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Chicago Tribune
A masterpiece of wry violence and stylized mayhem, The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi turns loose one of Japan's most brilliant film auteurs, Takeshi Kitano, on one of its most enduring pop legends.
Chicago Sun-Times
The kind of film I more and more find myself seeking out, a film that seems alive in the sense that it appears to have free will; if, in the middle of a revenge tragedy, it feels like adding a suite for hoes and percussion, it does.
If there's a larger theme in Zatoichi, it's that nobody is quite who he or she seems.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A boisterous and improbably entertaining action comedy.
It's a top-notch action film, albeit on the bloody side, complete with decisive action, mysterious characters and a nobility and sense of purpose that allows its excesses to be forgiven.
Entertainment Weekly
The movie, quite simply, goes to sleep whenever Zatoichi isn't fighting. When he is, it's a pulp dazzler.
Kitano is a riveting spectacle. So's the movie.
Hyper-violent yet emotionally powerful.
The Hollywood Reporter
Mixing all the liberal blood-letting with equal amounts of inspired comedy, Kitano puts a fresh face on the classic material without messing with its heart.
This incarnation is funny, quirky and clever, with some mesmerizing action sequences.
New York Daily News
The best part of Zatoichi is its fine sense of rhythm, culminating in a galvanizing clog-dance finish.

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