reporter from discovering her secret.
25 Mar. 2004
Daddy's Girl
When Tru's father comes to town to celebrate his birthday, Tru discovers the identity of her mother's murderer. Jack Harper is hired on as a new employee at the morgue.
1 Apr. 2004
The Getaway
In an ironic twist, Tru must save the life of the newspaper reporter who has been trying to uncover the truth about Tru.
8 Apr. 2004
Two Pair
On the same day, two corpses ask for Tru's help. However, the day only rewinds for the second one. Tru enlists Harrison's help to try to save both of the people.
15 Apr. 2004
Death Becomes Her
Tru must save the life of an actress who spent the day with Tru researching an upcoming film role on Tru's job.
22 Apr. 2004
Rear Window
It's a case of identify theft when Tru is asked for help by a male Chris Berenson, the same name as her female neighbor. Which Chris Berenson is telling the truth?
29 Apr. 2004
Tru discovers that her mysterious new coworker, Jack Harper, has the same ability as Tru to relive days. However, she soon discovers that Jack doesn't share the same belief as Tru of trying to save everyone who asks for help.
29 Apr. 2004
Two Weddings and a Funeral
Tru's brother Harrison is mistakenly killed by a woman's jealous ex-husband. When Tru attempts to save him, Jack makes his intentions known by saying that he will make sure that Harrison dies or someone else will take his place by the end of the day.

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