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Author: ImperatorHazel ( from US
31 October 2004

Cleavage n. (kleevij) 1. The act of splitting or cleaving. 2. The hollow between a woman's breasts, especially as revealed by a low neckline.

This is the only word which can accurately describe all that is Bloodrayne, from its excessive gore and blood to the amount of "money shots" given throughout the game. There is slicing and dicing as well as jiggling and giggling. This game epitomizes what a stereotypical heterosexual male wants: lots of guns, gore, grime and girls. Don't ask me why I picked it up, but I'm glad I did. Amid all the endless bloodshed, there's a plot to behold [though this is normally overlooked by most of the game's male players.]

Rayne is not your average vampire, no, no... She is a DHAMPIR; a melding of the best qualities of both vampire [bloodsuckage, ownage, and sexage] and human [resistance to sunlight, resistance to water, sexage] parents. She is charged by the BRIMSTONE SOCIETY [some people in awful black hoods, very unstylish] to stop some Nazi bastards from destroying the world by reawakening Beliar [who is, apparently, the original devil. Or something.] Sexy vampiress killing nazi bastards; what more could you want?

Gameplay is so-so, once you get over the "What is up with this controller?!" syndrome [also instilled by games such as Resident Evil.] The L and R buttons are mostly used, A of course, both joysticks [C and main], and B if you don't want to die anytime soon. They keypad and Y button are also used for special abilities, which I will explain later.

You can control the camera angles to a certain extent, it doesn't swing around to give you a better view of the chandelier or the candles or whatever. It's a straightforward, playable-character-in-the-center look-up-and-down layout. The screen has two tables in it, a picture of Rayne with a blood-colored health bar which you can refill by drinking the blood of the Nazis. If you kill enough people, the other table fills up and you can enact bloodrage, which, and I quote, "increases dismemberment." The keypad changes the view to a slow-mo, a close-up, and then a bluish screen which shows where your objective is and where the Nazi bastards are. The only one which is really helpful is the last one, and once in a while the first. Who snipes when you can just go up and chop their heads off?

The graphics are also mediocre. It's no Resident Evil or Super Smash Brother Melee [nor a Wind Waker, either,] but you can tell what things are. The blood is fairly realistic as well. Terminal Reality uses the technique of Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers: moderately crappy graphics most of the time, but with movie quality scenes in between. The bodies of the characters are fairly rounded, but the faces look like Ocarina of Time [i.e. very flat and expressionless.] But the costumes look good, so I'll overlook it.

Cheats. Let me tell you. Oh my god cheats. Cheats everywhere. They give you a list of cheats. Arrange the words in the correct order [such as dontfartonoscar and triassasindontdie] and you will be able to beat the game without watching how much blood Rayne shoots out of her body [and shoots out of other people's bodies.] There are also little messages the creators left for us players. Don't we feel special. Anyway, if you're a lying, scheming, bastard cheater who can't play this game for the life of them [such as myself,] these cheats are very well-known and readily available to use. I suggest the two I mentioned if you really want to blaze through the game with blades and bullets. Alliteration aside, the cheats are useful and funny.

The most awesome part of Bloodrayne is the fact that when you kill someone/thing, the corpse stays there. It's an incredibly helpful marker in the mazelike levels presented in the second and third parts. See blood on the walls? Turn around, you've been there before. Some Nazis running around? Must be a new room! Speaking of mazelike levels, there are parts where you just aimlessly wander around, completely confused and bewildered as to where the f*** to go next. After a few minutes of exasperation, you'll know where to go. Or you can cheat.

Overall, it's a good game to get. It plays into that whole Nazi mysticism [wtf?] which also dominates Hellboy. There's also very sexy Germans and one very sexy vampiress running around. Much cleavage, as well. Again, what more could you ask?

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Move over Max Payne! "BloodRayne" has arrived! A bloody good time!

Author: practiced_bravado from San Antonio, TX
16 August 2004

It's been out for quite sometime, but I just played it and was impressed. It's a highly-kinetic action/horror game where you take the role of Agent Rayne, a female version of Marvel Comics' Blade. In fact, she's also part Indiana Jones and part Trinity of "The Matrix" fame. As a member of a secret organization known as Brimstone, your job is rid the world of supernatural threats. In this installment, Rayne fights off the Nazis aquire power from ancient artifacts and slimy infectious creatures.

Like "Dead to Rights", "BloodRayne" gives the player a number of ways to dispatch their enemies with. You can use a number of firearms in Slo-Mo or go into "rage" mode with the arm-attatched blades. Either way, you'll cause a bloody mess with enemy limbs getting severed. Rayne also has a spear reminiscent of Scorpion's from "Mortal Kombat". She can make huge leaps and jump on her foes to suck the blood from them until they die.

The story is nothing to write home about, but it's fine for this type of game. I also like the boss fights and the way a screen appears everytime you kill a high-ranking Nazi officer. "BloodRayne" is a lengthy action title with very few shortcomings. I'm sure the sequel will address them and improve on everything this game has to offer. If you're an action/horror fan, you must try "BloodRayne", it's a very solid title indeed. Grade: B

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R U Scared...!

Author: Aditya ( from ATLANTA
27 February 2004

This is one hell of game. Firstly, please have at least a radeon 9200 or better card with 512 ram along with a 2.4 ghz or better processor. this game is very demanding.

Rayne is by far the collest video game character ever created. She is gorgeous, seductive and has an insatiable desire for blood.

You better play this if you liked blade or vampire-hunter D.

Pros : great graphics,average sound but fits well, great character, vision modes, harpooning victims and then sucking the life out of them, decent plot, good choice of attacks(hand to hand, harpooning, guns)

Cons : needs very high specs,too repetitive, rayne's powers are very stagnant(you cant do more than a few moves), needs more hand to hand fighting options like jedi knight games.

overall a must if you enjoy vampires and the like.

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A Bloody good game

Author: Terryfan from United States
28 May 2015

I remember when I first rented Bloodrayne from the video story mostly for the cover got my interest since I never played a game where you are a vampire.

Turns out this gamble was worth it as it made me a fan of Bloodrayne or Rayne as the main protagonist. Rayne is half human half vampire

Bloodrayne features of mix of action and third person shooter which should be fresh to any gamer.

It's just hard not to be impress with the idea of playing a video where you are a vampire it just makes for a good time as well as having special powers in the game

The plot of the game is only better and more understanding when you play the game

Graphics in the game are dark and the light effects give it a horror film which builds up the interest of playing this game the graphics makes you wonder what will happened next character models look good as well and the Cutscenes are very good as well as they help move the story along.

The Sound and the music helps makes the tension in the game that more powerful the sound effect crew did a good job with that skill. The Music can make your screen crawl at times

Voice acting is very good as well as the cast made their characters workable for the game Laura Bailey as Rayne was the right choice and she did a superb job as Rayne love her performance in the game as she helps makes Rayne a interesting and powerful character

The Controls do take a while to get a hold of but if you master them right then you are in for a wild game. The Game play is where the game did good but this will test your skills for video games

Overall if you are fans of characters like Vampire Hunter D or Blade then you will enjoy playing Bloodrayne with good graphics, creative game play and voice acting you will be in for a wild game that is on the Playstaiton 2, PC, GameCube and X-Box so do yourself a favor and pick up this game

I give Bloodrayne an 8 out of 10

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