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7 Jan. 2007
The Storm
During a torrential storm, Drake and Josh are stuck inside their house with several eccentric guests, including all their ex-girlfriends.
14 Jan. 2007
My Dinner with Bobo
Drake & Josh are tired of fighting over the family car and want to buy their own, but they only have $1200. Walter (Jonathan Goldstein) offers to meet them halfway but Drake & Josh can't decide which car to buy. Later, Drake takes the money and buys the car dealer's mascot, an orangutan named Bobo, to potentially raise a lot more than $2400 in paid performances, which doesn't go over well at first. An eccentric doctor buys the animal from Drake & Josh for a large sum of money, and they are ecstatic until Megan finds out that the doctor may be up to no good.
21 Jan. 2007
Tree House
Drake and Josh accidentally burn down their neighbor's tree house. Â
11 Feb. 2007
Josh Is Done
Drake has taken advantage of Josh for the last time and Josh decides that he is done dealing with Drake.
18 Feb. 2007
Eric Punches Drake
After Bellview High nerd, Eric Blonnowitz accidentally punches Drake he finds a newfound world of fame, popularity and girls.
4 Mar. 2007
Megan's Revenge
Josh and Drake take a picture of Megan's beloved pet hamster, and, in reaction, the furry little creature drops dead. Afraid of what Megan might do to them when she discovers the truth, Drake and Josh are on pins and needles waiting for her to get her revenge.
11 Mar. 2007
Steered Straight
Drake and Josh parents' sign them up for a "Steered Straight" program, after getting in trouble for using fake ID's. But the problems start when they meet a real thief.
7 Apr. 2007
Megan's First Kiss
Drake and Josh figure out that Megan is dating a boy and spy on her and her "boyfriend", Corey, on their date to the movie theater. During the movie, Corey attempts to kiss Megan, but Drake and Josh intervene, resulting in Corey breaking up with Megan because he thinks she comes from a "freak family". Later, when Megan refuses to leave her bedroom, and their dad forces them to fix the situation, Drake and Josh invite Corey over and beg him to get back together with Megan. He agrees, that is, if Drake and Josh give him their alarm clock, Drake's guitar, and both boys' ...
15 Apr. 2007
Battle of Panthatar
Drake and Josh try unsuccessfully to get invited to the birthday party of the most popular boy in school.
3 Aug. 2007
The Really Big Shrimp: Part 1
It's the end of an era. After Josh ruins Drake's chances at having a hit song in the Superbowl, the boys must find a way to make things right.
22 Apr. 2007
Drake wins a free skydive off a helicopter and goes off to do it despite his parents saying no. Josh, being the good brother he is, tries to stop him, but ends up going along for the ride.
16 Sep. 2007
Dance Contest
Blessed with his unconventional dance moves, Josh decides to try out for the local dance contest.Â

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