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Season 2

14 Mar. 2004
The Bet
Drake and Josh make a bet to swear off junk food and Video Games. Megan makes both of them swear to dye their hair pink. When Drake and Josh's mom and dad discover them making a bet, they both make a bet as well. When things get really crazy, Drake and Josh can't hold onto their bet much longer and decide to break it!
21 Mar. 2004
Drake wins an autographed guitar signed by Devin Malone, lead singer/guitarist for Drake's favorite band, Zero Gravity. However, Josh accidentally blows it up with an faulty amplifier, so he buys another guitar that looks exactly like Drake's. After finding out Zero Gravity is playing in San Diego, Josh tracks down Malone at the concert arena and asks him to sign it, which he does. When Josh accidentally breaks Malone's hand by slamming it shut on the guitar case, the other band members begs Drake, who tracks down Josh at the arena, to fill in for Malone. After a ...
28 Mar. 2004
Movie Job
Josh inadvertently makes Crazy Steve, a somewhat unstable employee of The Premiere, quit his job. After witnessing it, Helen DuBois, the manager, hires Josh to replace him. Drake, tired of always running out of money for movie tickets, decides to get a job there, too. Helen, unfortunately, admires Drake's work quality rather than Josh. Josh decides to come up with a plan by putting gold balls on multiple buckets of popcorn and to whoever finds one, will win free movies for a month. Unfortunately, the plan goes haywire when everyone starting wrestling and punching ...
4 Apr. 2004
Drake, tired of being embarrassed by Josh every time he talks to a girl, wants him to try out an after-school activity. He becomes equipment manager for the school's football team, much to the disgust of Drake. When Josh offers to bake brownies for the team, Megan puts flower dirt inside the batter. The team's quarterback gets so sick from the brownies that Josh ends up taking his place for the upcoming game. Josh, worried that he will get mauled from the opposing team, wants to drop out. Drake has a different idea, they assign Zeke Braxton, the school's janitor who ...
18 Apr. 2004
Pool Shark
Drake takes advantage of Josh's billiard skills by hustling local kids and swindling them out of their money.
25 Apr. 2004
Smart Girl
In an attempt to woo a smart girl, Drake joins the school Academic Team. In order to keep his cover, he and Josh concoct a scheme whereby Drake receives the answers via walkie talkie.
2 May 2004
Little Diva
Drake makes it to the after party while Josh abuses the little diva.
12 Sep. 2004
Blues Brothers
Drake prepares for a talent show; Josh appeared on his dad's weather show and discovers that he has stage fright, which causes him to twitch on TV live. The forecast was unfortunately viewed by many in San Diego and Josh gets teased by viewers. At the talent show, a boy band steals the song Drake was originally going to perform with his band forcing them to improvise. To restore Josh's reputation, Drake offers to let Josh in his talent show audition and perform the song "Soul Man". Helen ran the Belleview Talent Show at the Premiere. Drake, along with a no longer ...
12 Sep. 2004
Driver's License
The boys' dad, Walter, is very excited that both of his sons are going to get driver's licenses. However, Drake fails the test, and doesn't get one. He doesn't tell Dad, and has Josh drive him everywhere. Later, when Drake wants to impress a girl, he tells her that he has a driver, by the name of "Chives." And unfortunately Chives turns out to be Josh. During the ride, Drake and Josh switch positions, so that Drake is driving. He gets pulled over by a cop, and, of course, has no license. He explains that Josh was driving most of the way, and ends up getting a ticket! ...
19 Sep. 2004
Number One Fan
A little girl from Josh's campfire kids troop gets an obsessive crush on Drake.
26 Sep. 2004
Mean Teacher
Drake has a girlfriend with a laughing problem. He really wants to break up with her so bad, but can't. The reason why is because she is the daughter of Drake's mean teacher who hates him and threatens him with summer school if he breaks up with her precious daughter. Drake must find a way to make his girlfriend break up with him. By trying to find a way, Drake has invited her to dinner and started to act like a total slob, but that didn't work out, until she broke up with him.
17 Oct. 2004
The Gary Grill
Drake and Josh buy Gary Coleman grills from two men named Buddy and Guy, but the grills happen to be illegal and Drake and Josh get arrested, the Megan gets Drake and Josh out of prison by tricking the two guys who gave Drake and Josh the grills and then Drake and Josh run in to Gary Coleman and trick him saying his money is in the prison cell, Gary goes to Drake and Josh's house and takes away everything they spent the money on except the vibrating chair.
24 Oct. 2004
Drew & Jerry
Josh befriends Drake's doppelganger, a classmate named Drew, and Drake becomes jealous, fearing that Josh is trying to replace him.
28 Nov. 2004
Honor Council
When Drake is falsely accused of playing a practical joke on one of his teachers and threatened with suspension, he and Josh plead their case before the Honor Council.

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