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New York Minute isn't High Art, but it is highly entertaining, especially if you're a member of its target audience.
The Hollywood Reporter
Cheerfully disconnected from the real world, bearing a great resemblance to screwball comedies of old.
It lives up to its title, flying by in fast motion. Even the first-wave MTV generation may find the pace exhausting, but this piece of fluff wasn't made for them.
As far as acting goes, neither Olsen is ready for Euripides' Medea, yet each projects well enough in their shared big scene.
New York Daily News
A bit of a slog for anyone not thoroughly Olsenized.
Chicago Tribune
The cinematic equivalent of Trix. It's just made to be enjoyed by certain folks more than others. Will girls like it? More than their parents.
The cast is cute and the action is colorful, but the comedy isn't as captivating as it sets out to be.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Plays like "Sixteen Candles" meets "Beetlejuice." Yet for all the film's frantic pace, this plot plods, even for 'tweens at whom this suburban-girls-take-Manhattan fantasy is obviously targeted.
Chicago Sun-Times
The events involving the big speaking competition are so labored that occasionally the twins seem to be looking back over their shoulders for the plot to catch up.
New York Post
In trying to straddle both the grown-up and kiddie worlds with this inappropriately sexualized effort - their first theatrical release since 1995's "It Takes Two" - the Olsens have lost their footing.
Entertainment Weekly
The movie may be more bogus than a Gucci bag for sale on a Fifth Avenue sidewalk, but at least the backgrounds are real.

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