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very witty & entertaining, one of garfield's best specials
wc33753612 February 2004
Garfield's Feline Fantasies is 30 minutes of hilarity, full of clever parodies and classic garfield humor, any fan of garfield, or fan of laughter will find Garfield's Feline Fantasies a comedy that delivers laughter and old school garfield goodness.
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The Banana of Bombay?
Shawn Watson16 July 2005
In this Garfield TV Special, the fat cat is once again using his wild imagination as he plays with Odie. This time he's an adventurer called Lance Sterling who is after a mysterious artifact, that holds the key to all laughter, called the Banana of Bombay. Why a banana so-called would be hidden in a booby-trapped temple in the Andes is anyone's guess. But hey, it's only a fantasy.

While not as strong as Garfield's Babes and Bullets, Feline Fantasies does have a more adventurous feel and an easier set-up for jokes. Plus it doesn't go into black and white (apart from the end) so any kids hooked on colors won't mind it if they were put off by the film noir monochrome of Babes and Bullets. But you shouldn't teach your kids to be philistines anyway.
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One of the best animated features I have seen
Matthew Coombs14 July 2004
I have always been a fan of the comic strips watched Garfield and Friends to death when I was younger. Have only seen two of the features though. This and 'Here Comes Garfield'. 'Garfield's Feline Fantasies' is fantastic. Garfield is often finding himself in a fantasy world in this feature and can't stop slipping out of reality into different fantasy situations. He dreams of being captain of a submarine, imagines he's having a western showdown with Odie, imagines he a magician, then an airline pilot and best of all becomes his alter ego Lance Sterling. Lance Sterling is like a cross between James Bond and Indiana Jones and is on a quest to find 'The Banana of Bombay' and prevent the end of humour (with the help of Odie/Slobber Job). Great stuff! - 9/10
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Garfield in yet another fantasy.
emasterslake29 October 2006
Garfield couldn't help but picture himself in a parody of fantasies. Soon he got so carried away the fantasies ended up being more like reality.

He and Oddie both experience themselves as westerns and as pilots. They keep falling off tables and cupboards when the fantasies got too carried away in danger in all.

Jon Arbuckle get confused on why they're acting like this.

Garfield gets over excited as he and Odie find themselves invincible that fantasies can't at all hurt them.

So he decides to go into a Humphrey Bogart like fantasy as Lance Sterling an archaeologist agent. Who's been assigned to find the original banana that inspired the banana peel slip gag. If it gets into the wrong hands, comedy will be at ease. So he and Odie must retrieve before the villains do.

This one is very funny with some parodies and jokes from other movies. The animation is well done and Frank Welker does an excellent job on the voice acting in this one.
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