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Amazing. Best western plot ever.

Author: Aaron_McLane from United States
29 November 2004

A culmination of the best western plots, characters, and settings. Utilizing the music the look and the feel of western greats such as, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, and the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns. Amazing gameplay lots of fun. Amazing soundtrack. Great game, a must have for western fans. The bridge scene from GBU is almost completely recreated, its like being in the films. If you have never seen a western or don't like the genre this is obviously not for you. The character of Red is like all the Clint Eastwood characters combined to create one hell of a badass. Red Dead Revolver is the best paced, best scripted western i have ever seen or played!

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Spaghetti Western Fantasies come to life

Author: hypernode1 from British Columbia
5 September 2005

As a kid Sergio Leone's films were a staple part of my viewing. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, For a Few Dollars More and Fistfull of dollars were what Westerns were all about for me. Red Dead Revolver is kind of like an interactive Spaghetti Western. The game is homage to Leone, Eastwood and the music of Ennio Morricone. One of the great aspects of the game is that you really do have to seek cover in order survive, unlike many first person shooters where you just run, shoot and kill. A friend of mine thought it was stupid that so many of the enemies in the game actually run in up close to fire at you, but what he is forgetting is that pistols at that time were not as accurate as the handguns of today. The weapons do reflect a real degree of accuracy as far as range and damage is concerned. I don't know if Rock Star made a sequel but they should - much more enjoyable than the GTA series.

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...He's Red...He'll shoot you Dead...With his Revolver...

Author: tylergnash from Iowa, USA
17 October 2004

Rockstar™ Games' Red Dead Revolver *** out of ****

at first i was a little shifty when i first heard about this game. it sounded kind of generic with no plot or story to me and it seemed like some kind of blood and gore shoot 'em up western. boy was I wrong. this game is amazing. you play as Red, a bounty hunter on revenge. They killed you're family and left you for dead. you start out at red's childhood home. and you must shoot down some goons that have invaded your farm. and then the story builds from there. the story is pretty good. the graphics are great. the weapons are pretty fun and cool. but the key thing that dragged me into the game was the dead eye system. it slows down movement and you can lock onto key points on a persons body and get up to about 10 locks for a devastating shoot out. it's the key feature of the game. the levels are fun to an extent. and when i say 'to an extent' i mean that once you get to the end bosses then you feel like you gotta throw you're controller across the room. pig josh was the bastard one for me. but besides the ridiculously difficult bosses this game is amazing. definitely a good game to pick up and go crazy with.

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A True Western Story (May Contain Spoilers)

Author: PrototypeRFT from United States
17 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Red Dead Revolver is another of Rockstar's great games, and it is worth playing. You should buy it and try it for yourself if you don't agree with my review.

Young Red Harlow lived out in the country with his mom Falling Star, and his dad, Nate Harlow. His father comes back one day with great news that he and his partner hit a vein of gold in a mountain. Soon, his home gets raided by bandits and he must quickly save his home as he acquires his father's old pistol. After dealing with the last one, his father and mother are slain by a man in a uniform. Red gets his revenge as he gets his father's pistol and shoots the man's arm off. 12 years pass, and Red becomes older. He becomes a bounty hunter and meets many interesting characters along the way... which leads him to his final battle with the person behind his parents' murder...

Sound/Music: This truly reflects Western music, sounds something you would hear in a western movie. You hear many tunes which match the mood of the level and the scene that comes along.

Graphics: The Graphics are OK... some people say the people look fake... well look at Max Payne. It's a PS2 game with blocky characters so give RDR a break.

Plot: The story is very original and very good. As you advance each level, you put the puzzle together.

Any Profanity/Sexual Content: There is few profanity said, and the only thing bad is a saloon girl wearing skimpy clothes and a tub scene (which doesn't show anything...) Overall: This is a good game and may be just a western shooter, but listen to the story and you may get involved with it.

Rating on 1-10: 8

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Great for both Shooter fans & Western fans

Author: WingZero251 from United States
16 August 2005

You stare the man in the eyes. His hand reaches for his revolver, but you're too fast for him, your gun rising, firing, two in the chest, one between the eyes.

Such is the game play of Red Dead Revolver, a Wild West-themed game where, basically, your objective is to shoot other cowboys before they shoot you. Then you get to this pretty cool dueling mini-game, which can be pretty challenging at times. Its also got graphics that wouldn't be considered spectacular, but they work well with the theme of the game, delivering a grainy sort of look. The soundtrack is also worth mention, being one of the better video game soundtracks in a while, and it also has an old west feel. While the game play sounds repetitive, it grows on you after a while, and can get rather fun. You pretty much point and shoot, and shoot and shoot some more. As is the case with most action shooter games nowadays, you have a slow-mo bullet time mode. Its pretty impractical, and not very useful or exciting. It seems tacked-on as an afterthought.

To wrap it up, I give this game 8/10, pick one up if you can find one.

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Can't find a better Western game!

Author: Sammy Blunt from Canada
27 July 2005

Red dead revolver is an intense western action game, from Rockstar games. When i started playing this game, i was AMAZED by the nice visuals and all the crazy cowboy shooting.

You play as Red.When Red was a kid, his family was murdered by a bunch of outlaws. He turned himself into a bounty hunter while growing up. Red wishes to find the killers of his family, to get revenge. The story in Red dead revolver is quite simple. But it develops pretty well during game-play.

The controls are pretty easy to learn. There is a good variety of weapons to use, and a lot of interesting scenarios to play trough. There is even a multi-player mode, that you can chose between multiple unlock-able characters, to compete against your friends or bots. Each character has a special move.

This is what i love the most about Red dead revolver: The intensity of gun fights. Shooting in this game is really fun, and does not get boring. And i never seen in any game, showdowns as good as in Red dead revolver. The system for these showdowns is just flawless. The towns, guns, characters really makes the game look like the western. The graphics are also beautiful.

This is without a doubt, the best western game out there. You can rent, or buy this game, because you can always replay it with the multi-player mode. If you are a fan of other Rockstar games titles, you MUST try this out.

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