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2 Apr. 2005
Drake and Josh Inn
When their parents spend the weekend in a hotel, Drake and Josh are left in charge of Megan; their parents give them 200 dollars, to spend on food or emergencies. Drake immediately spends the wad of cash on useless items like a Mexican robot and packages of bubblegum. With no money left for food, Drake and Josh create a bed-and-breakfast in their home. At first, there's only a single couple staying there, but then when over fifty college kids show up with no place to stay, the house turns into a chaos zone. The situation worsens when the scenario is aired on ...
9 Apr. 2005
The Peruvian Puff Pepper
Drake and Josh compete in a Salsa-Making Contest where a new Plasma Screen TV is the grand prize.
16 Apr. 2005
We're Married
Josh's long time e-pal Yooka decides to visit from Yudonia, but when a Yudonian "
30 Apr. 2005
Mindy's Back
It's Science Fair time at Belleview High, and Josh is sure that this year, his is the project to beat.
21 May 2005
The Affair
When Drake and Josh mistakenly assume that Walter's suspicious behavior means that he is having an affair, they decide to take matters into their own hands, but ultimately end up cheating only themselves.
4 Jun. 2005
Playing the Field
Fueled by a love of the opposite sex and fear of commitment, Drake breaks up with his girlfriend only to realize that he may have made the wrong decision.
11 Jun. 2005
Helen's Surgery
When Josh's boss, Helen, goes through laser eye surgery, resulting in temporary blindness, she asks for Drake and Josh's help. After Drake sees Helen's ultra-cool apartment, complete with a hot tub, he throws a party without Josh knowing. Unfortunately for him, Helen's sight returns in the middle of the party and her reaction shocks both Drake and Josh.
1 Oct. 2005
Paging Doctor Drake
After a botched weightlifting routine, Josh injures his toe and is forced to the hospital.
8 Oct. 2005
Foam Finger
A six-year-old argument between Drake and Josh is suddenly rekindled when their conflicting accounts of a incident at a San Diego Padres game finds them each placing the blame on the other.
15 Oct. 2005
Girl Power
Drake's new girlfriend might be tougher than him. Josh trying to impress Mindy's parents might be even tougher.
22 Oct. 2005
Sheep Thrills
When Drake and Josh find out Megan have adopted a pet sheep, they want nothing to do with it.
25 Feb. 2005
The Demonator
Drake and Josh are desperate to ride the awesome new roller-coaster, the Demonator, at their favorite amusement park, Mystic Mountain. However, their parents, who are going out for the night, force the boys to stay home and watch over their great-grandfather, who's recovering from surgery. After their parents leave, Drake issues the help of their geeky friends, Craig and Eric, to watch over the grandfather, while Drake, Josh, and Megan (who they agree to take after she threatens to tattle on them) jet off to ride the Demonator. However, nothing goes according to plan;...

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