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  • ANTM Cycle 17 is Top Model All-stars. It featured girls who had been on the show before and failed to win the first time, essentially giving them all a 2nd chance.

    Tyra also said something about it's winner being the FIRST Top Model All Star, implying there may be more All Star cycles in the future.

  • Kritsta [C14] & Jaslene [C8] both with 4, however Krista had 4 consecutive, Whereas Jaslene had 2 consecutive & then another 2 single stand alone. In cycle 15, Ann has had the most first callouts, with a consecutive 5. However, Jourdan [C20] had 6 first callouts throughout the competition.

  • Eva Pigford, winner of Cycle 3, was the shortest winner to date at 5'6.5". The height requirement was brought in after she won. It was stated that she was too short to be a successful high fashion model. Although Cycle 13 was a cycle specializing in short girls. The winner Nicole is 5'7, thus leaving Eva as the shortest winner. She is also the shortest contestant to date, excluding the girls of Cycle 13.

  • The tallest winner to date is Ann Ward, winner of Cycle 15, who is 6'2". She is also the tallest ever contestant to date.

  • Taking on a part of the name Watergate*, a controversial political event of the 1970s, Saleishagate was dubbed as such after Saleisha Stowers, winner of ANTM Cyle 9, was discovered to have some advantages over fellow contestants.

    1. She attended Tyra's T-Zone camp for young women growing up, 2. She appeared in a national Wendy's commercial which was considered acting (though she had no lines, she still had to act out the scenario) 3. She modeled on Tyra's own talk show before becoming a contestant.

    These accusations stemmed from the breaking of ANTM regulations set by the producers (one of which is Tyra Banks) of past modeling experience and of course, Tyra's knowing her before the competition. Many believe Saleisha was handpicked to be the winner before C9 ever started. Of particular note, however, is the fact that the contestant application clearly says that, at the discretion of the producers, rules can be changed without notice.

    However most of the arguments about 'Saleishagate' focus on the fact that Saleisha, despite her past experience, was mediocre compared to many of the other contestants that cycle (namely Jenah, Heather, Lisa, Ebony and Victoria) and too commercial for high fashion modelling. Even Tyra Banks admitted this to Saleisha in the finale that "girls like Jenah stomped all over her."


  • Oh yes, there have been a fair share of injuries, including:

    Adrianne C1, got food poisoning..... Shandi, C2, passed out during a challenge.... Camille, C2, had an allergic reaction.... Rebecca, C4, passed out at panel due to a fainting disorder she had as a child..... Sara, C6, hurt her back during the Fairy Tales shoot (she had to continue being under the care of chiropractor afterwards)..... Danielle, C6, sprained her pinky toe during the judging challenge and had to be on crutches for awhile.... Danielle (C6) became dehydrated and went to the hospital.... Caridee, C7, got hypothermia during a photo shoot in pool with very cold water.... Cassandra, C8, got frostbite during the nude ice cream shoot.... Heather, C9, fainting spell.... Lauren, C10, cut finger with knife while chopping onions....

  • Yes.

    Cassandra (C5), Ebony (C9), Kimberly (C10), Ondrei (C16), Louise (C18), Alisha (C18), Maria (C19), and Virgg (C20) all left the competition on their own terms.


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