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I wrote the music while Einstein was away in Hawaii

Author: Robert Emenegger from Fayetteville AR usa
31 October 2003

The film reflects Einsteins politics and slap stick sense of humor. Nixon asked to see it, It was also used as a fun raiser at the Canon Theater in Beverly Hills for the democratic party. The songs were much more controversial than Einstein wanted. But he was away and the mice did play.

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Nixon & Agnew as Laurel & Hardy in the White House

Author: slowburnbill from United States
24 November 2006

I first became aware of this movie back in 1971 when Rich Little plugged it on Dick Cavett's show. A clip showed 3 minutes worth of Nixon & Agnew doing Laurel & Hardy's dance steps from "Way Out West." Not only that, Rich Little as Nixon and Herb Voland as Agnew were dead-ringers. The uncanny part is the President and Vice-President spoke and even moved like Stan & Ollie. Sounds like a riot right? Well...if playing golf with Hitler, and getting duped into eating Alice B. Toklas brownies where they go into a "Blotto" laughing fit and hallucinate seeing white robed Ku Kluk Klan members playing hardball in slow motion, doesn't discount you, then this may be your movie of all time for political incorrectness. You won't find it in the credits but Steve Martin makes his feature film debut as a long haired hippie. Steve was writing for the Smothers Brothers back them. In short, the L&H stuff is fun. The padding, i.e. Secret Service (Bob Einsein) is painful. They'll never release this, but I hope they do.

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Enjoyable If You Disliked Nixon

Author: communicator-1 from United States
17 May 2006

I saw this film the first week it was released. I'm glad I did, because it was also the only week it was released! It opened and closed in Los Angeles within five days. Then, it disappeared forever.

It was silly, politically incorrect, and, for me, very enjoyable. I don't believe that Nixon, if he saw it, was amused. At 60 minutes, it moved right along, much like the Laurel and Hardy features it emulated. Rich Little did a perfect Nixon as Oliver Hardy impression, and if you are a Laurel and Hardy fan, you would probably get a kick out of it.

I would buy it, if it came out on DVD, but I have a feeling that it will never see the light of day again.

1/18/16 All these years later, I found the full film on youtube. Enjoy.

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I've wanted to see this for YEARS!

Author: Jay Pearlman from NYC
22 August 2004

I'm glad this film finally has been listed! I thought that it was locked away in a vault, unseen, and was lost forever.

The only thing I ever knew about this film was that, sometime around 1972, Rich Little appeared on the Tonight Show and told Johnny Carson a little bit about the making of the film. He also told how, as a gag, he, in full makeup, was in the back seat of a limo that pulled into a gas station for refueling. Mimicking Nixon's voice, Little then threw a mock temper tantrum much to the amazement of the gas station attendant.

I never, ever heard of Another Nice Mess having any release whatsoever. I remember, also, that I'd swear Little referred to the film's title as Another FINE Mess. Maybe there was a last-minute title change?

Anyway, I'm hoping for an eventual DVD release.

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I Can't Believe It's Finally Listed!

Author: brianfizzy from Burbank CA
18 October 2003

I thought I dreamed this movie! Growing up in North Hollywood I saw this "GEM" at the Lankershim Theater with my brothers (who confirmed that it existed). We thought it was hysterical as Rich Little imitates Oliver Hardy /Nixon and Herb Voland plays Stan Laurel /Spiro Agnew. Why? I don't know,but it was funny.They go golfing and Nixon swings back and hits Spiro in the crotch with his golf club (which at 8 years old is a big laugh)....maybe it's bad, but as a kid I thought it was the funniest film ever made. I ranked it right up there with George C. Scott in "Bank Shot" and Dick Van Dyke in "Cold Turkey"! when's the DVD release?

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See? I WASN'T Hallucinating!

Author: Garrett Michael Hayes from Smyrna, GA
15 September 2003

Ever have the feeling that you are the only one in the world who saw something? And everywhere you look to verify what you saw, there's nothing? So it was for years with "Another Nice Mess". If I didn't already have plenty of other reasons to doubt my own sanity, trying to find anything on this little film would have been a BIG reason. Rich Little and Herb Voland (probably best remebered today as General Clayton in the early run of M*A*S*H) do Nixon and Agnew as Laurel and Hardy. Need we say a lot more? Probably not. But give it a look if you ever run across it. This one truly belongs in the "What were they thinking" Hall of Fame.

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Now available on DVD

Author: sales-1285 from United Kingdom
25 July 2009

Ignore my's been 37 years since I saw the film in LA. I thought it was bladder-bursting funny at the time, and have finally tracked down and ordered the DVD. Even if it's awful, I'll still be happy to have it in my collection for both the slapstick humour and the historical value. Normal mail from the 'States takes about a week, so patience is required!

I remember rumours at the time that it was withdrawn from circulation by CREEP, but judging by the comments on this page and others, it was just a lack of audience. Shame, for I remember sitting in the cinema and laughing myself sick.

You can get it for $3.99+postage on EBay, or you can go direct to atlasdvds-dot-com/cad where it's a fiver.

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Not Just a Hallucination - This Funny Movie Exists!

Author: filmtunes-1 from United States
14 March 2007

One of the only times I've been in a theater laughing so hard as to almost loose bladder control. This film came and went in the blink of an eye and I've been trying to find it for 30 years. Saw in September of 1972 it at the Esquire Theater in Pasadena, CA, which no longer exists (theater not the town), and remember it as an incredibly politically incorrect (beforethe term was invented) farce that's main strength is its premise; Nixon and Agnew done as Oliver Hardy and Stanley Laurel. I remember the pace as frenetic and this film really is a one trick pony, but it does that trick very well. Silly, sophomoric, crude and just plain funny. There was a rumor going around that this film got buried by CREEP (Committee To Re-elect the President) as party of their dirty tricks being waged prior to the 1972 elections; guess we'll have to check Nion's tapes to be sure! If this ever comes out on DVD it's worth getting as an historical oddity if nothing else.

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Don't Miss This.

Author: hummerhmmm from United States
20 November 2006

I was one of the 10 people who saw this film when it was first released. It is an awesome film. I wish I could find it on DVD. I agree with the previous posting. For years I've been periodically searching for this movie, almost coming to the conclusion that I must have imagined it. It was paired with another short that I wish I could remember the name of. It was about a grocery store at night - kinda like Car Wash, only at a grocery store. I don't remember who was in that, but I do remember enjoying it almost as much as Another Nice Mess. I did see the grocery store one once on late night, but missed the credits and opening. Oh well. Another Nice Mess was timely and poignant in poking at the Nixon administration, while being extremely funny.

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Wow @ last I can sleep (almost) I just need a copy of this film!

Author: Steelrane = Steelers from United States
4 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have been searching for this film forever. I thought it was called "Another Fine Mess" I really REALLY need to see this film again! There has to be somebody who has a copy PLEASE PLEASE share it with the rest of us! It's not listed on Rich Little's site or anywhere else. I saw the film twice and it was the first really funny film I had ever seen, I laughed so hard I couldn't see. Only "Blazing Saddles" has a better farting scene and I kind of remember the laced cookies. I would love just to get a copy of the script anything that would help me remember more from the film. Has anyone tried to email the writers or director to see if they have a copy? If anyone has any other ideas on how to get a copy I will help!!!

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