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The Hollywood Reporter
Kevin Spacey, both as star and director, has created a hugely entertaining, highly empathetic portrait of a man for whom music was literally the thing that kept him alive.
It is also probably relevant that Spacey, in preparing the project, knew something we could not guess: He is a superb pop singer.
Doing his own singing (an uncanny imitation), Spacey is a marvel.
Chicago Tribune
The imagination, energy, chutzpah and sheer affection shown for Darin by director-writer-star Spacey, who plays the singer, are admirable, kicky. This is a movie, that, like Darin himself, takes a lot of chances and delivers on many of them.
Spacey's brazen casting isn't as beyond the pale as it ought to be. In fact, it's hard to imagine this strange and only occasionally successful movie without him.
Charlotte Observer
The real stars are the orchestrators and musicians who swaddled Spacey in a gorgeous blanket of sound.
Entertainment Weekly
Weirdly moving.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The film never gives you a real sense of what drove Darin on, fighting a heart ailment (from childhood rheumatic fever) and fighting an industry and press that wanted to pigeonhole him.
Spacey is almost as swinging as Darin was, but his filmmaking leans toward tried-and-true formulas.
New York Daily News
Clumsily merges fiction and reality, biography and musical fantasy, and breaks the fourth wall in a way that allows Spacey to lamely address his own miscasting.
Jaw-droppingly awful.

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