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Entertainment Weekly
Down to the Bone achieves what only the best independent films have: making life, at its most unvarnished, a journey.
The film is so pitch perfect and realistic, it seems you are there with these people, watching their lives unfold before you as it happens.
Down to the Bone emerges with an aura of authenticity so strong as to be mesmerizing, thanks to a superior script brought to life with infallibly natural performances.
Quietly devastating.
If there were an ounce of taste left in Hollywood, the magnificent Vera Farmiga would be a front-runner for the Best Actress Oscar.
A quietly harrowing chronicle of addiction and fragile recovery anchored by Vera Farmiga's intense performance.
New York Post
Writer-director Debra Granik has found a star, and wisely builds every scene around Farmiga's character.
The Hollywood Reporter
This is a performance without the histrionics and emotional outbursts that accompany most portrayals of addiction. This feels closer to the truth.
Strong performances from Vera Farmiga and Hugh Dillon keep things from becoming overdramatic.
New York Daily News
Farmiga is excellent as a woman who is like the mouse she feeds to her son's pet snake - trapped and about to be eaten alive by ordinary circumstance.

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