The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
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13 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Was Peter Jackson to busy to make this film?

Author: ProfessorMovieMovie from Watching a Hammer Movie!
9 October 2006

Awful dreck. I read the books as a kid and I really wanted to like this movie. But, I am sorry to say that I have been disappointed by the film makers.

Whoever told these folks they had a good script for this movie? That person should lose their job immediately. It is CS Lewis, for God's sake, how on earth could they mess this up? The story of Narnia is rich, fulfilling and extremely gripping and entertaining. Mr. Lewis wrote a marvelous tale of fantasy and adventure that surely any trained professional screen writer could adapt into a marvelous movie.

Not so the case here. This movie was full of boring clichés, idiotic dialogue, boring scenes of nothing, then too fast scenes where actions take place so fast you can not be sure exactly what is happening and why.

These people should have studied The Lord of the Ring films. I mean for the cost of a weekend rental they could have had an epic movie making seminar and maybe they would not have ended up with this mess of a film that is right now playing in the background on my lap top.

Writing this review is more entertaining than this watching movie.

What is up with the acting in this movie? Seriously, not a good performance among the cast is to be had. Everyone seems as bored as I am right now. I just could care less about any of the main characters. Honestly.

I will say the one thing I was impressed with was the lion. Good special effect. But that is it. The actor doing the voice of Aslan sounds like he is reading a long menu and can't decide what he wants to order.

Well, watch it if you must. But you should read the books. As I said, they are fun, exciting, well imagined and written.

I hope someone who knows how to make a great epic adventure film comes along and has a go at Narnia. And dear lord I hope these film makers have no plans to continue the series. They should all be fired.

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15 out of 24 people found the following review useful:

My Experience

Author: Ann Manley ( from United States
28 December 2005

I read all 7 books when I was younger and was so excited when I saw the previews for this one on t.v. My 5 yr old son saw it too and wanted to see the movie so on Christmas Day I took him. This movie was SO GOOD my 5 yr old sat through the whole 2 and a half hrs!!!! To me if a movie can make a 5 yr old sit still that long it is better then expected!!! I loved this movie and now my son wants me to buy the series and read them all to him lol. He also wants to go see it again. It is a great move for children, maybe not all that young but in general. I highly recommend this movie i enjoyed it a great deal. So if u haven't seen it go see it!!! It was worth the total $20 i spent on tickets and refreshments!!!

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18 out of 30 people found the following review useful:

Just Not Interesting

Author: Xander Seavy (RiffRaffMcKinley) from United States
1 September 2007

This horrid adaptation of C.S. Lewis' classic tale is a bland, cookie-cutter modern fantasy flick that makes shameless attempts to cash in on both Christian religious dogma and horrifyingly average special effects at every turn.

The British TV versions from the '80s and early '90s were almost *infinitely* better. Here, Edmund is more than a self-absorbed brat; he's also a coward. And the White Witch is not scary-- she looks like she escaped from a very, *very* cheap porn film. And then there's Mr. Tumnus, who, here, comes across as some kind of creepy pedophile (hey, the White Witch does, too!). Not to mention the fact that Liam Neeson (while a great actor) is *no* suitable Aslan.

Then there are the battle scenes-- oh wow. These scenes make Rob Zombie flicks look like cinema deluxe! Throw in some poor character animation and even more *dismal* performances and you've got yourself one insipidly *hideous* film.

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26 out of 46 people found the following review useful:


Author: Steven Olson from United States
16 April 2006

I saw this on the recent DVD release and found it very weak. I've seen others here rave about the performance of the youngest girl. It seemed to me no matter the situation, all she did was present this forced smile which left her face empty of any emotion. The other end of her two color spectrum was the the crying, which seemed more like they just sprayed her face down with water and told her to make a pinched face, again devoid of any emotion. Actually, the performances of all the children were all weak and annoying. They did a horrible job in casting these children. I haven't seen child acting this empty since Star Wars Episode One.

The pacing of the movie was horrible. There was too much time spent on small pointless scenes. It then moved on to seemingly large leaps in story line. I guess there was an assumption that all viewing this movie had read the book. But, I feel this created that atmosphere others have complained about. This movie is both too slow and too fast.

I was never able to identify with any character in this movie due to the weakness of any development in both character and story. So, I just didn't care.

The only thing interesting in this movie was Tilda Switon's hair.

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27 out of 48 people found the following review useful:

Mostly harmless

Author: jrepenning from California
14 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You really need a tally-sheet to review this movie; so many Great Expectations!

Truth to the original story: really close, 9 out of 10.

Let's start with: they did the right story first! The fad, lately, of numbering the books in historical order (starting with "The Magician's Nephew") is just inexplicable, must be due to someone who hasn't actually ready them. The stories don't even make sense in that order! That the movie crew began where Lewis did is a very great credit to them.

There were two things missing, though, that are actually quite important to the book: Edmund's inner dialog, and the rather parental voice of the narrator ("how silly it is to close yourself into a wardrobe", "that's the problem with magical food"). These really are missed; without them, the tale takes on a very different character, and perhaps even point.

There were three things added as well: a long preamble showing what Lewis' oh-so-brief "because of the bombing" really means, a substantial Peter-Jackson reference in the battle scene, and an Exciting Adventure Involving a Waterfall. These are a mixed bag: I think by now, over fifty years after WWII, most folks alive need a bit of explanation as to what "the bombing" really meant, and the work here is really, really good. The spectacular battle scene, though, does not so clearly carry its weight: as an attraction for the SFX fans, it's pretty lack-luster; as a fixture in the myth, it's a bit distracting from the important points (though they're all still there). And the bit with the waterfall ... what was that all about? Revolution in the writing squad? "We must put in one original idea of our own"?

Quality of the Effects: by modern standards, pretty mediocre, 5 of 10. But then again, even what is here begins to distract from the story as it is: it's not really an SFX vehicle, despite the talking animals.

Acting: there's a lot of debate about this, and I'm torn. Part of the debate though, I think, is from folks who haven't read all the books, and don't know how these children will age: some of what seems uncomfortable here is supposed to!

Character development: not too much, 4 of 10. Then again, that's the way of it with the books, too; some Narnians show more character development than the Pevensies.

Tagging up on all the key ideas, images, plot points, metaphors, characters, and other details: really, really good, 10 of 10 (except as noted above). But it did seem, occasionally, to be doing just that: "ok, now we have to have THIS happen, because it's in the book."

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

10 out of 10 stars.

Author: amanda01200 from United States
24 December 2005

The Chrinicles of Narnia, the lion the witch and the wardrobe, is now my favorite movie! this movie was FANTASTIC! the actors are amazing and the movie is just so exactly like the book. If you read the book and are going to see the movie, you will not be disappointed. The movie was better than i expected actually. It's such an amazing and imaginative movie it's just enchanting. I wouldn't normally give any movie 10 stars, but i gave this one 10 stars out of 10. When i was watching the movie, and seeing all the sets and the props, i felt like i had already seen them before. Like they had taken them right out of my imagination when i was reading the book. I know not everyone will have this feeling, but i did, and it was magical. Even if you don't want to see this movie, go because it really is a spectacular and magical movie.

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Mrs. Gould's 5/6 Class at Kameyosek school in Edmonton!

Author: onno-17 from Kameyosek School, Edmonton, Alberta
22 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

-Exciting, breathtaking, magical. Not even words can describe this movie. Narnia will make you want to jump! These years best movie is surly the most wanted. Narnia is so fantastic it will make you want to see it again and again.

-I thought that the movie was marvelous. There were a few surprising moments in the movie. For some people the movie was sad for some it was happy. For me it was in-between. I thought that when Lucy first found the wardrobe and they didn't believe her it was sad. But when Aslan came and made Peter a knight of Narnia it was very happy moment.

-It's joyful, heart warming and completely brilliant. The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, The witch, and The Wardrobe was a hit. The movie everyone wants to see and I am sure you do too. Why? Because this movie is worth it. It was unbelievable to watch. I even read the book and you can find out that the book was just as good as watching the movie because they are both great. However, the book may be more educational. So the movie and the book were a success and we are lucky to have C.S.Lewis that wrote the book. In the movie there were many fantasy and reality things. There ere fauns and beavers that could speak, but I am not going to tell you everything so now it is up to you to read the book and watch the movie, to see and imagine the Chronicles of Narnia.

-Have you been looking for a phenomenal movie to watch lately? Well, you're just going to have to watch the chronicles of Narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe. This is an eye catching movie with varieties of different outstanding events. If you're a person that likes fantasy this is your type of movie. Don t hesitate just go and have a merriment time. Enjoy!!!

-140 minutes of passion, excitement, and sadness. It made me grieve in some parts of the movie. It also thrilled me in parts, my heart pumped with light making me want to weep of happiness. It was just like a machine, the machine's purpose was to emotion change. Tears of sorrow swept down my face while watching the death of a whole slew! A ferocious lion goes at it with a witch. No ordinary spell casting witch, a fierce, selfish, hideous, wicked, and a hex witch. So you can sit back watch the movie and try not to soak your face with tears. Also you might be surprised where the tricky cliff can take you.

-The door was opened through the two worlds Narnia and our world, but at what consequence to the pevency family. Four children enter Narnia while hiding in the wardrobe from the house keeper that gives tours of the Professor's house. They enter Narnia as a family and leave as legendary HEROES! While in Narnia they defeat the evil witch that rules Narnia and get dubbed King and Queens! This adventure has so many thrilling parts it be impossible to put them all on one page. Out of ten I give this movie nine! NO movie will top this one for months and months.

-On Friday December9 2005 Kameyosek school grade 5/6 class went to go see the movie, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, at Cineplex Odeon theatres in South Edmonton Common. My grade 5/6 class went to see the movie because we read the book and studied a lot about The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I thought the movie and the book were both excellent. The movie really pulled me in and wanted me to watch more and more. My favorite part of the movie was the big battle when everybody fought and the scariest part was when Edmund found the Witch and he stepped over Maugrim. I stood up and made a loud noise and every body in the theatres screamed. The saddest part was probably when Aslan died. I did not know what was going to happen. I was felling very depressed when Aslan was killed. I was thrilled at the end of the movie. When Edmund did not go with the witch. Instead Edmund stayed with his family. When Edmund snapped the witches wand that was probably the most heroic thing Edmund ever did in the movie and the novel. The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe movie and novel were very entertaining. I would give it a 9 out of 10 rating. And I would recommend it to everybody who likes action and adventurous movies. The lion, the witch and the wardrobe was very exciting so go see it or go read it.

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8 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

The perfect family Christmas movie, but also fun for everyone who

Author: Lamol-Sthui from Netherlands
22 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was a bit disappointed want I watched the trailer of this movie and was therefore a bit reluctant to visit it. Mainly because it showed scenes of these children with weapons and my thought was, what? Those children from the modern world with weapons knowing how to use them ready for battle? The beginning also put question marks to the movie because the city (which one by the way, London?) was bombed and the next day everyone can still take the train? They should have told that part a bit more clearly, but as soon as the Narnia part was beginning I was getting more and more impressed.

Not only did they show a good landscape. The animated animals are also great fun to much. The acting of the children is good, I couldn't note any unnatural acting there. The witch was casted very well, she has a friendly face which lets you wonder if she is good or bad at the beginning.

The lion made a great leader. The battles were displayed awesomely.

In total I left the movie with a very satisfied feeling. I haven't read the book but I feel that the director did the very best in order to make this look like the book.

I am giving it a 9 because a few scenes want to fast and should have been told a bit more clearly, for example, the scene at the beginning, or when The lion turned out to be alive he arrives with another great army (beside from the one already on the battlefield). My girlfriend told me that was because he released the spell of all those frozen by the witch but that wasn't perfectly clear to me.

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9 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Pretty, but something lacking

Author: M. Kent from Rhode Island, USA
14 December 2005

My fiancé and I saw Narnia on opening weekend. Visibly, I thought it was a beautiful film. But something was missing in the plot-- it seemed too superficial and rushed to me. Granted, I haven't read the book in twenty years, so it's possible that the children would become instant friends with a lion they'd never met. Or perhaps it's just my adult mind looking at a childhood story where it doesn't seem plausible anymore. Plus, the "main characters" (being the children) didn't seem important as leads at all. They were just sort of... there.

Tilda Swinton was wonderful as the White Witch. She has such a unique beauty about her that can go from elegant to fierce evil with just a change of expression. She sold me.

I could see it being a fun movie to take the elementary age group children. But as adults, it was just okay and won't be on my DVD purchase list.

There's something lacking in this movie... and I just can't figure out what it was...

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15 out of 25 people found the following review useful:

How to turn a 190-page kid's story into a 2.5 hour "epic"

Author: pbp720-1 from United States
12 December 2005

I wanted to be generous and give this 5 out of 10 but this film really doesn't deserve even that extra star to rate it as mediocre.

Let's start from the top: The film opens inside the bomber planes of Germans, dropping bombs on London during WWII. It next cuts to a scene of a mother frantically herding her four youngsters (the 4 who protagonists of the film) to their bomb shelter. In this scene, Edmund disobeys and runs back inside so he can grab a picture of his dad, who is fighting the war. There is a close call with a bomb, followed by Peter admonishing Edmund with the line "why can't you do as you're told?" (or something like that). This scene is followed by a long and boring goodbye scene at the railway station.

On the one hand, I like the fact that these scenes place the story in their proper timeframe; essentially, they act as a historical backdrop to the tale. On the other hand, however, they're not precisely necessary. They're nothing that a couple of text stills or voice-over narration couldn't have accomplished. One might argue that they give the film emotional weight (or some such crock), but they really don't, especially since they don't really have any bearing later. In my cynical opinion, they're an excuse to give Peter something to say (the aforementioned line to Edmund) that he will say later (though not in any meaningful way); a popular Hollywood convention, apparently. Also, I might add this is a kid's book. Why the need to open the movie with such grim scenes as the WWII bombing of London? Again, unnecessary.

However, this stands apart from the main story, so no real harm done...that is until they get to that main story. Changes are made, seemingly at random. Presumably they are done to enhance the drama of the story but all they really do is impede narrative flow and create scenes that are simply wrong. For example, there is a scene involving the four children in the Beavers' dam, getting the scoop on Narnia from the Beavers. Before this scene there is a scene with Edmund and the Witch, with the latter showing the former where her castle lies, between two hills, quite a ways away off in the distance. In the Beavers' dam scene, Edmund is shown to look at the hills, still quite a ways a way. Later in the scene, Edmund sneaks off to report to the Witch. His absence is quickly discovered by his siblings, who follow with the Beavers. It is quickly seen, though, that that prodigious distance to the Witch's house wasn't very great at all, as Edmund is soon shown to be at the castle, with his siblings and the Beavers close behind! Did I somehow miss the teleportation scene? I won't even comment on how this deviates from the book; the scene, by itself, is just ridiculous. In another scene, a fox (a character invented for the movie, as is the scene he is in) helps the children escape by throwing the pursuing wolves off their trail. On moment, the fox is telling the children and beavers that he will throw the pursuing wolves off, the next the wolves have arrived and demand the fox tell them where their quarry is. He tells them they went north, but it turns out that they are in the very tall tree towering over them. Again, I must have blinked and missed the crucial scene where the fox sprinkled fairy dust on the pursued.

Then there's the problem of acting. The four children aren't terrible but they're not very good either. And two of them (the elder two) are made out to be whiners. I guess you can't blame them too much, especially as they're made to say and do things not in the book (they might have fared better if they stuck closer to the original text).

But how do others, more experienced actors fare? Not all that well either. Tilda Swinton does not make a very good White Witch. In fact, she doesn't seem to know what to do with this role, underplaying it to the point of distraction. Also, the physical match between book and film is poor. Similarly, James McEvoy, paints a very limp portrait of Tumnus. No real conviction or anything of interest there either.

The other main gripe I have with the movie is its mimicry of the Lord of the Rings movies. Lots of armor and weapons and posturing and clashing of armies. Unfortunately, it's all pretty dull and hackneyed (and, please...beavers in armor?)

Overall, there's not much of a sense of fun about the film. Everything seems either overblown or underdeveloped. Too much effort has gone into making things look real and not enough into making things wondrous. For instance, a key piece of dialog by the Witch (one in which she calls out for the creatures in her army), is absent. It's moments like those that made the book so much fun that are noticeably missing from the movie.

I don't mean to nitpick this film to death and come off like someone who thinks the movie should have followed the book to the letter. That is not precisely so, although I don't think there's any excuse for not doing so in this case. Sure, there are parts of the book that could have used embellishment or even improvement but there was no real need to drastically change or add anything. Wasn't the reason the Lord of the Rings (or book to film) couldn't be adapted faithfully that the books were too long? Well, there's no such excuse here.

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