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Suburbia, 1967. Spring is in bloom! The birds are singing, flowers are popping up, and Susan Bradley is lost in the clouds. There's nothing groovy about Susan's world; parents, friends, and her fifth grade teacher are a drag. Why is Susan out of her head?Because, she's got a dreamy new boyfriend! And he's not the boy next door.....He's Mike Nesmith, of Susan's favorite TV group, The Monkees,and he's everything Susan wants him to be: funny, playful, charming, and sweet. But let's face it, rock stars don't date gawky 11-year-olds. Instead, Susan imagines a teenaged version of herself with long, red "Breck Girl" hair, a Twiggy figure, and stylish mod clothes.

Together, Teen Susan and Mike romp through the park, ride carousels, and eat ice-cream cones. Mike is always a perfect gentleman, and he loves Susan more than anyone else in the world.Susan's teacher, Miss Greenbaugh, thinks Susan daydreams too much. She wants to put a stop to Susan's errant behavior and get her back on the academic track. So unhip! Susan's parents decide she needs a break from The Monkees to catch up on her schoolwork. Without her daily dose of her favorite group, Susan has little to fuel her fantasies.

Ultimately, it isn't Miss Greenbaugh that bursts Susan's romantic bubble, but a very informative issue of "Teen Life" magazine that reveals the truth about Susan's new love.


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