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Interesting Movie
porsche9889200021 November 2003
I've watched this movie with a low expectation. Probably, because the critics gave such horrible reviews. But right from the start the movie grabs your attention. Especially, if you watched the first one and you liked it, you'll love this one. I thought the story was well carried out. The second one has more action and better story. Even though it is not as funny as the first one, I would definitely reccommend the second one. If you like Korean Action/Comedy movies, do not miss this one! Just as hilarious as the first!
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Fun Korean action comedy...
Paul Magne Haakonsen8 August 2013
"My Wife is a Gangster 2" ("Jopog Manura 2: Dolaon Jeonseol") is a fun action comedy from Korea. Now, I would recommend that you watch the first movie "My Wife is a Gangster" before you watch part two, but it is not a necessity, as this movie does well as a stand-alone, but having seen the first movie just adds more background and understanding to the character.

The story is about Eun-jin (played by Eun-Kyung Shin) who is a feared and ruthless gangster boss, who ends up with amnesia after a massive fight. With no memory of her former life, she is taken in by Jae-cheol (played by Jun Gyu Park) who runs a local restaurant business. Eun-jin helps around in the kitchen and drives out with the take-away orders. But gangsters are moving in on the neighborhood in order to buy the tenants out to make room for a new, big mall, and Eun-jin's memory is slowly returning...

Actually, the story is as much fun as it is action-packed, and there is something for everyone in this movie. The action sequences were nicely orchestrated and shot, and the comedy throughout the movie was well-placed and situational great. Which added together nicely for a very enjoyable movie.

The characters in the movie were well detailed and nicely portrayed, each bringing something unique to the storyline. And the villain, well, he was just hilarious, especially with that contraption around his neck that sometimes altered his voice.

As a movie in the action comedy genre, there isn't really anything new or mind-blowing to be seen in "My Wife is a Gangster 2", but still, the movie is entertaining and fun to watch.
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Acceptable sequel.
roboncrak12 September 2003
I finally saw My Wife is a Gangster 2 and enjoyed it a lot even though I didn't have the luxury of English subtitles and had to figure out what was going on, which thankfully, wasn't very hard. The story filled with clichés mostly revolves around Shin Eun-Gyeong's character having lost her memory after falling from a building during a fight (Don't ask!) and trying to remember who she was, gradually stumbling upon clues and elements from her past. A lot of characters make a comeback from the first one so it still feels true to the original, but I don't think some of them were used enough or appropriately. The movie wasn't filled with fighting as the trailer seemed to suggest, there rather was slightly less fight scenes than in the first one I would say. There's still a large dose of action, but those of you expecting something action packed which this series isn't might be deceived. Worth noting, Zhang Ziyi makes a cameo appearance at some point which I thought was very cool :) In the end, it's a pretty entertaining movie which follows the secret Korean law which stipulates there must be at least one sad moment, no matter how untimely plugged it might be, and as far as sequels go, it gets a good score. It wasn't as fresh or funny as the original, but give it a chance if you're a fan of the genre and don't miss it if you loved the first one.
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good as the first one
khamva13 September 2003
I long to see the sequel to my best Korean blockbuster that I have seen for some previous years back. I enjoyed "my wife is a gangster 2" as the much as the first one. My summary of the first one has comedy and lots of actions (fight scene). The second one is more of a comedy / drama which is less action. If you liked the first one because of the fight action scene, the second one might be a boring for you. The acting are great and the story is excellent.
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kosmasp22 July 2007
As in follow-up. Now I won't spoil this movie, but I will refer to the first movie, so if you haven't watched the first installment of this (up til now) trilogy), then please be advised, not to read any further than here!

The second "My wife is a gangster" picks up, where the first ended. So you have the end scene from the first part here again, with her (the main character) then husband/man. This situation won't hold for long and will make way for a new storyline, that will have a new flow and another feel than the first part, which was about the hunt for a husband. And all because she promised her sister. But that was part 1, this time around you'll have another direction. And although it's a funny one, it doesn't quite live up to the craziness (in a good way) of the first part!
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