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Entertainment Weekly
Don't leave before the final frame -- if you're still breathing.
Miami Herald
Faster, leaner and more compact than the original. Dumber, too, but that's almost always the case with remakes.
This film plays out like one of those trigger-happy video games -- it's all cranial splatter. Word to the squeamish: Dawn of the Dead merits a very hard R rating. The depictions of violence are exceedingly graphic.
Film Threat
First time director Zack Snyder has done an amazing job of creating a sense of doom and dread while sprinkling it with some wicked humor and amazing music.
Charlotte Observer
The new Dawn of the Dead moves along with speed and slick visual style, but it's soulless and anonymous as -- well, a shopping mall.
Horror buffs will find plenty of split-second suspense and in-your-face carnage, while others will scramble for the exit as quickly as the characters race away from their apocalyptic foes.
A buzzed-up gloss on the original, it's entertaining -- if fundamentally shallow.
New York Post
It's mindless entertainment, so take it or leave it.
Despite a big budget, lots of technical flair and a good cast headed by Sarah Polley and Ving Rhames, it's mostly a bloody mess.
The eventual video game is bound to be a lot more fun -- and less slowed down by bad dialogue -- than this "Dead."

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