Taking Lives (2004) Poster


Plot Keywords

fbi profiler serial killer
french canadian
flat tire mother son relationship
spiral staircase laptop computer
man slaps a woman corpse
runaway teen stalking
garrote bus trip
severed head character repeating someone else's dialogue
murder year 1983
decomposed body exploding car
stabbed to death hotel
man with glasses year 2004
female frontal nudity critically bashed
blood splatter stolen identity
boy with glasses killed in an elevator
severed hand surgical stitches
art gallery psychopath
hit in the crotch federal bureau of investigation
topless female nudity hiding under a bed
car chase face slap
murder stabbed with scissors
surveillance suspect
scene of the crime morgue
picking a lock identity theft
jumping through a window betrayal
art show fake id
pushed in front of a vehicle police detective
thrown through a windshield autopsy
painting murder investigation
red herring exhumation
flashback photograph
interrogation train
burnt body train station
death hit by a car
police station bare chested male
finger gun hit on the head with a rock
premarital sex hospital
construction site decapitation
son murders mother fbi agent
deception pennsylvania
ferry boat bar
montreal quebec canada car crash
555 phone number matricide
gay slur hidden door
foot chase mistaken identity
music concert faked pregnancy
subtitled scene pistol
mutilation farm
younger version of character shot in the chest
whodunit bus station
impostor blood
art dealer twin brother
fatal attraction stabbed in the chest
art thief grave
murder of a police officer false identity
cigarette smoking head bashed in
explosion assumed identity
severed finger police investigation
lens flare stakeout
shot to death death of son
based on novel title spoken by character
surprise ending

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