Drake & Josh (TV Series 2004–2007) Poster



[repeated line]

Josh Nichols: Headaches! You give me headaches!

Mr. Nichols: Sure Josh knows basketball, I taught him myself.

Mr. Nichols: [shows off with basketball]

Mr. Nichols: [throws ball at Drake] Think fast!

[ball misses and hits a lamp]

Drake Parker: Lamps don't think that fast.

Josh Nichols: [Josh is trying to study while Drake is playing a loud video game] Drake, the volume!

Drake Parker: Oh, right.

[Drake gets the remote and turns it louder]

[repeated line]

Drake ParkerJosh Nichols: Megan!

Drake Parker: Do I get to wear that purdy apron?

Megan Parker: Why is Josh screaming? Have the eggs hatched?

Josh Nichols: Mom and Dad are gonna kill us!

Drake Parker: No they won't... they are gonna kill you.

[repeated line]

Josh Nichols: Oh, jeez...

[repeated line]

Josh Nichols: And now I'm alone...

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