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Mama's New Job/Mighty Milton
When Mama decides to open her own quilt shop, Papa and the cubs are convinced they won't be able to cope around the house without her.
Go to School/Week at Grandma's
When Mama and Papa go off on a second honeymoon, Brother and Sister are certain they're in for the most boring time of their lives spending an entire week with their grandparents.
3 Feb. 2003
The Baby Chipmunk
When she adopts a baby chipmunk, Sister learns the hard way about trying to keep a non-domestic animal as a house pet.
The Big Blooper/Nothing to Do
In "The Big Blooper," Sister learns a naughty word from "Trouble at Big Bear High," a video rented by Lizzie Bruin's older brother. It was not a movie intended for little cubs! She and Lizzie hurt the feelings of many friends until Mama and Papa give her a talking-to. In "Nothing to Do," Mama offers the cubs chores when they complain of boredom, but they avoid the chores. When they see Papa agree to help Mama, they feel guilty and secretly help, eventually inviting Mama and Papa to a surprise picnic in the raspberry patch.
Bears for All Seasons/Grow It
When the cubs find their outdoors plans repeatedly cancelled because of unseasonable weather changes, instead of moping around the house, Mama gets them outside where they inevitably find all sorts of seasonable things to do.
Draw It/Papa's Pizza
Brother is pretty good at drawing faces, but he would like to be better at it. When given the chance, he joins Mr. Drewbeary's art class.
Family Get-Together/The Stinky Milk Mystery
When Bother and Sister accidentally allow Farmer Ben's cows to get loose from their pen, his farm dog helps herd them back and the cubs decide not to tell Farmer Ben, afraid he won't invite them back for another visit.
Get the Gimmies/The Green-Eyed Monster
Brother and Sister think they're entitled to treats every time the family goes grocery shopping and Mama and Papa get tired of their "gimmie gimmie" attitude.
Go to the Doctor/Don't Pollute (Anymore)
Looking for something to do their environmental school project on, Brother and Sister visit Professor Actual Factual at the Bearsonian Institute.
House of Mirrors/Too Much Pressure
When something she overhears mistakenly leads Sister to believe she has 'big ears', nothing Mama can do will convince her otherwise.
New Neighbors/The Big Election
When Papa's complaints to City Hall about all the potholes around town seem to be falling on deaf ears, he decides to take matters into his own hands and run for Mayor.
The Giddy Grandma/Trouble at School
When Sister is hard pressed to find 'The Bear I Admire Most' to write about for her school project, she visits Grizzly Gran to borrow a book on the 100 Most Famous Bears.
The Jump Rope Contest/Lost in a Cave
When Sister is picked to represent her school in the upcoming Jump Rope Contest, it goes to her head.
Too Much Vacation/At the Giant Mall
When the Bear Family visit the new mall, they're amazed by the sheer size of it. It's huge.
Too Small for the Team/The Prize Pumpkin
Too Small for the Team: Sister wants to join the girl's soccer team, but Coach Brown thinks she's still too young to take part because the cubs are bigger than her. Sister grudgingly accepts the position of team manager instead. It's a tough job, and Sister's perseverance doesn't go unnoticed by the coach, who ultimately invites her to play in a big soccer match when a team member goes home sick with a stomach virus. The Prize Pumpkin: Papa bear is growing a giant pumpkin for the pumpkin contest on Thanksgiving day. He becomes obsessed with it being bigger than farmer...
Trick-or-Treat/Think of Those in Need
When Brother and Sister have to clean their room, they find they have more things than places to store it all.
Trouble with Money/The Double Dare
Brother displays some real moxie when he attempts to get back Sisters skipping rope from Too Tall and his mischievous gang.
Visit Fun Park/The Perfect Fishing Spot
Deciding that they're going to make Gran and Gramps' anniversary dinner special, Papa sets out to catch a prize winning fish as the main course and Mama sets out to make one of her blue ribbon pies for dessert.
Visit the Dentist/Too Much Junk Food
When Sister has a loose tooth and Brother has a cavity, a trip to the dentist is in order; Papa and the cubs train for a race, but need to know the importance of eating right.
12 Feb. 2003
In Crowd/Fly It
Sister wants to be friends with a "cool" new girl at school; Brother and Freddy design an airplane for a school project.
13 Feb. 2003
By the Sea/Catch the Bus
Brother's tardiness has become such an inconvenience for others, that he's given a wristwatch to correct the behavior.
15 Sep. 2003
Trouble with Grown-ups/Too Much TV
After Brother and Sister perform a skit about how easy their parents have it, Mama and Papa decide to spend the next day being cubs while the cubs have to be the parents; Mama thinks Papa and the cubs watch too much TV.

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