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Author: Chris Bush from London, United Kingdom
19 May 2003

Of all the comedians I have watched, I had to go see this one.

I was there when Mr Evans performed this 2 hour show live in front of thousands of people at London's Wembley Arena. I paid a lot of money for my tickets (being in the very front row) and I can honestly say, it was worth every single penny paid.

The guy is a lunatic! His facial expressions can be matched by no-one... His jokes are extremely funny and his interpretation of some of lifes simplest things will have you rolling around on the floor in fits of laughter.

Had I not been sat with a barrier literally 10 cm in front of me, I would have probably been on the floor myself.

Anybody that likes stand up comedy, I recommed this title!

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Lee Evans: Wired and Wonderful - Live at Wembley

Author: Jackson Booth-Millard from United Kingdom
23 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a very big fan of the physical sweating comedian Lee Evans. Every time I see one of his live shows I know it is going to have new mad, wild and ingeniously written and performed comedy from the excellent stand up. This "Live at Wembley" show was a sold out two night special, and it was also the biggest audience that Lee Evans has ever had. This is another great example of Lee Evans great physical jokes and hilarious bad language genius. With some classic jokes and some brand new ones, this is a great show. A highlight for me was the airport jokes. But of course, I can never forget the brilliant song at the end with a guest appearance by Dave Evans, Lee's Dad. Lee Evans was number 23 on 100 Greatest Stand-Ups, and he was number 14 on Britain's Favourite Comedian. Outstanding!

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Vintage Luv!!!!!

Author: movie_freak_dubai from U.A.E.
18 October 2006

For me Lee Evans is the best stand up comic that I have seen. I haven't seen too many but he compares more than favourably to Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Billy Connolly, Martin Lawrence, Robin Williams.

The physical comedy and facial expressions are just out of this world. Not to mention the wonderful accents and voices he uses. What's so great about his routine is that he takes the mickey out of daily, everyday stuff. There are times where the material may not be funny but the physical comedy portrayed by Evans on stage is enough to lift the material to a new level. I think this DVD is a laugh a minute riot. The huge crowd at Wembley seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did. My rating is only a 7 coz I think the XL tour is a bit better than this.

The length could have come in at 1hr40 but i still laughed my head off. The musical segment was a bit long but why not... if you can sing and play the piano then why not show off to the world... I would!!! Lee Evans has the same manic energy of a Robin Williams but I feel he doesn't ramble on as much as Williams. I think you need to give this guy a few more movie roles.

Do watch this and you'll definitely experience shortness of breath from all the laughing.

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"Monkey Boy" makes good

Author: Twoey2E
10 May 2003

For all you may recognize Lee Evans from films such as Mouse Hunt and There's Something About Mary, it's truly a shame that this man is little known outside of Europe (for now at least). Then again, maybe the American entertainment industry isn't ready to appreciate this treasured talent. Lee Evans--without a doubt the most energetic physical comedian I've ever seen in my life--is a whirling dervish, a man capable of performing at a frenetic pace that would cripple most human beings. I found myself exhausted just laughing at him. This show was filmed live at Wembley Stadium, and Evans is the first comedian ever to perform solo at the arena. With only a fifteen-minute intermission, he explodes two hours of fresh new material to an eager audience of thousands. His stand-up is phenomenal and visually captivating, almost too fast to keep up with. This rubber-faced comedian is outrageous in his manner and crude in his speech, but hardly irritating. (Think a young, more animated Robin Williams without the drugs or annoying roller-coaster rants.) This show also includes a fantastically funny interpretation of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." If you enjoy Lee Evans' work, you might also check out Funny Bones co-starring Oliver Platt.

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Author: bethanyrnash from United Kingdom
16 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This will have been Lee first big arena tour and i thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning, i am a huge fan of Lee Evans and have seen all of his DVD tours. I would not say that 'Wired and Wonderful' is my favourite but it is still BRILLIANTly hilarious with some of his classic jokes and voices and a wonderful song to finish off. This tour is very family orientated and Lee makes boring everyday sorts of things that we all notice interesting and funny. Genius and very observant. This tour is specifically about his family and his father even sings and plays the saxophone at the finish after Lee shows off his own musical talents. A great comedian telling great jokes about the most important thing to him 'His Family'. Wonderful and hilarious! x

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funniest comedian I've ever seen

Author: alihead69 from United Kingdom
26 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i think lee Evans is brilliant and so funny and why because lets face it everything he says is true e.g why do women keep carrier bags well u never know do u, they do come in handy.

and as for u men u do put things down on the side and can never find them can u and we do they're on the side wot side etc. I have never seen lee live but i would love to and boy would i like to give him a run for his money, i have a few things i could and would throw at him he is the kind of man u can really have some fun with. anyone who rates him as not funny just don't have a very good sense of humour.

i would like to give him a few lines myself for his next tour does anyone know how i can do this.

I have to make sure this is one thing in life i must achieve.

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Author: Jendi from Tenerife
6 January 2007

This is not one of his best live performances but it is still absolutely fantastic. Anyone who doesn't think this show is good or funny then they do not have a sense of humour. This DVD is worth watching if you like laughing A LOT and if you enjoy watching live performances If you have watched the rest of the lee Evans live then i recommend this DVD... Ifyou haven't watched any other lee Evans live before then i still recommend it. Lee Evans is one of the best comedians around and he is my personal favorite. I have all his live dvds and enjoyed every single one. Wired and Wonderful however isn't his strongest so if you have never watched Lee Evans before then i suggest you watch another of his DVDs first... ENJOY YOUR VIEWING :-) xx

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Physical Comedy At It's Finest

Author: Ross Dixon from United Kingdom
19 July 2005

Lee Evans is by far the funniest comedian I have ever seen in my life, and I'm not saying that just because I'm a fan. I am comparing him with the likes of Mitch Hedburg, Peter Kay, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Billy Connelly and every other comedian gracing our screens. Lee Evans had been doing professional stand up comedy for 8 years prior and he's now produced his finest work. Of course this show isn't the best by very much. His previous 1998 show 'Live In Scotland' is not exactly leaps and bounds behind this one, but 'Wired and Wonderful' introduces new material that is great for a Saturday night in with the lads. This DVD is a must have for stand up lovers.

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Author: taiaha
17 July 2005

I had seen Lee Evans in a couple of movies, and also on a few chat shows. I bought this DVD on the basis of that, and viewers' comments on a number of internet sites. Evans is a manic performer, but was slow too start - this show apparently featured "new" material, but contained many "old" jokes. Obviously he can do no wrong in some people's eyes, but the interjection of "f*ck" or "f*cking" every few seconds actually detracts from the overall performance. Having said that, there are some wonderful moments, and astute observations on the human condition. He is a surprisingly good singer, and the appearance of his father at the end is a touching moment (though the musical segment goes on too long)

6 out of 10

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Didn't laugh at all! Straight to Ebay!!!

Author: mikesurman105 from United Kingdom, Walsall
21 October 2006

Maybe I laughed at a couple of things but most of the time I just cringed at his over the top impression of Norman Wisdom/Robin Williams.

I think this is more of a stand up show for people with a mid to low IQ or who can't be arsed to THINK about the observations that a comedian is making.

If you watch soaps, big brother, football, X factor or any other trash TV then this is the DVD for you. Otherwise, go rent an Eddie Izzard DVD.

Oh, and what the hell was that 'musical' number all about at the end? The one where the song sounded like a song written by a 5 year old, went on for 6 hours and had the pretentious idiot's Father miming(yes, miming) the sax solo???

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