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13 Jan. 2004
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27 Jan. 2004
Used Ta Be My Girl
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10 Feb. 2004
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24 Feb. 2004
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Dirk's estranged brother reveals he has a sex-change operation. Meanwhile, Robert's mother collapses during a visit.
2 Mar. 2004
A Family Affair
When Robert turns down his sister's Carmen's "get-rich-quick" scheme, she pleads her case to Tia, who decides to help her, but accidently gives Carmen money that was intended for Bobby Jr., so when Neesee's child support check bounces, a furious Neesee lets everyone know about it Meanwhile, Dirk and Jonelle try start a romance.
30 Mar. 2004
Wedding Dance
Although Tia wants to have their wedding on the beach or on a mountaintop, Robert is convinced that she really wants an expensive shindig. So, to make money extra money to pay for it, he appears in a TV commercial for a car dealership. Maybe, Bobby gives a girl he likes Neesee's old engagement ring.
4 May 2004
Thirty Candles
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11 May 2004
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18 May 2004
It Takes Three to Tango
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21 Sep. 2004
Reunited and It Doesn't Feel That Good
Tia tries to explain why she needs some space, Robert successfully seduces her, thinking their problems are solved only to be disappointed the next morning when Tia tells him nothing has changed. But when Neesee attempts to get Robert and Tia back together, her plan backfires, not realizing that she is the reason for their separation. Later, when Jonelle decides to take Tia out to take her mind off of the separation, Robert shows up at the club and begs Tia to reconsider, only to find her being hit on by an annoying guy named Hale.
28 Sep. 2004
Return of the Mack
Coping with heartache means moping for Robert - until he sees his son copying this depressing behavior. Meanwhile, a fireman takes an interest in Tia after a classroom visit.
5 Oct. 2004
The Kiss Off
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12 Oct. 2004
In Through the Out Door
When Neesee nurses ailing Robert and Bobby Jr. back to health, Robert gets to see a more caring and nurturing side of his ex-wife, which brings back all of the old feelings he had when he first fell in love with her. Later, when Tia sees an ugly side to her new boyfriend Rick, she realizes she is still in love with Robert and wants to reconcile, only to find out that Robert now needs space.
19 Oct. 2004
Why Do Fools Fall Back in Love?
When Robert and Neesee decide to have dinner to discuss the romantic spark between them, their initial flirtatious behavior turns catty as old habits begin to surface, reminding them why they got divorced in the first place. Meanwhile, Jonelle is making Dirk crazy with all of the wedding plans.
26 Oct. 2004
Let's Stay Together
After finally reconciling with Robert, Tia is floored when a guilt-ridden Robert confesses that he almost shared a kiss with Neesee, leaving Tia irritated, so when Robert tries to be all lovey-dovey with her, she resists and they find themselves working out their issues at Dirk and Jonelle's wedding. Later, Neesee sees a therapist to work out her issues with men and discovers that her non-existent relationship with her father may be the root of her problems.
9 Nov. 2004
Basket Cases
Robert, Tia and Neesee are outraged to find out that Bobby is lost in the basketball stadium after when Robert broke Bobby's promise about taking him to a basketball game and spending some time with him, which then causes Robert, Tia and Neesee to have a serious argument.
23 Nov. 2004
Parents Just Don't Understand
When Tia's dad Lucas joins the family for Thanksgiving dinner, he is immediately taken by Neesee's mom Kate and spends the entire meal flirting with her, while she wants nothing to do with him. Later, after Bobby ignores his parents' orders twice, they decide they must punish him with his first spanking - but neither of them can follow through.
30 Nov. 2004
The Return of Mars Blackmon
As Bobby's basketball coach, Robert must turn the other cheek during a game on a boisterous heckling father in order to teach his son a lesson. Meanwhile, Jonelle gets mad when Dirk wants to buy an expensive plasma TV without consulting her.
14 Dec. 2004
Home for Christmas?
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