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  • Ten years ago, after being accused of a hideous murder of a mother and her twin daughters, Sean Veil became paranoid, filming himself along twenty-four hours a day to have an alibi if necessary. The small time psychologist Saul Seger became a famous forensic profiler and writer with the case and every now and then he accuses Sean Veil of the crime. The reporter Katie Carter believes in Sean's innocence. When the body of the missing Mary Shaw is found, Sean has to prove where he was five years ago. However, the tapes that can prove that he is not guilty have mysteriously disappeared from the storage shelf and Sean suspects that Saul has stolen them to incriminate him.

  • Sean Veil is an ultra paranoid murder suspect who takes to filming himself round the clock to provide an alibi, just in case he's ever accused of another crime. Problems arise however when the police do come calling and the one tape that can prove his innocence has mysteriously disappeared.

  • After being accused of a triple-murder, a man films his every moment of his to provide an alibi. Things takes a worst turn when a detective suspects him and the tapes goes missing which can prove his innocence.



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  • Sean Veil (Lee Evans) was accused of the murder of Susan Jasper (Andrea Grimason) and her two twin daughters, Moira and Maggie (Gabriella Henriette and Emily Anthony). The jury is dismissed because of the lack of proof, but forensics specialist Saul Seger (Ian McNeice) and Detective Louis Emeric (Sean McGinley) still think Sean's guilty.

    Ten years later, Sean is a paranoid man who lives imprisoned in his own home, a high-security bunker where he's constantly recorded by cameras. When he goes out of home, he carries a "self-camera", which consists of a camera held by a kind of strange harness attached to his own body with leathery straps.

    Sean goes to jail for the presentation of Saul's book. There, Katie Carter (Rachael Stirling), a ruthless journalist, blames Saul because he offers no new vision of the murder. Sean shouts that Saul has destroyed his life and makes such a racket that he's forced to leave. Outside, Katie convinces him of reviewing the reconstruction of the murder. She's interested in Sean's opinion. She insists and eventually Sean lets her in his home. At that moment, the police come in, accusing Sean of the murder of Mary Shaw (Rachel O'Riordan), a prostitute killed five years ago, whose corpse has just been found out. Detective Mountjoy (Colin Salmon) and the presently very-sick Emeric interrogate Veil.

    Veil offers to show them the tapes of the presumed date of Mary Shaw's killing, but they are not there. Veil runs away in panic. Later, he will go to Seger's, demanding the truth. Seger knew all the time that Veil was innocent, but he didn't say so because the case made him famous and rich. Seger rings the police alarm, and Veil runs away.

    On the police station, Veil shows tapes for the time of Mary's killings, but the police officers show them others: Veil said to Kathy Burton (Rachel O'Riordan as well), a woman who makes a pass at him at the cafeteria, that his name was Tom Prophet. The woman was filming him without his knowledge. They go to Veil's to have sex, but he blindfolds her. She looks, and freaks out when she sees Veil's terrifying home. She runs away, as it is shown by one of Veil's tapes. The police officers show Veil the corpse of Saul, blaming him as well. Veil doesn't confess. At that moment, the police have to let Veil go: he had hired a man (Andrew Wilson) to film him every time that he left his safe home, and his tapes and testimony put Veil at other place at Kathy-Mary's fatal hour.

    Katie helps Veil. She takes him to his home, where Serger is alive but tied down. It was all a trick so that Veil would confess. It starts to look like as though Sean coud not distinguish reality from his paranoic dreams.

    However, the journalist also has her own plans. She tells him that she was the daughter of the real murderer of Susan Jasper, her father Sam Jasper (Martin McSharry), who had committed the murder out of jealousy. Katie took her mother's single name. She won't be able to put up with being discriminated against if people know she's the daughter of such an infamous murdered. She says that Mary Shaw's murder was an accident, because of Katie's anger becase Mary couldn't produce a sample of Veil's semen to frame him of Katie's rape. Katie kills Seger. She is filming everything.

    Katie tries to make love to Sean to get that semen sample. However, Sean is unresponsive. There is a fight which we see through the recordings. Fade to black, and we see Sean, alone and desperately crying holding Seger's gun - the one which had killed Susan Jasper and her children. The police arrives.

    Sean shows him a computer webcam's film in which we see that Katie kills Seger, tries to obtain Sean's semen and then commits suicide. Mountjoy asks Sean what could happen to his alibi if the digital recording gets lost somehow (implying that he's going to lose it on purpose). Sean tells him that he's just e-mailed a copy of the recording to some journalist, so there is no way he can be framed.

    Veil is declared innocent in all accounts, altough he must give his testimony. However, he can't live in a relaxed way, as he keeps recording himself 24-hours a day to keep himself in a safe way.

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