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5 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

A promising game let down by a very late release.

Author: Ironwarrior86 from United Kingdom
15 June 2011

I have remarked that critics have been quite negative towards this game because it is bound to be compared to recent 2011 shooting games which is a shame as it has been suggested it would've been appreciated more if it was released sooner . Needless to say that doesn't take away from the fact that the game can still prove to be enjoyable.Due to the timing of the game's release; critics cannot really help you to decide whether or not to buy it as only your own opinion can help you here as the bulk of the reviews more less compare it to more up to date games which really isn't very helpful when picking a game to be honest. Aren't people forgetting that this would've been out a few years back were it not for the issues 3D realms ran into? I cannot deny that it seems dated compared to recent games but I don't care; graphics are not everything besides what were people expecting when Gearbox was polishing up what 3D realms started; it's not like they were going to start from scratch again? This game is not unlike shooters of the late 1990s and early 2000s; some people will find favour with this while others won't.

If you enjoy Duke's style in humour then the humour in this certainly will not disappoint you as it's very much like Duke Nukem 3D's ; but obviously it's not for everyone. Honestly I don't really understand why some critics call Duke's humour unfunny but yet praise humour in games that is mediocre at best. As for critics that question Dukes character; I really hope they are joking. I can accept various opinions on Duke Nukem Games but to question the protagonist that makes the franchise so unique and enjoyable definitely raises questions as Duke Nukem is a gaming icon that still has an appeal;even today and is a nice change from the typical serious heroes you see in a lot of recent games.

Oh and don't worry about all the controversy this game has sparked off for all it's mature content; we all knew it was bound to do that if it was going to be a follow up to Duke Nukem 3D which was also quite controversial at the time. If the game was watered down to appease some critics; it just wouldn't be a Duke Nukem game would it?

The game is not without it's flaws but it has interesting elements and very interactive environments. The enemies and bosses are pretty cool and challenging.The only things I don't really like about this game is the linearity in levels, a checkpoint system, only carrying two weapons, strength tests and the new Health system. This game will not have the replay value of Duke Nukem 3D but really what game does these days? Aren't all shooting games nowadays pretty much linear? It's a trend this game regretfully followed but luckily it has things that make it worth checking out.

Now that Gearbox owns the rights to Duke Nukem; I imagine things will go a lot smoother in later games as 3D realms was biting of more than they could chew trying to keep up with the times as they just didn't have the numbers or resources to pull it off while Gearbox is a much bigger company which has been something the Duke franchise has been in need of. It's a safe bet Duke will have more adventures to come; always bet on Duke ;)

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6 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

The Duke is back

Author: (coygraham-58-724685) from United States
17 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have read a lot of reviews on this game and the majority have agreed that it is a mediocre game, but I haft to disagree. Now don't get me wrong,it is no masterpiece by a long shot, but it is a fun game that has a lot of nostalgia value for anyone that lived in the 90's(which I did)and it is fun to catch the references to the culture at that time. With that said lets me explain my view on the features of the game and then I will sum with my final thoughhts.

Gameplay 7/10: The controls in the game seem fine and the various objects you can interact with is always a fun distraction from killing waves of enemies. These range from pool tables to making popcorn in a microwave. The gun play was fine to me, but it does suffer, like most shooters, from becoming tedious after killing the hundredth foe in a row.

Graphics8/10: To me they looked good and I can't understand why everyone says they look so bad. I never noticed any pop-ins or texture problems.That being said , one part that was kind of annoying was the fact the people where not as well made as they should have been and some seemed kind of life less.

Characters 7/10: one the most important parts of a game to me is the characters in the game. Duke is cool as you would expect and his one-liners are great. Like I said before some of the other characters can seem kind of life less, but they're not all that bad.

Story6/10: Finally and most important is the story. This is most likely the weakest part of Duke Nukem Forever. I wont say I was confused by the story, but it was not all that deep, but like action movies of the 80's and 90's, the action, one-liners, and just plain fun do away with the problems of a weak story.

In conclusion, Duke Nukem Forever is not a masterpiece by any means except being just plain, simple, fun from beginning to end. If you like shooters, comedy, and if you are a fan of Duke Nukem, I would suggest picking this game up and giving it a try.

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7 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

Still packs fun in a new era

Author: Steve Pulaski from United States
16 June 2011

Caught up in over a decade of delays and a company change, Duke Nukem Forever finally sees the light of day fourteen years later. Duke is back, full force and still as vulgar as ever, to take on aliens that are now taking Earth's women away. Especially the hot ones.

You control Duke, obviously in first person, going from place to place shooting aliens, pissing, collecting weaponry, driving a monster truck, shrinking in size, and so on. There is a lot of variety, but it isn't utilized to the fullest. The big problem is the control.

The controls take getting used to, flickering occurs sometimes, and the screen ripples when turning. After about an hour of straight forward playing I really didn't notice it at all. The graphics, while nice and colorful, aren't very elaborate. It looks like first generation Xbox, but again, they could've been a lot worse. There is still major detail in places like the strip club and on food containers.

What's one thing you hate doing in any game? Dying. Well, in Duke Nukem Forever, I hate dying for the wrong reason; the loading screen. It takes a good thirty seconds to jump back in the action. You're mad not for dying, but for having to deal with the loading screen. Being that Duke Nukem is an action game, you naturally want to respawn as fast as you possibly can to get back in the action. Doing that here is impossible. You must cope and wait patiently for the game to load.

So far, after two days, I find myself on chapter seventeen ("The Shrunk Machine") with a 360 gamerscore in the game. Getting the achievements aren't very hard. Again, you are awarded for things you're expected to do. Kill ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred, two hundred and fifty aliens and you already have over one hundred points.

Though it has its share of peculiar achievements. Pick up a piece of crap, quite literally, and you have ten points. Watch the end credits all the way through, five points more. And so on. This is a game where you really don't need to try and get the achievements. They come to you.

The two most frustrating levels of all, are "The Duke Burger" and "Queen Bitch." In "The Duke Burger," you have to rescue some blabber mouth woman who is stranded in the middle of the restaurant's kitchen with electricity going ape on the floor. You try to concentrate, but she will not stop talking stupid things; "Be careful, Duke!" Gee, thanks for the tip. That's what I was trying to do.

In "Queen Bitch," you must kill the alien queen. It took me four times and the course of two days because of how frustrated I got. I could get her down, but then she'd spit aliens out at you. Two hits and you're dead. No recovery time. But after you defeated the three-breasted beast you go to Duke Nukem's Titty City. The title speaks for itself.

The nostalgia value is high, but outdated. The fun is there, but not at full force, and the replay value is medium depending on your satisfaction. Maybe if I waited all fourteen years for this followup to Duke Nukem 3D I would've been letdown greatly. After three days of almost constant playing, my time was well spent. For a shooter it's good, for a sequel it's fair, for a fourteen year wait it's a fail to the king.

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9 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Fun and entertaining... but maybe too hyped...

Author: Jesse Nissinen from Sweden
12 June 2011

I just have played this game quite a lot, still haven't finished it yet but I have already killed the three or four first bosses which means I'm fairly long into the game. (I have no idea how long this game really is.)

Anyways, on with the bad things first: Okay, I do understand that games usually force you to watch the first intro videos et cetera because it took them a lot of time to do and they want to show it to you, but even so you usually are able to Esc them away the second time. Well in DNF it seems like you are forced to watch every single cut-scene, intro, character introductions and so on every single time. This game isn't Final Fantasy so it really kills the game a bit. Even in Max Payne you can actually fast-forward the cut scenes or press Enter to quit them instantly.

Second bad thing is that I haven't found any way to save your progress, you simply ONLY have save check-points, which is stupid. My brother first played the game for about the second boss, then I wanted to start a new 'game' and had to play from the beginning all the way to the part where my brother left it off at. Let's say we are in the final boss and then someone starts a new game... well you just got f'ked. And you have to play through the whole game again.

Things like these really kill the re-playability, I REALLY don't think I can bother playing this game over one more time, because whenever a cut scene comes in, I would probably just go take a dumb or something to wait over the time...

However, the good parts, well they are all there, plenty of them. Finally we got a game for people who like to explore and goof around, basically after every action scene you will come into a room filled with games (maybe as a reward?), and you can gain your Ego boost bonuses by playing mini-games; beat the high-score in Pinball, clean a table of Pool, throw a basketball into the net, lift weight, beat a guy in air-hockey etc. I probably wasted 20 hours or something just on these silly mini-games, really love them. But of course, there's also plenty of Shoot 'em up moments, and half-naked girls.

Another fun thing is how the environment affects the gameplay, like you can shut down the lights and the poor girls will get afraid of the darkness... though, if you are that guy who likes to SPEED-RUN through games then you will probably miss out 80 % of the fun.

I will give this game a solid 7 because it really is super fun to play this through, the 3 numbers away from a 10 is because of the re-playability, why screw a otherwise good game over with non-skip-able scenes.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Not that great....

Author: swedzin from Deadwood
8 October 2012

I really, really thought... here it is, a FPS Duke Nukem with new 2010 graphics, I thought, let's take a look at it, why not. And I was disappointed. By much of it. Graphics were good, but not that great, some of the ideas where Duke can interact with other objects like in mini-games to upgrade your health... actually, your ego. So, instead to look for medkits around you look for some "manly" stuff to boost Duke's ego... kinda ideal. But still, the old look for medkit idea was better. Other ideas were taken from the 1996 game and just enhance it. The new thing is that Duke can drive a car. Why? and he can carry only two weapons. Why? Why driving and carrying two weapons. I think that they were trying to imitate Halo. The game that also move standards. Why do I feel that they spiced it up with the reality in a way? The game play could be much more better. Duke could be more agile, but here, he is just clumsy, he is stiff as a board, you can barely move! You really get your butt kicked on multiple occasions and when your, here I dare say it "ego" is low, you don't have a medpack and you can't move. You are really easy target, and you are pretty easy to kill, or to get hit, no matter the difficulty. I heard that PC version is better than XBOX or Playstation... I played it on PC, and I gotta tell you... It's not that much of fun. This game repels you. It really does. You are just not that happy to go back to it. Jon St. John is still here as Duke, well they kept that element right and he did a good job as always. Duke is a real badass. But, the humor is basically old and not that rich, also, the Duke's character is also pretty dry and outdated. Duke is pretty much... an a-hole. He is one big egoistical jerk and you just don't feel connected to him. He is loved by all people and they are all in shock and awe when they see him. OK, it's not supposed to be taken serious, but they could have make him more richer and more developed character. In the 1996 game, it was simple, and it was obvious, and it was cool in controversial way. Wall boobs? What a hell? Your opponents returns as enhanced, more powerful than ever, I don't recall seeing any new one... maybe a few. And also what I find irritating... is politics. President is more often here than before. That was not necessary. Game levels looks pretty cool, weapon design is also good, the idea that Duke can go around do some macho stuff as taking leak, playing pool, basketball, pinball and other "manly" activities. It has some good fun, but still, it's not that playable, if you ask me...

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Not bad, but nothing new

Author: Death-2-trolls from United States
17 January 2012

Wow, Duke Nukem Forever finally came out at last. I remember I was 18 playing Duke 3D and now I am 30 and have moved on until an announcement about Duke Forever was coming out. Too bad I lost my hold voucher from EBworld and now that gamestop bought them out. Anyways, after reading the reviews and waiting for the price to drop, I got the game on for 10 bucks. Not bad for the price that was until I played the game.

Well the game wasn't the masterpiece I was hoping for, it wasn't that bad as I thought it would be according to the review sites that give it 0 out of 5 or just plain trashing the game. Gameplay of Duke Nukem is the typical kick butt American action science fiction style movie with a bit of a super hero in it. Everything from Duke Nukem 3D has been updated with today's graphic including all the aliens and now humans are included.

Unfortunately, several things let me down in Duke Nukem which was storyline, amount of guns carry, save system, and some game graphic models. Usually storyline wasn't really the epic story where Duke gets betrayed or something like that, or he is captured by the aliens which would have made it interesting. Same one sentence storyline, aliens comes and kidnaps babe and Duke is to the rescue.

Remember Duke had a huge array of guns? Well for some reason Duke can only carry 2 guns which took away the fun factor and added the survival factor of Halo. Halo only has so many guns while in Duke Nukem, most guns do different cool stuff but only allowed to carry certain ones and certain ones work with aliens while others don't.

The save system although wasn't that annoying, but I like to save anywhere and shut down the game and go to bed or return later. Also some parts I would like to save in order to come back to it just for fun. The checkpoints aren't that far apart but if you start a new game, the checkpoints resets and you can't go back to the previous game.

And the last let down is the game graphic. The general looks like a bad design model from Red Faction or something. Even character models from Quake 4 and Prey look even a lot better then him. It just seems like rushed.

Unfortunately, Duke Nukem Forever is just a game to have fun, nothing new added or any cool feature that would chance the FPS game standard. Half Life 2 seems to have beat to it and had the game been released on schedule back in 2001, I think it would have given Valve a run for their money. Also another problem is, too many Duke Nukem hardcore fans had their expectation way too high thinking this game would have been king and that is the problem of why everybody thinks the game is a complete failure since we're all spoiled by Half Life 2 and Portal and what not. Right now, Duke Nuke Forever is now cheap for $10 on and hopefully Gearbox does continue making Duke Nukem game, but then again, who knows.

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5 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Wonderful Game. Fresh look at a classic

Author: selarom-yar from United States
20 June 2011

I am process of playing the game and I love the bow to the original camp. I read the reviews from the others that just don't understand the thinking behind Duke. It is not about the superior game controls and its beautiful graphics it is about the flow of the game and all around campiness of the world of Duke Nukem over the top and down the other side. Yes, the game play might be clunky at times, and the graphics no so photo realistic that some of you geekers wish it will have, but over all it is frustrating and deliciously crass of game play that will have you pull your hair out. Something that Duke might like if you can't handle it then don't play the game. You have to work at the game to make it though and it is not a walk in the park either. As Duke will say "Come get some!" Long live Duke! Now what we need is a feature flick, and only one not a whole slew of sequels.

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0 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

By Ratcat - Your IMDb source for 3D playability

Author: ratcat0 from Australia
6 April 2015

3D works quite well to the point where you don't have to download any patches a la Helix or others. NVidia (sorry I don't do A.M.D)suggest you go to advanced video options and turn off "post special effects". Though 3D is great it isn't superb like some earlier games like Crysis 3 with full area 3D. Depending on the game not only is your hand piece - (that with which you kill enemies) at the front of the screen and quite pleasantly 3D to the point where it protrudes out from your monitor and hangs above your keyboard! but you can look out into the distance quite literally in full 3D!Like you are standing in a hallway and looking way down into it. OK that's enough for my attempt at 3D worthiness. Sadly you only get partial 3D depth as to distance perspective. Graphically the Devs have done well to present shiny textures and lots of fun via nude X rated CGI. AS to the story and re-playability well, This is definitely worth playing once only for the length of time waited since Duke version one. There are plenty of gags, tits, and puns but nothing to make the mature gamer want to come back for more.

Email me if you would like a game reviewed for its 3d worthiness -

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1 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Best Game Ever!!!

Author: scorzine from United States
28 December 2012

Why in the name of Jesus Christ does everybody hate this game?!? I love Duke Nukem Forever! I've played it and I have realized that it is not a bad game in any way! Hear me, it is not bad! It is the best and most underrated game for the PS3 that I have ever played! If you do not like the game, what is wrong with you?!? There are people under sixteen years who play this and can handle the content! I am one of them! If you hate games with massive amounts of adult content, I have one thing of advice for you: Do not play this game! How hard can that be?! Best game for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows = Duke Nukem Forever! Overall grade: 10/10 (A+)

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3 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

The King is back, but was it worth the wait?

Author: johnnymacbest from United States
4 July 2011

That is the question that's been on my mind ever since I bought the game from day 1.

After 12 years in development, and a record sum of money that was used in that development process(details of which remain unknown to this day) Duke Nukem Forever has seen the light of day. From the looks of it, it's a fun game to play and has the attitude and action that made Duke famous since his first 3D outing.

But sadly this is where the game reaches it's peak in awesomeness. While that game does offers some very nice and creative action-set pieces, they are too few and far between. In Duke Nukem 3D, it was straight-up balls-to-the-wall action that never skips a beat; even when pummeling pixel aliens and bosses. That with the exploration of secret rooms and levels with quips to popular culture made the game a classic and more enjoyable.. In DNF however, there's very little of that in the game. You never get the sense that the levels are grand in scope and clever sophistication. That is one of many of the problems that plague this game, which I will get into in more detail.

The first sign that this game isn't going to live up to the hype is it's infamous development cycle. As a direct sequel to DN3D, the game is undeniably average looking; both in it's content and overall design. Unlike the original game, where often the puzzles became more complex, intuitive, and creative; giving you the satisfaction of completing them, DNF's puzzle sections feel too simplistic and generic. It's a terrible waste because not only does the game suffer for it, but the player as well who likes a stiff challenge on a mental level. It's like the developers didn't have a clear sense on how to immerse players in the game like several other games of this caliber does and afterwords, the player is left with barely anything to chew on.

Another one of DNF's weaknesses is how cheap it looks. For all the time spent on development, DNF looks painfully average. I'm not talking just the visuals(which in some spots look really nice)but also some of the animation. Some of the animation is really impressive; especially the boss characters, but the character animation on the aliens and shockingly, humans, is robotic and stiff. It is simply inconceivable that a game such as DNF could be of this poor quality;even by today's standards where cutting edge game design and smooth game-play is the rule. Add to the fact that characters barely interact with the main protagonist, let alone in an entertaining and clever way, and you have characters that are equally lifeless as the game's atmosphere.

The most important aspect of any game's success is it's playability. DNF does not have this nailed down in any way. It takes forever(pardon the pun) to perform an action; particularly in interacting with the games environment. Why you have to press a button to open a door, flip a switch, pick up a weapon is beyond me. DN3D didn't have any of that so why was it not implemented in this latest release of the titular hero? Even the driving sections are generic. There's no real tension or sense of excitement when mowing down aliens with a monster truck. It would'v been more exciting if Duke was able to take a vehicle(be it land, sea, or air) in the game and use it against his enemies in much more creative ways. THAT is the biggest problem with DNF. There's too little ingenuity and creativity. Bulletstorm, Crysis, and to a greater extent, Halo, gave you the option of engaging your enemies in creative and exciting ways that were never before seen in gaming. In DNF where there are few moments of creativity here and there, it's too little and too late in immersing the player in the game's environment and as a result, the end experience leaves the player cold.

One thing that this game has right is the multi-player. All the modes are there from Capture the Flag, Dukematch, etc. There is a neat twist where(I kid you not) you slap a babe on the rear end. A tasteless treat for the raunchy side of things, but it does little to save what is at best an average game.

Honestly, this game was not worth the wait. There was simply no way the game could live up to the hype. 12 years of development and this is the end result? Instead of trying to build on such outdated game design, they should'v started over from scratch or at the very least, strive for innovation that some games have done in this day and age of gaming. For such an anticipated game that was decades behind in design, DNF disappoints on every level. I admit I enjoyed some parts of it but in the end I have no choice but to give my grade for this game and it's a C.

A shame. Such potential utterly wasted.

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