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I wrote the music while Einstein was away in Hawaii
emenegger31 October 2003
The film reflects Einsteins politics and slap stick sense of humor. Nixon asked to see it, It was also used as a fun raiser at the Canon Theater in Beverly Hills for the democratic party. The songs were much more controversial than Einstein wanted. But he was away and the mice did play.
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I Can't Believe It's Finally Listed!
brianfizzy18 October 2003
I thought I dreamed this movie! Growing up in North Hollywood I saw this "GEM" at the Lankershim Theater with my brothers (who confirmed that it existed). We thought it was hysterical as Rich Little imitates Oliver Hardy /Nixon and Herb Voland plays Stan Laurel /Spiro Agnew. Why? I don't know,but it was funny.They go golfing and Nixon swings back and hits Spiro in the crotch with his golf club (which at 8 years old is a big laugh)....maybe it's bad, but as a kid I thought it was the funniest film ever made. I ranked it right up there with George C. Scott in "Bank Shot" and Dick Van Dyke in "Cold Turkey"! when's the DVD release?
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Nixon & Agnew as Laurel & Hardy in the White House
slowburnbill24 November 2006
I first became aware of this movie back in 1971 when Rich Little plugged it on Dick Cavett's show. A clip showed 3 minutes worth of Nixon & Agnew doing Laurel & Hardy's dance steps from "Way Out West." Not only that, Rich Little as Nixon and Herb Voland as Agnew were dead-ringers. The uncanny part is the President and Vice-President spoke and even moved like Stan & Ollie. Sounds like a riot right? Well...if playing golf with Hitler, and getting duped into eating Alice B. Toklas brownies where they go into a "Blotto" laughing fit and hallucinate seeing white robed Ku Kluk Klan members playing hardball in slow motion, doesn't discount you, then this may be your movie of all time for political incorrectness. You won't find it in the credits but Steve Martin makes his feature film debut as a long haired hippie. Steve was writing for the Smothers Brothers back them. In short, the L&H stuff is fun. The padding, i.e. Secret Service (Bob Einsein) is painful. They'll never release this, but I hope they do.
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Enjoyable If You Disliked Nixon
communicator-117 May 2006
I saw this film the first week it was released. I'm glad I did, because it was also the only week it was released! It opened and closed in Los Angeles within five days. Then, it disappeared forever.

It was silly, politically incorrect, and, for me, very enjoyable. I don't believe that Nixon, if he saw it, was amused. At 60 minutes, it moved right along, much like the Laurel and Hardy features it emulated. Rich Little did a perfect Nixon as Oliver Hardy impression, and if you are a Laurel and Hardy fan, you would probably get a kick out of it.

I would buy it, if it came out on DVD, but I have a feeling that it will never see the light of day again.

1/18/16 All these years later, I found the full film on youtube. Enjoy.
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I've wanted to see this for YEARS!
Jay Pearlman22 August 2004
I'm glad this film finally has been listed! I thought that it was locked away in a vault, unseen, and was lost forever.

The only thing I ever knew about this film was that, sometime around 1972, Rich Little appeared on the Tonight Show and told Johnny Carson a little bit about the making of the film. He also told how, as a gag, he, in full makeup, was in the back seat of a limo that pulled into a gas station for refueling. Mimicking Nixon's voice, Little then threw a mock temper tantrum much to the amazement of the gas station attendant.

I never, ever heard of Another Nice Mess having any release whatsoever. I remember, also, that I'd swear Little referred to the film's title as Another FINE Mess. Maybe there was a last-minute title change?

Anyway, I'm hoping for an eventual DVD release.
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See? I WASN'T Hallucinating!
Garrett Michael Hayes15 September 2003
Ever have the feeling that you are the only one in the world who saw something? And everywhere you look to verify what you saw, there's nothing? So it was for years with "Another Nice Mess". If I didn't already have plenty of other reasons to doubt my own sanity, trying to find anything on this little film would have been a BIG reason. Rich Little and Herb Voland (probably best remebered today as General Clayton in the early run of M*A*S*H) do Nixon and Agnew as Laurel and Hardy. Need we say a lot more? Probably not. But give it a look if you ever run across it. This one truly belongs in the "What were they thinking" Hall of Fame.
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Another Fine Mess
gldrush-13 November 2008
I am absolutely delighted to find the movie, "Another Fine Mess" listed. Like some of the others who have commented, I almost felt I was delusional because nobody else ever heard of the movie. We saw it around 1972 or 1973 in a small movie theater in a very small town, and never heard of it again. Our family talked about it for years. It was hilarious. Has it ever been on tape or DVD? (I'm 82 years old so I often get my DVD's and other newer terms wrong, but I mean a disc.) Thanks for a pleasant time reading the other comments. At my age, I often forget things, but my long-term memory is great, and this is one of my favorite memories.
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I knew this movie existed!
cortezjagger15 August 2005
When i was a young "tween" back in the early 70's i remember seeing this movie on the marquee and seeing the poster for it at a local movie theatre... one of my friends who had just turned 13 told me he had gotten in to see it and was raving about the "fart" scene that took place in the limo... A few years ago i was trying to tell someone about this movie and got a really blank stare from them... Now I find it did exist! I would be one of those people who would love to see this thing resurface either on DVD or a cable network... I'm sure it's no worse than other "Golden Turkey Award" winning films that have resurface over the years... Maybe producer Tommy Smothers can get together with Jerry Lewis and screen this with "The Day The Clown Cried"...
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Another Nice Mess on DVD
daveh73-12 November 2008
I know this wasn't a really great movie, but I saw it when it came out. I was a college student in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and since I am a bit of a political junkie, I have kept an eye out for it ever since. Maybe it had something to do with being raised in a Republican family, but as soon as I got to school, I shifted far to the left. I didn't like Nixon or Agnew.

Over the years, I asked several rare film web sites to search for it. I even contacted some of the people who helped make this movie, but I had no luck.

....that is until the last couple of days. I found it yesterday on ebay. I guess that since the copyright expired, it is now public domain.
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Now available on DVD
sales-128525 July 2009
Ignore my's been 37 years since I saw the film in LA. I thought it was bladder-bursting funny at the time, and have finally tracked down and ordered the DVD. Even if it's awful, I'll still be happy to have it in my collection for both the slapstick humour and the historical value. Normal mail from the 'States takes about a week, so patience is required!

I remember rumours at the time that it was withdrawn from circulation by CREEP, but judging by the comments on this page and others, it was just a lack of audience. Shame, for I remember sitting in the cinema and laughing myself sick.

You can get it for $3.99+postage on EBay, or you can go direct to atlasdvds-dot-com/cad where it's a fiver.
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Not Just a Hallucination - This Funny Movie Exists!
filmtunes-114 March 2007
One of the only times I've been in a theater laughing so hard as to almost loose bladder control. This film came and went in the blink of an eye and I've been trying to find it for 30 years. Saw in September of 1972 it at the Esquire Theater in Pasadena, CA, which no longer exists (theater not the town), and remember it as an incredibly politically incorrect (beforethe term was invented) farce that's main strength is its premise; Nixon and Agnew done as Oliver Hardy and Stanley Laurel. I remember the pace as frenetic and this film really is a one trick pony, but it does that trick very well. Silly, sophomoric, crude and just plain funny. There was a rumor going around that this film got buried by CREEP (Committee To Re-elect the President) as party of their dirty tricks being waged prior to the 1972 elections; guess we'll have to check Nion's tapes to be sure! If this ever comes out on DVD it's worth getting as an historical oddity if nothing else.
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Don't Miss This.
hummerhmmm20 November 2006
I was one of the 10 people who saw this film when it was first released. It is an awesome film. I wish I could find it on DVD. I agree with the previous posting. For years I've been periodically searching for this movie, almost coming to the conclusion that I must have imagined it. It was paired with another short that I wish I could remember the name of. It was about a grocery store at night - kinda like Car Wash, only at a grocery store. I don't remember who was in that, but I do remember enjoying it almost as much as Another Nice Mess. I did see the grocery store one once on late night, but missed the credits and opening. Oh well. Another Nice Mess was timely and poignant in poking at the Nixon administration, while being extremely funny.
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Wow @ last I can sleep (almost) I just need a copy of this film!
Warning: Spoilers
I have been searching for this film forever. I thought it was called "Another Fine Mess" I really REALLY need to see this film again! There has to be somebody who has a copy PLEASE PLEASE share it with the rest of us! It's not listed on Rich Little's site or anywhere else. I saw the film twice and it was the first really funny film I had ever seen, I laughed so hard I couldn't see. Only "Blazing Saddles" has a better farting scene and I kind of remember the laced cookies. I would love just to get a copy of the script anything that would help me remember more from the film. Has anyone tried to email the writers or director to see if they have a copy? If anyone has any other ideas on how to get a copy I will help!!!
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I was there too!
Eekamaus5 March 2006
At 14 I was a big fan of Rich Little (and Nixon, I'm ashamed to say), and badgered my mom in to taking me to see this at the Americana 5 in Panorama City, CA. If she knew something was up when we turned out to be nearly alone in the theater, she never let on. I'm sure she regretted it, but I remember enjoying it a lot. I don't remember a lot about the film, but I do recall that several times during the film they'd flash to Rich Little doing Nixon as Nixon (with a very good make-up job) watching the film in a screening room, and making comments. I don't know what made me think of this film today, but I'm happy to see that others remember this film, fondly or not...
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askemp5 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I was a senior in high school and an avid Smothers Brothers fan when this came out. Like everyone else, I was beginning to wonder if I had seen this movie in a dream... it's amazing how it vanished from the face of the earth so quickly.

It's been 33 years since I saw this flick, so much of it has faded from memory... but a few vivid memories last... like a photo on the cover of the Washington Post(?) of the Vice President of the United States flipping a bird to the world.. seems even more relevant today! I wish I could get a copy of this flick and some of the other great Nixon send ups... like Pat Paulson's cleanup in the Smothers Brother's Sword in the Stone skit.

Now I'm off to order a copy of Nasty Habits from the amazon dot place.
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very funny movie
kenpoman_mv11 February 2005
Like the other person, its been one of those films you know you saw but no one else did. Search web sites even this one years ago and it was never listed. Had to write in to tell some one it needed to be added. Even saw rich being interviewed on a talk show about it. He was asked what Nixon thought about it? Rich said that Nixon had a great sense of humor. Love the part of Nixon showing the peace sign. The way they brought the real L&H into the plot was great. Oh and don't forget the part of the laced cookies and war protesters. Don't know why this is not available. Would love to own a copy of it.
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I Know I Wasn't Hallucinating...
poodyglitz11 November 2003
..I just got the title wrong. Since it was based on Laurel & Hardy, I thought it was called "Another Fine Mess". For years, I've been trying to track this film down. Now I'm not alone in my memory of this movie. I was a teenager when it came out.

NIXON: "Tit for a tat."

AGNEW: "...And a sh*t to that."

Thanks, IMDB!
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Good movie, people think too poorly of it
nsequeira-502883 February 2018
This is a comedic gem- and it's free on YouTube, which is an added plus- I like smaller films, not big budget ones, little movies that were lost a long time ago. We're suffering from a shortage of good small budget movies these days. This is a GOOD small budget movie. Damn good for a small budget. I'd never watch every episode of the Smothers Brothers comedy hour- but I sat through this thing with absolutely no lack of attention. I was always waiting for what came next. This film is good. Every minute of it is thoroughly enjoyable. Only an hour, though- half the length of a normal movie.

People only watch this movie to see the debut of Steve Martin. I think that's a shame, because people should try to enjoy it not as the first ever Steve Martin role, but as a movie unto itself. It's a good movie. It captures the spirit of seventies comedy- and the deep resentment which the populace had toward that rat of a president. Here, we see the beginning of political satire- the world could not make fun of Trump today if anti-cultural hi jinks like this hadn't been made. It should be released on DVD- people should see this. It's incredible.

Steve Martin should not be the reason you watch this- of course, I saw it just for him- but after watching it, I realized what a fool I had been. He's only in there for five seconds- he only gets one line- and you can barely even see his face. Why watch this movie just to see Steve Martin? The other comedians in this movie are just as funny- they do a great job. Everything about this film is top notch. If you watch it, and consider it a Steve Martin film, and you see Steve Martin as being a main character- then it's a colossal disappointment- but, if you watch it as just a comedy, Steve Martin or no Steve Martin- then it's great. It's a pip.

You might expect this thing to have biting political satire, tons of references to little things, little details about Nixon and Agnew- you might expect hard biting intellectual satire, or highbrow humor. It doesn't have anything intellectual about it- the humor is stupid and dumb- but it's not supposed to have sharp humor. It's not supposed to be cutting edge. It's just a goofy thing. It's based on Laurel and Hardy- that's your first clue that it's not going to be cutting edge- it's a slapstick film, and it's not meant to be anything but that. Nixon gets poked in the eye, Spiro gets conked on the button with a brick- followed by the Don Martin-esque sound effect- this is not for snobs. This is for people who like slapstick. Simple, low class humor which can be understood by even a dullard. This is by no means cutting edge- it's a wacky trip through insanity. But you can see why it was made- the seventies were hard times, and comedy was needed, and there were two clowns in the white house, with lots of similarity to clowns- so the Smothers decided to make the obvious connection to Laurel and Hardy. It's as simple as that. And if you don't get it, then you don't have a grasp of what slapstick is.

The pairing of these two- Spiro and Nixon- has incredible charisma, and it's inherent from the very beginning, when Nixon slaps his hand on the book, that it's going to be a very fun buddy comedy. And it lived up to its expectations. Everything about it is top notch. I even began to like Nixon for a moment. And that's hard to do.

This film is criticized too much- and the Smothers Brothers are jerks to recant their own creation- it was amazing. The conflict was resolved easily- there was almost no conflict at all- and that's nice to see- a simple film with no real conflict. The conflict is resolved just by dropping a bomb into a mailbox. Overall, this film- a gem- reminds us that presidents have lives too, and that they're only human, and they get pies in their faces and bricks thrown at their heads just like we do. Go watch it- you'll be glad you did.
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Another Nice Mess is a mostly pretty funny take on Nixon and Agnew as Laurel & Hardy
tavm19 January 2017
After years of knowing this was on YouTube, I finally watched this on the eve of Inauguration Day. Rich Little and Herb Voland play President Richard Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew as Laurel & Hardy, respectively. Little also plays the president as himself as he's watching and commenting on the action. There are also vintage L & H clips which sometimes have them doing stuff that affect the characters in the film. Oh, also here Adolf Hitler is alive and the uncle of the lovely secretary serving under those two. I should note that Bruce Kirby plays Adolf and that Steve Martin-in his film debut-appears as a hippie. Also appearing was Bob Einstein as one of the secret service men who are always dressed as plants to disguise themselves. Einstein is the writer/director of this with Tom Smothers being one of the producers. I'll just say while much of this is funny because of how ridiculous much of the action is presented, it does run out of steam by the end. Still, anyone curious enough about this should check it out on YT...
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The most obscure movie ever made
rghunt5712 July 2003
I'm amazed that this film finally showed up on IMDB. For year's I've called it the most obscure movie ever made, since not a single reference source - Maltin, Variety, Screen World - has ever listed it, despite the presence of familiar names like Smothers, Little and Einstein in the credits. Made during the brief spurt of anti-Nixon movies in the early 70s, it's a one-joke movie, and not a very good one. The premise is that Nixon and Agnew have the vocal patterns and mannerisms of Laurel and Hardy. The result is an all-too familiar collection of imitation L & H gags with hardly anything that could pass as political satire...
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Truly one of the worst films ever made
Barbara16 August 2006
I have nightmares about this film! For years I thought I had made it up because I could not locate information about it anywhere. If you look up Rich Little's official website and his filmography, he will not admit to making this film. Little plays Richard Nixon as if he were Oliver Hardy and Herb Voland plays Spiro Agnew as if he were Stan Laurel. Sounds like a kick? It isn't. It is truly, truly awful. I have been a film buff since I paid $.25 to get into the Ritz theater as a little girl. I believe this may be the only movie in my life that I walked out on. And, I was a very politically aware teenager in the 70's, very anti-Nixon and his administration. I still found no redeeming value in this "spoof". No one should be forced to sit through this film and I am pleased to see that it has never made it to video or DVD.
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