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MPAA Rated R for strong violence including disturbing images, language and some sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • 8/10
  • A man opens a woman's robe revealing her bare breasts. They proceed to have sex against the wall, then on a table as the man is seen thrusting violently and the woman moans loudly. The woman's bare breasts are visible throughout the majority of the lenghty scene. The man then carries the woman over to a bed, where they continue to have sex.
  • A woman frantically washes herself in the shower. She is nude throughout the scene, breasts and genitals are clearly shown.
  • Many photographs of corpses, including several of nude bodies with female genitalia exposed.
  • A man discusses a sexual encounter in detail with a woman (all her colleagues are listening)
  • Angelina wears jackets which accentuate her large breasts and in some cases, she leaves the buttons of her shirt open to show her cleavage.

Violence & Gore

  • A young man is kicked in front of a speeding car: he flips onto the hood, crashes into the windshield, the car flips over and slams onto the road and we see the bloody remains of the driver of the car and the young man (he has blood on his face and mouth and his limbs are twisted); another young man lifts a rock over his head and strikes the wounded young man (the screen goes black and we hear a loud crunch). A man shoots a man, and a man shoots a man several times in the chest. A man hits a pregnant woman in the face, throws her on the floor and kicks her, and he approaches her with a garrote; she grabs a pair of scissors and slashes at him, cutting his hand, but he gets the scissors from her, stabs her in the belly, she then pulls the scissors out and stabs him in the chest, he falls to his knees and collapses onto the floor (blood collects on his chest). A woman walks through a dark basement, finds a room where a boy has been kept (a teddy bear hangs from a noose), she lies in the bed, someone grabs her from under the bed, they struggle, she is hit a few times and the person runs away. A man is held by the throat, he gags, gasps and knees the man holding him in the crotch, he scrambles away, loads a gun and points it at the man. A man grabs a man, shoves him through a window (shattering it), they crash to the ground, and the man runs and is chased by two law enforcement officers with guns drawn. A car chase shows two cars racing through busy streets, one ends up going the wrong way on a bridge, the other car crashes into construction equipment sending the passenger crashing through the windshield (we see a blood-covered body lying on the hood of the car) and then the car explodes. We see a dead woman surrounded with splatters and puddles of blood and a man standing over her with blood on his hands. We hear gunshots and see a man lying dead in a pool of blood. A man slaps a woman hard in the face. A woman examines a body in a morgue: We see bloody stumps at the wrists (the hands were cut off) and we see twisted flesh on the face (the person had been beaten repeatedly) and we see cuts on the ankles. We see a burned corpse (an eye and the tongue are filmy, the flesh charred and withered), and a woman opens one of the eyes. Two law enforcement officers with guns drawn enter an apartment, and as they walk through the rooms they find moldy food and filth, and a bag with a severed finger, and a body falls from an opening in the ceiling. A decomposing corpse is dug out of the ground at a construction site (the skin is discolored, the facial features are unrecognizable and the limbs dangle limp as the corpse is lifted by a digger's scoop). We see the skeletal remains of a person and a coroner discusses broken bones. We see many photographs of corpses in many scenes: Blood covered and twisted bodies, nude bodies (including male genitalia) with missing hands and mangled faces. A man's wounds are stitched and bandaged in a hospital, in a couple of scenes: one scene shows a stitched wound that has opened again and he gets an injection in the wound. A woman has blood on her face, there is blood on bed clothes around a man and a bandage on his arm is blood-soaked (stitches from a wound are open). We hear details of a murder: the victim was strangled from behind with a garrote, his hands were cut off and his face was smashed. We see crime reports and newspaper headlines of murders and about murder victims that contain some detail (a victim was "burnt to death," a victim was found "drown," etc.). A man talks about "so much blood" at a crime scene. A woman talks about her son having died in a drowning accident. A young man talks about his abusive step-father hitting him so hard that he slammed into a wall and a tooth was knocked out (he shows the space where the tooth is missing). A man is startled when another man touches his shoulder from behind. A woman talks about her son being very violent. A woman lies in a hole in the ground where a murder victim had been buried. We see a toilet with feces in a public restroom.


  • 17 F-words, 9 scatological terms (1 in French, not translated), 2 anatomical terms, 7 mild obscenities, 1 derogatory term for homosexuals, 3 religious exclamations.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Light drinking, Smoking is shown alot and drug insinuation.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man plunges a pair of scisors into the belly of a pregnant woman.
  • A woman lies down on a bed in a seemingly empty room. Suddenly, an arm comes out of the bed and tries to strangle the woman.
  • Elevator doors open to reveal a blood-covered man holding a woman's severed head.
  • A woman looks through a hole in a ceiling and a dead body falls from the hole.

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