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Pretty Good

Author: StephenBurg from United States
28 May 2012

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Abra-Catastrophe is a TV movie based on the Fairly Oddparents. It is the one year anniversary of Timmy being with his fairy godparents and he gets a magic muffin that will grant the eater a rule free wish. Timmy is disappointed by his parent's constant lying and wishes they would never lie to him again, which comes true as his parents slowly but surely become more honest. Crocker soon finds out about the muffin and tries to get his hands on it in a food fight. A monkey gets it and the world turns into a "Planet of the Apes" parody where humans are put into a prison. The episode is well-writing and the parodies at the beginning are pretty funny. If this you get the chance to see the movie, watch it. It's an enjoyably hour if you like watching the Fairy OddParents.


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Slightly more than a partial CGI-version of the series.

Author: Ddey65 from United States
11 October 2004

Even when it was introduced as a segment on "Oh Yeah! Cartoons," the demented, frantic, slapstick pace of "The Fairly OddParents," made the old Warner Bros. 'toons seem like post-war sugar-coated Disney shorts. Cartoon shorts like this HAD to have a series of their own, and better yet had to have a movie tie-in. In this case though, a made-for-TV-movie tie-in would suffice. Like the first Daria TV-movie "Is It Fall Yet?," watching a previous episode of the regular series is helpful to understanding the story. Unlike the Daria TV-Movies, it relies heavily on additional computer animation to grab the audience's attention. To call this cartoon an epic may be an overstatement, but I suppose if you're the same age as Timmy Turner, or at least remember what it was like to be that age, it's a well-deserved description.

Speaking of Timmy Turner, he's now one of a lucky few who've been able to conceal the presence of his Fairy Godparents Cosmo(Daran Norris) and Wanda(Susan Blaskeslee) for more than a year, and for this many fairies and other magical pixie-like mythical creatures hold a party for him. But not even Cosmo and Wanda can give him a life where he doesn't feel betrayed by his parents, or protect him from a school that would employ such a madman as Denzel Crocker(Carlos Alazraqui)...or can they? Among the array of gifts that Timmy receives for his fairy-versary is a magic muffin that can grant one rule-free wish. The trouble is, it'll grant that wish to ANYBODY who gets a bite of it(I know what I'd wish for, and so do you). Two people who shouldn't eat it end up doing just that, and you'll find out who they are in a few minutes.

Actually, the first "person" who shouldn't get a taste of the all-powerful Muffin isn't really human, even if he is a primate. It's a monkey mistakenly brought to school by A.J., who wishes(in chimp chatter, that is) that we humans would switch places with lower primates on the evolutionary ladder. It's also a world filled with horrible puns, a fact it admits quite proudly. After Bippy finally saw the results of his wish, and how it would put Timmy's life at risk, he wishes everything back to normal. But that doesn't mean it's time for a sigh of relief, because someone far worse gets a bite out of the muffin -- Denzel Crocker!! And the first things he does is capture Wanda, quit school and take over the world, which sends Fairy World into a panic. Somehow, the rainbow bridge between Fairy World and the real world seems similar to as episode of Tiny Toon Adventures, but that's not necessarily relevant. Timmy realizes that if he doesn't stop Crocker, nobody will. And since he has fairy magic leftover from his recent party, he does just that. Somebody who made a comment on the next-movie "Channel Chasers," called that the darkest FOP episode ever, but I always thought this one was pretty dark. The fight segments between Crocker and Turner seem a bit Wagnerian for a kid's cartoon, and the realization that he may have to sacrifice two prized "possessions" to stop Crocker is momentarily sad. Fortunately, since this IS a kids' cartoon, things do work out for our heroes.

In a TV Guide interview, Carlos Alazraqui described Mr. Crocker as a combination of Richard Dreyfuss, Montgomery Burns and Gene Wilder. Personally, I think he's more like Walter Kornbluth(Eugene Levy) in SPLASH(1984). Whichever description you find appropriate for this Fairy-Mad teacher, you'll find Butch Hartman and his crew are just as good at writing crazy cartoons, as they are at epic TV movies.

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Funny, funny, funny!

Author: Cire from US
22 July 2003

Though its not exactly a huge summer movie, The Fairly Oddparents Movie was worth watching. The only thing that got on my nerves was the singing routine at the beginning. The rest of the movie had a strong plot and loads of witty jokes.

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A slow start, but a great finish!

Author: Potassium from hehehe... look behind you!
13 July 2003

It's Timmy's Fairy-versary! Why is this special? Because within a year, most children end up losing their fairy godparents by revealing their secret one way or another. Timmy is that one rare kid that manages to keep his godparents under wrap, so he is rewarded with a magical muffin. This muffin grants whoever takes a bite out of it any wish, regardless of the rules... the only thing they can't wish for is a better-tasting muffin! What would happen if this muffin got into the wrong hands... well, that's exactly what we find out. The movie seemed to take a while to get into the plot. I personally took the time to go to the bathroom during one of the fairy's singing performance for Timmy's Fairy-versary... it just annoyed me. However, once the plot took hold, it was non-stop laughs, twists, sharp turns, and fun!

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The movie of the best comedy cartoon of all time.

Author: Star Wars Lover ( from Brazil
18 November 2004

Abra-Catastrophe is the first movie of the Fairly OddParents, for me, the best comedy cartoon series of all time. And for a cartoon movie, it's a long movie(90 minutes), with many computer graphic scenes, that makes this movie similar to cel-shading games(cartoonized games). In the movie, Timmy Turner(voice of Frank Muniz) has his first Fairyniversay, and he gains a special cake that will make any wish without restrictions. But this cake falls into the hands of Timmy's lunatic teacher, Crocker, that makes all the universe a universe that venerates Crocker. It is now time to Timmy and his magical presents(Floss, Jet-Pack, Magical Mirror, Easter Bombs and Santa's robe) save the world getting back the Fairyniversary Cake back and restore the universe!


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Fairly good

Author: Dandamanya from Canada
13 January 2004

This TV movie was pretty good but I have to say I liked a lot of the other episodes more, but this is still pretty good and funny. I'd say part 2 is the best when Dimsdale turns into this monkey world 7/10

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Messing with a great formula

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
17 September 2008

I must point out that unlike most viewers of the Fairly Odd Parents, I am an adult and am not ashamed to admit I like the show. Thanks to clever writing and unusually good stories with likable characters, this is one kids' show that parents can not just tolerate but enjoy. Heck, I think I know more about this show than most of my students I teach--it's just a neat show that doesn't insult the audience's intelligence.

However,...this show has suffered the same fate many cartoons have fallen prey to---stretching an excellent short cartoon idea to a full-length movie. In most cases, it's a catastrophe, so to speak. Think about the Powerpuff Girls movie, THE SIMPSONS MOVIE and THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE--three exciting and original shows that produced a mediocre or worse film. In the case of ABRA CATASTROPHE! it isn't as bad as the Powerpuff film (that is just too sad to watch), but it sure isn't as good as the show normally is because the pacing is all wrong. The film just seems too stretched thin and the usually fast paced humor just drags. While watchable, it sure isn't good. My advice is pretend they never made this, SCHOOLS OUT! or the god-awful JIMMY TIMMY POWER HOUR shows and just see CHANNEL CHASERS--the only Fairly Odd Parents movie that is as good or better than the shows.

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