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3 Jan. 2003
Drie ezels
Crossing the Bodensee by ferry, the trio enters southwestern Germany in Baden Würtemberg. Aboard they met an employee of the surviving, modernized zeppelin museum and factory. Next the Hohner firm which produces traditional mouth organs, Blaute's thing. Then the family farm where Michiel, traveling to Greece as a youth, wrote a book and borrowed a tractor, still in working order, for the rest of that long journey.
10 Jan. 2003
Loeiend hard
The trio returns close to home, at Schengen, where Belgium's tiny neighbor Luxemburg, the host, meets Germany and France. Three burgomasters/mayors testify how akin the neighbors are in culinary and other matters, and how much the EU open borders group treaty signed there did to eliminate border troubles and smuggling. Then into Germany's 'forgotten treasure', the quiet Eifel region.
17 Jan. 2003
Pech onderweg
The trio leaves Germany over the Dutch border. O the way to Holland, they meet and admire a bikers unit of the 'maréchaussée' (national police). They also help out a punk motor-biker, who turns out to be a member of a gay club and introduces them to their Rotterdam club house. It is fully equipped for parties, sex games and fetishes, even BDSM, which are discussed and demonstrated. Blaute can't resist visiting the music-shop where John Lennon, still unknown, once pinched a mouth organ.
24 Jan. 2003
Taxi naar Admiral Grove
The trio makes a pilgrimage in honor of Blaute's rock heroes: the Beatles. That means a trip to their native port city, Liverpool. They meet a scooter club and visit various places which inspired the first mega pop band's greatest hits.
31 Jan. 2003
Onder het melkwoud
The trio's next biking routes are in Britain, starting on the Welsh coast. They're on pilgrimages to bucolic there places which inspired hard rock band Led Zeppelin's softer repertoire and Welsh irreverent poet Dylan Thomas. They also meet an eccentric veterinarian.
7 Feb. 2003
My kingdom for a bike
In this season finale, the trio completes its tour, despite Jean's motorbike being stolen, in southern England. First to the village where anonymously retired Lawrence of Arabia died in a motorbike accident. Next the Neolithic megaliths ring at Avesbury, bigger but much rougher the Stonehenge and barely preserved. The Stratford on Avon and Oxford, on the trail of the bard. Finally on the ship from Dover to family reunions in Ostend and first Michiel's 'gay outing'.

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