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Brittany Belland is Facing Her Fear of Clowns in Clowntergeist’s Trailer, Stills and DVD Cover

  • ShockYa
While clowns are meant to bring happiness to their fans, they’ve instead been garnering negative attention in recent months for terrorizing innocent victims in towns across America. Actress Brittany Belland’s protagonist in the new horror film, ‘Clowntergeist,’ is learning that she must overcome her gripping fear of clowns if she wants to save her life. […]

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Exclusive: 'Ahs: Cult' Director Gwyneth Horder-Payton Explains Evan Peters' Most 'Outrageous' Episode 4 Scenes

Exclusive: 'Ahs: Cult' Director Gwyneth Horder-Payton Explains Evan Peters' Most 'Outrageous' Episode 4 Scenes
Warning: Spoilers ahead! Do not proceed if you haven't watched episode four of American Horror Story: Cult.

American Horror Story: Cult is shaping up to be one of the most intense seasons yet.

Just when viewers thought Evan Peters' character, Kai Anderson, couldn't possibly be more insane, episode four happened, showing just how far the cult leader will go to get others to believe in him and bring them to his side. Et spoke with Gwyneth Horder-Payton, who directed episodes three and four of the FX series' seventh installment, over the phone last week, where she gave us all the behind-the-scenes details on what it was like bringing the most gory, uncomfortable and extreme scenes from the script to life.

During episode four, Kai meets up with his new trainer, Harrison (Billy Eichner). When Kai discovers that Harrison is being bullied at work by his boss for being gay, he encourages
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The Teaser Trailer for It is Here to Reignite Your Fear of Clowns

  • Filmonic
A monster that looks like a clown is terrorizing the small town of Derry in this teaser trailer for It. After many years of development hell the supernatural horror is finally coming to the big screen. “In a small town of Derry, Maine, seven children come face to face with life problems, bullies and a monster that […]

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13 phobias on film for Friday the 13th

  • Cineplex
13 phobias on film for Friday the 13th13 phobias on film for Friday the 13thSasha James1/13/2017 9:05:00 Am

Did you know that “paraskavedekatriaphobia” is the fear of Friday the 13th?

Instead of the usual breakdown of the Friday the 13th movies that you’re probably used to, we decided to celebrate this Friday the 13th with a write-up of phobias and the movies that we most associate with them. Yes, we could have picked Arachnophobia for arachnophobia, but we tried to be at least a little bit more creative.

Check out our list below, and let us know if you can think up better movies to represent the below phobias.

Panphobia (Fear of Everything) – What About Bob?

You can’t talk about phobias without talking about Bob Wiley. In Frank Oz’s 90s classic What About Bob?, Bill Murray plays the multiphobic patient of Dr. Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss). He’s afraid of everything: buses,
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Horror Highlights: New Halloween Items from Horror Decor, Terrortory, Queer Ghost Hunters, The ID

  • DailyDead
Horror Decor's Halloween Line continues with Cuddle Creeps, garden flags, a Franken-candle, and more. Also in today's Horror Highlights: details on Terrortory and Queer Ghost Hunters, as well as Blu-ray release info for The Id.

Horror Decor's Second Wave of Halloween Items: From Horror Decor: “At Horror Decor, the place is overflowing with Halloween products over the last few weeks! From the Vintage Halloween Masks line and Rules of Halloween Candle Set, to the new Killer Pumpkin Ale Candle and Sleepy Hollow Garden Flag, the anticipation for All Hollows Eve is ramping up. Today, Horror Decor released Part 2 of their Halloween line.

First, they partnered up, once again, with Rondal Scott III from the Strange Kids Club to create another pair of Cuddle Creeps. These limited edition designs are only available during the Halloween season and will disappear on November 1st, so get your order in early.

Next, they introduced
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ITN Distribution, Inc Acquires North American Rights To Clowntown

  • Horror News
Here’s the skinny on what looks like a creepy new film for all of you who suffer from Coulrophobia (Fear Of Clowns) called Clowntown, and featuring makeup FX from Robert Kurtzman! It’s coming this September from the people at ITN Distribution. ITN Distribution, Inc. has acquired North American rights to the horror thriller Clowntown. Written …

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Clowns Are Not Fans Of "Freak Show"

  • Dark Horizons
One of the most talked about elements of FX's "American Horror Story: Freak Show" is the character of Twisty the Clown, a serial killer who imprisons children in a school bus and uses scissors to terrorise young couples.

Now 'Clowns of America International', the largest clown club in the United States, have expressed their unhappiness with the portrayal of their profession on the show. The group's president Glenn Kohlberger tells THR:

"Hollywood makes money sensationalizing the norm. They can take any situation no matter how good or pure and turn it into a nightmare. We do not support in any way, shape or form any medium that sensationalizes or adds to coulrophobia or 'clown fear'."

Fear of clowns is a growing trend amongst younger generations in the wake media portrayals of sinister clownish fictional characters ranging from Batman's The Joker to Stephen King's Pennywise from the "It" book and mini-series.
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Slash and Halloween Horror Nights to Play on Your Fear of Clowns

Slash is joining forces with Universal Studios Hollywood to compose an original score for the theme park's hypnotizing new 3D maze "Clowns 3D Music by Slash" at Halloween Horror Nights beginning on September 19th.

This marks the first time a musician has created an original maze score for the popular event. Other rockers have been involved in the past, but merely to help create or sign off on a maze.

Clowns 3D explores the psychological disorder known as Coulrophobia, a disturbing condition affecting those with an extreme and irrational fear of clowns.

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Kevin Kangas Opens His Garden of Hedon

Sex. It's our favorite 3-letter word, and we're sure that many of you echo that sentiment. Humping and horror movies go together hand-in-hand like a perfect marriage of sorts. And if you like both of 'em as much as we do, then you're gonna love Kevin Kangas' new flick... Garden of Hedon.

From the Press Release

Garden of Hedon, the noir-horror movie from the creator of Fear of Clowns and Hunting Humans, gets its Blu-ray release on February 17, 2014.

The movie starts with a classic mystery open: Owen wakes in a room with a dead body and no memory of how he got there. Where the movie differs is the supernatural element as he discovers there’s no way out of the mansion he finds himself in, and with no way to contact the police it’s up to Owen to find the killer… and the murderer’s only just begun.
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Doctor Gash's Tip of the Scalpel to Evil Clowns

Coulrophobia. Fear of clowns. Yeah, folks, it's real. We're not sure if it's a generational thing or a nature versus nurture thing, but the time of the clown as a happy-go-lucky bringer of good cheer has gone by the wayside.

These days you're more likely to see them blood-soaked and maniacal in your local Halloween store than making children laugh with their goofy antics. However, in our ongoing quest to understand human fear, we've researched and discovered that society (of course) is most likely to blame for giving these once beloved jesters a bad name.

And being a card-carrying coulrophobiac myself, it's with great pleasure (and trepidation) that I give you a look into the vilification of these poor souls in this Tip of the Scalpel to Evil Clowns.

We can hypothesize as to why so many people are now disturbed by clowns. However, let's look at what we do know for a fact.
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Exclusive Gruesome First Look at Kevin Kangas' Garden of Hedon

Know what one of the things we like most about indie films is? The filmmakers don't have to worry about their projects' rating and so can bloody things up to their hearts' content! Case in point: Kevin Kangas' (Fear of Clowns) new movie, The Garden of Hedon.

The film is already in the can, and Kangas and company are following a rather unique distribution plan... they're gonna put the whole thing up online for free! Head on over to the Kangas Khan Films Facebook page for more info!

The Garden of Hedon tells the tale of a detective trapped in a supernatural house where women are being murdered. It stars Richard Cutting (National Treasure 2), Danielle Lozeau (Legion, The Eye), John C. Bailey (The Men Who Built America), Beau Peregino (A Haunting), Paul Sieber (Ninjas Vs. Vampires), and Manuel Poblete (Game Change). The music score is by veteran composer Chad Seiter (“Fringe,
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Countdown - Top Six Killer Clown Movies

In Conor McMahon’s Stitches, acclaimed British comedian Ross Noble plays Stitches Grindle, a hard-drinking mess of a clown whose destructive ways catch up with him at young Tom’s birthday party – leading to his accidental, violent death.

Six years later, Stitches returns from the dead to take revenge on the brats who put him six feet under… turning the tables on them as only a clown can.

In honor of Stitches hitting Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday, April 2nd, we’ve decided to take a look back at cinema’s killer clowns through the years, and picked out a handful of our absolute favorites:

6) The Trio, Clownhouse (1989)

A trio of mental patients murder circus clowns, taking their guises to torment a young boy and his brothers (one played by a young Sam Rockwell) during a long night alone in their family home. A genuinely unsettling tale that delves deep
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The Good, the Bad and the Bloody: An Interview with 'Blood Rites' Director Dorothy Booraem

  • Planet Fury
Dorothy Booraem is a video production multi-hyphenate from Lincoln, Nebraska. In addition to creating several film and video shorts, she is also the writer and director of the Asian-influenced horror feature Wake the Witch (available on Netflix). As the COO of Unfiltered Entertainment, a privately owned production company, she has helped in fostering a creative community of artists who specialize in genre content. Her newest project, Blood Rites, is a well-shot, micro-budget horror feature that she co-wrote, produced and directed with the help of her dedicated team. In spite of our underwhelming review, Booraem generously gave her time (and refreshing sense of humor) to speak with Planet Fury about working with a low budget, her creative process and embracing negative criticism.

How did you get started making movies?

How did I get started making movies? Like this… I was working at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival in Boulder on the costume/prop crew.
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CarnieVille Wants to Stick a Very Scary Clown Directly Into Your Personal Space

In my humble opinion, all you really need for a successfully scary horror picture is a weird guy in clown make-up. Nevermind the ghosts, the ghouls, or the goblins — if you want to freak my freak, then have a creepy clown menace bunch of unsuspecting individuals for 90 minutes. Victor Mathieu’s upcoming horror flick “CarnieVille” seems to operate solely on this premise, and while the framework might be a little wonky, I’ll still check it out since I’m a sucker for clown-oriented genre fare. That’s the only reason I own “Fear of Clowns”. Yes, I’m that stupidly hardcore. Need a synopsis? We’ve got you covered: After having witnessed her neighbor murder his own wife in his clown outfit, Corey has been dealing with coulrophobia (fear of clowns) ever since she was a child. On Halloween night her boyfriend and his friends decide to help her
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Supernatural Preview: Dean Thinks Sam's Fear of Clowns is Hilarious

Supernatural Preview: Dean Thinks Sam's Fear of Clowns is Hilarious

Yesterday we posted a sneak peek for the upcoming February 10 episode of Supernatural (watch it here).  After the Amazons escaped town at the end of the last episode, the boys, unfortunately, have no other leads on the women.  While Dean checks in with Frank to prompt him to dig more on the leviathans, Sam spots a possible case for them.  As it turns out, several parents are being murdered in a small town.  What do the victims have in common?  Recently, all of their children were at Plucky Pennywhistle's pizza parlor.  While there, the kids were asked to draw a picture of their greatest fear, which later comes to life and kills their parents.  Expect all manner of monsters and even a murderous unicorn to pop up in the episode.

You may recall that we were introduced to a pretty
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Hollywood Unhinged – Will Ferrell and the Tears of Oscar

  • HeyUGuys
Feeling sorry for Will Ferrell and why Oscar prefers crying to a good belly laugh

I feel a little sorry for Will Ferrell.

No, it’s not the succession of box-office hits, the staggering star salary or the house in the Hollywood hills that’s probably quite spacious with a pretty decent-sized garage. Because let’s face it, that’s all quite nice. No, I feel sorry for Will Ferrell because he’s never going to win an Oscar, and I think that’s a crying shame.

What is it with the Academy and comedy? Did somebody have a bad genre experience as a kid and decide comedy should be overlooked every time the Oscar nominations roll around? Fear of clowns maybe…?

Ok, so this year’s better than most. But still, of this year’s more light-hearted Best Picture nominations, The Descendants kicks off with a woman in hospital with a life-threatening head injury,
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The Devil's Racecourse Puts You on the Run September 1st (VOD)

Phase 4 Films will release Rick Ganz's (Fear of Clowns) the Devil's Racecourse on video-on-demand September 1st. This is a backwoods thriller, which sees several college students confronting a government conspiracy. This title stars Ashley N. Anderson (Jack Falls), Lucas Beck (Wild Seven) and Jamieson Colburn. Pack your bags light as the trailer for the Devil's Racecourse will put you on the run from mysterious governmental officials and crazed fugitives. More details below.

A synopsis for the film is here:

"On an annual hiking trip, a group of college students find themselves caught in the middle of a government conspiracy. Now they are stalked by those determined to keep this secret from ever getting out" (Phase 4 Films).

Release Date: September 1st, 2011 (Video-on-demand).

Director: Rick Ganz.

Producers:: Jeff Colburn, Brian and Machiran.

Writer: Jeff Colburn.

Producers: Jeff Colburn, Rick Ganz, Brian Machiran, and Andrew Roth.

Cast: Ashley N. Anderson,
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Fear of Clowns Director Reveals Revealing Hotties in Garden of Hedon Stills

Writer/director Kevin Kangas ('Fear of Clowns', 'Fear of Clowns 2') has finished shooting on his new horror mystery pic 'Garden of Hedon' and to celebrate he has decided to reveal a batch of new behind-the-scenes snaps from the production, and reveal he has! The new group of pics show us a cluster of hotties set to blaze onto our screens. Even even Kangas himself has this to say...''The hot girl quotient is very high in this flick'. That's all I need to hear Kev. Richard Cutting, Danielle Lozeau, John C. Bailey, Beau Peregino, Andrew C. Ely, Tom Proctor, Lauren Lakis, Jesse Layne, Bob Haag and Manuel Poblete all star. you can check out just some of these hotties below....
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Trick ’R Treat w/Michael Dougherty in NYC and more screening news

  • Fangoria
It’s time for another update on horror-film screenings for the Halloween 2009 season and beyond; you can track back through our previous items starting here. The most exciting news is the addition of a very special show to the Scary Movies 3 series currently unspooling at New York City’s Lincoln Center: Trick ’R Treat with Michael Dougherty (pictured) in attendance!

The All Hallow’s anthology feature unspools at the Walter Reade Theater (165 West 65th Street, upper level) this Wednesday, October 21 at 8:30 p.m., followed by a Q&A with Dougherty. Trust us: You want to see this one on the big screen. Full details on Scary Movies 3 can be found here. In addition, adventurous genre fans will want to check out Juraj Herz’s The Cremator when it shows as part of Lincoln Center’s The Ironic Curtain: Czech Cinema series on Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 9 p.m. This black
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Clowns director has a bloody Bounty; exclusive pics

  • Fangoria
Kevin Kangas, writer and director of the Fear Of Clowns movies, got in touch with news and a couple of exclusive photos (see them below) from his latest feature, Bounty. The basic premise is simple, Kangas tells us: “What if Dog the Bounty Hunter was in a horror film?

“It’s about a team of seasoned bounty hunters on the trail of a man who appears to be a serial killer, but the truth is much worse,” he continues. “It’s a strange movie, and I’ve been pretty vague about it because I don’t want people going in knowing very much. But fans of horror who are also into Cops and Dog The Bounty Hunter—I’m one of them—will probably enjoy it. Like my other films, Bounty was shot entirely in Maryland, primarily in Glen Burnie and Baltimore, and it stars cage-fighter-turned-actor Tom Proctor, Neil Conway,
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