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Drake Bell and Josh Peck have stated that they would be interested in doing a Drake & Josh reunion
Dan Schneider took the couch from the living room set when the show ended and it is now in his living room.
Drake, Josh, and Nancy were all on The Amanda Show.
Much of the supporting character's would later make guest appearances on other shows created by series creator Dan Schneider. Examples include Craig and Eric making a small appearance in the iCarly episode "iStart a Fan War" and Helen made a special guest appearance in the Victorious episode "Helen Back Again".
Highest rated Nickelodeon Sitcom.
Drake & Megan's biological father & Josh's biological mother, have never had their names mentioned on the show.
Josh constantly mentions how he admires Oprah Winfrey in a multitude of episodes. In reality, Josh Peck is a fan of her in Josh Runs into Oprah Drake gets him Oprah tickets for his birthday only for Drake to accidentally run her over.
Drake's main guitar is a J.B.P. look-alike.
The scene where Drake and Josh are working at a sushi conveyor belt was inspired by the famous American show, I Love Lucy (1951). It was based on the episode where Lucy and Ethel are working at a chocolate conveyor belt. Also there is a brief clip of it on the Victorious episode "Who Did It To Trina"
Drake Bell and Josh Peck were good friends before the show even began. They met on The Amanda Show.
In the "Really Big Shrimp" movie, one of the movie titles shown playing at the Premiere Theater where Josh works is "Lil Lisa 22", a reference to Zoey 101 (2005)'s character Michael Barrett's nickname for his girlfriend.
In some exterior shots of the cinema Josh works at, there is a shot next door with the name "Schneider's Bakery", the name of Dan Schneider's production company.
At the end of the fourth season, at the Premiere, the outside sign is advertising a movie called Now She's Carly, referring to Miranda Cosgrove who goes from playing Megan to Carly in iCarly.
Jonathan Goldstein and Nancy Sullivan, both played a married couple and the parenting figures in Drake & Josh, are married in real life. They met before the show was even started.
The original pilot has never been found only screenshots and show a different father
Most songs viewers hear Drake singing can be purchased.
The highest rated episodes are "Who's Got Game?" and "Josh Is Done."
Walter's car throughout the series is a royal blue Ford Mustang convertible that seems to change to a newer model every season. In Season 1 it is a 2004 model but by Season 4 it switches to the newer 2007 body style.
Drake Bell, Josh Peck & Miranda Cosgrove appear in every episode
Drake Bell and Josh Peck were both on The Amanda Show and had such great chemistry that Dan Schneider gave them their own show.
Josh Peck is now on the show Grandfathered with John Stamos on Fox. Drake Bell guest starred and featured three references to 'Drake and Josh'. 1. Drake says Josh's character (Gerald) reminds him of his stepbrother. Upon asking about his stepbrother, Drake's character reveals he's in jail for stalking Oprah. 2. After an argument between Drake and Josh's characters, Josh demands Drake leave to which Drake responds, "Don't tell me what to do." 3. After coming to an agreement, Josh's character enthusiastically shouts, "Hug me, brutha!" to Drake and proceeds to hug him.
At the movie theater where Josh works at, there is a movie poster which displays a movie called, "TV the Movie." Coincidentally, there actually is a real life movie with the same name.
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Josh Peck is a famous viner
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