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New Tricks never gets old
Parker Lewis27 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I only started watching New Tricks last year and thanks to syndication I've become a huge fan! Amanda Redman I remember from At Home with the Braithwaites and she leads a top notch cast in New Tricks. I think the main formula of this series is the chemistry between Amanda, Dennis, James and Alun. Also Anthony Calf as DAC Strickland is superb and whilst he wasn't in the main cast, his role was in many ways the anchor of the series and he was a reassuring presence over the 11 series he appeared in.

I think New Tricks should have had a 13th season to allow the chemistry to develop in the new Team. Maybe there can be a spin-off series featuring Brian and Esther, or one with Gerry in the USA or even one with Strickland following his promotion.
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Worth watching over and over again
blake-3639819 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
We consider this one of our all-time favorites, a top-rated series. The main cast – Dennis Waterman, Alan Armstrong, James Bolam, Amanda Redman and Susan Jameson were so much fun to watch. The initial investigations got to take a backseat to the interaction of the characters. The banter among them had us cracking up. I especially remember Alan Armstrong on his bike chasing a girl and riding the bike down some steps. The landing was hilarious. We were disappointed when the original cast started to leave. Things are never the same with different characters. In all fairness, I don't believe that they developed Denis Lawson or Nicholas Lyndhurst characters the way that they should have. They were not able to bring the same light-heartiness to the series and it faltered. It seemed that perhaps the writers/producers were getting away from this. I got the impression that especially Denis Lawson was at a loss as to what to do with his character. He might not have the capability of bringing off humor. I feel that Nicholas Lyndhurst was too much of a serious actor to make an attempt at humor. Besides these things, as with all series, the stories were getting a bit weak. It would have been interesting to see if the original cast could have brought those weak scripts to life. But all in all it is a series that we highly recommend.
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loving it
blanche-219 February 2016
Started watching this on Netflix and I absolutely love it. The cast is fantastic: Amanda Redman, Dennis Waterman, Alun Armstrong, and James Bolam are terrific as a cold case investigation team made up of three ex-detectives, all with unique talents, headed up by Redman.

I love the back and forth dialogue among the ensemble members, and the way they're all fully fleshed-out characters: Gerry (Waterman) is a multi-married man, now a grandfather; Jack (Bolam) is a widower who still talks to his wife at her grave; Brian (Armstrong) was an absent father who is trying to make it up to his son now.

The three are hilarious together. In one episode, Gerry was trying to find out if the other two made the same money. He was trying to break into file drawers and calling payroll as one of the others. In yet another, Brian realized that someone had information on an old case in which he was involved. The man worked for a Suicide Hotline. Brian storms into the building and cuts him off while he is trying to counsel someone. They are as funny as they are effective in solving cold cases.

The beautiful Redman brings authority and a certain toughness to the role of Sandra Pullman, but she has a twinkle in her eye.

I understand the cast undergoes some changes later in the run. I'll have to wait and see, but it will be hard to top this combination.
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Didn't want it to end
barryjaylevine1 January 2016
Wonderful cast working well together. I've been binge watching one episode per evening and am up to season 10. New cast members with their own quirky back-stories arrive as old cast members move on (to, presumably, other projects). You wonder how the now-departed cast members can ever be replaced because they all mesh beautifully; yet smart writing and acting grab you and, all of a sudden, the new cast members are as comfortable as an old shoe.

I wish we'd see such a show produced in the USA as I can think of a dozen actors whose careers could be extended (or revived) with such smart, creative writing. Tip: Check out IMDb info for the relationships among the cast members; Jerry's policewoman "daughter", Brian's wife is really...?

Will miss this show when I finish the binge.
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A Premature Burial...........
girvanpaterson19 December 2015
Watched the final ever episode of 'New Tricks' on Melbourne's ABC here last night, 19,12,2015. A decent episode, and nice finish, but a bad, bad call by the BBC. This show still had a good 3 or 4 seasons left in it, just as the new crew get settled in, they pull the rug from under them! And I had grown to like them, yes, they're different from the originals, and so they should be. Unlike some reviewers, Nicholas Lyndhurst was my favorite, quietly spoken, and just quirky enough to make him interesting, and, big enough to handle any rough stuff if required! I wish they'd kept his daughter and cat in it though! All the others were good too, doesn't make sense to cancel a program that was clearly still a ratings winner? I feel it'll be a long time before the BBC comes up with anything as good as 'New Tricks'! A big thank you to the production crew and all the cast members, new and old, for giving us one of the best shows ever! You'll be missed!
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The BBC at its best
Paul Evans12 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I feel I can do a credible review for this series now that it's finally finished. It's no wonder it's run for 12 series, I feel it's probably about time for it to have come to a natural end.

The series focuses on the unsigned case department, UCOS, heralded by Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman, and her team of retired ex Policemen, Gerry Standing, Brian Lane and Jack Halford. Each week the team would investigate an unsolved murder. On many occasions the past histories of the team would surface, each had their own problems, Gerry had a string of ex wives, and a very complicated love life, Jack had failed to get over the death of his wife, and would still talk to her. Brian possibly the most interesting of the characters, obsessed with medication and with his own little issues. The team of misfits would always work together to solve the mysteries.

For me the Series peaked around Series 4 or 5, back then it was must see TV, as the old cast started leaving they took a little something with them, it was never the same, but still worth watching. Larry Lamb and Dennis Lawson proved great additions, for me with the current setup there'd have been more mileage, shame it had to end, but all good things must.

Overall it gets a 10, Series 11 and 12 would be a fair but under if i'm honest.
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Its certainly is all over
Prismark109 October 2015
What started as a rather risky and quirky show about retired cops dredging up old unsolved cases that ended up lasting 12 series with phenomenal ratings.

The quality kept up until series 11 when the rapid cast turnover took its toll in the writing and the new characters did not gel quite like James Bolam, Alun Armstrong, Dennis Waterman and Amanda Redman.

New Tricks was a phenomenal show for the BBC which started during the reign of Greg Dyke as Director General of the BBC and under his watch the corporation had a renaissance of successful and populist dramas.

New Tricks rather reminded me of those Euston Film serials that ITV had in the 1970s and 1980s. A series with a healthy mix of drama and comedy such as Minder and featured a lot of location shooting.

Apart from their office, each episode would showcase some part of London, it had a great cast of actors that certainly blended well and the mysteries were enough to keep you entertained. It really was a special show.

It is just a shame the wheels fell off a bit when many of the original cast left in quick succession. The final series was a mild return to form but all good things have to end.
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Started well but...............
larry-485-16158330 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The first few series were fresh and very entertaining. The characters ranged from the icy Sandra Pullman to the womanising Gerry Standing. In between were the Aspergers Brian Lane and the ever efficient Jack Halford.

Plots were generally simple and easy to follow, although one episode which showed a thug permanently watching over a local lake to deter anglers from using it was a little silly.

However,,,,,,,,,,,later series descended into the usual modern politically correct abyss.


1. Brian (an angler himself) wildly criticising the keeping of animals in zoos.

2. Sandra (upon first meeting her) instantly and constantly rounding on the zoo's female manager for the same reason.

3. And worst of all Sandra ripping into the headmistress of a girl's public school. Her "crime"? There were no black pupils in evidence there.

All of this PC nonsense and the utterly unfathomably complicated plots led me to stop watching this once great program.
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What fun!
kikkapi2031 July 2014
Another of my favorite shows and one I try not to miss. This is one of the very few programs that can keep me at home. I wouldn't miss it for any reason.I just savor every moment of this wonderful series about a group of "old" British detectives who constantly runs into trouble with fine humor and everlastingly rocks "the establishment" within the police force. Quirky, eccentric and not adverse to bursting the bubbles of his snobby and stiff bosses, they're really copper's copper (without the helmet) and always leads us through such an entertaining series of plot twists and turns, it's really quite irresistible. This is fine entertainment by some of the finest British actors alive. It's great fun!
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Funny and with Well Built Plots
DegustateurDeChocolat27 January 2014
I must say that when I first approached this TV series I was kind of skeptic. I thought that it would be based on the predictable jokes on retired cops and on aged people in general. I was quite surprised to see instead that the jokes are funny and work well thanks to the 4 main characters, each one with a defined personality. Besides this the plots are well made and the murderer is never obvious. Plus,the stories are credible and are not exaggeratedly far from reality. An interesting feature of the "New Tricks" is that each character has some dramatic event or problem left behind that arises now and then in the story, which contributes to give more definition to the personality and it also represents a constant present during the entire series. To wrap it up I would say unexpectedly original.
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Great show, very good plots and very entertaining
burrusgregorytechoss24 October 2013
Love the show in that each show has a very definitive set of elements one can look forward too. I found this show while roaming through HULU. The good part is I get to see one show after the other and so far love the shows that are available Season 1 and 2. Amanda Redman is very good as she navigates and works through the old and the new police work ethics. along with the fact that she has to manage the issues of her personal life along with waking up everyday to handle the trickiness of her professional life, since non of her superiors appreciates what she does as she goes about solving crimes that no one else has or will solve. The guys are great and they have very good story lines and they seem to use the past to build the future solutions using DNA and more. Great show to watch
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What a difference a decade makes!
dawn-7825 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Starting with the premise in 2003 that as a punishment for a raid going wrong, DCI Sandra Pullman is moved to a job in the basement with 3 old men! In the pilot Sandra Pullman hires 3 ex-policemen to work with her in the Unsolved Crimes Unit, that has been specifically set up to fail! The 3 "old men" played by James Bolam who plays Jack Halford, Dennis Waterman playing Gerry Standing and Alun Armstrong playing Brian Lane are actors that have been around decades in England and are well loved.

This might be billed as a drama, however there is lots of humor throughout this series. Gerry is the naughty boy with 3 Ex wives and daughters, all of whom get along extremely well. Brian Lane is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to crime and speaks honestly and directly, much to the annoyance of his fellow ex-police officers and Jack, the logical and practical one turns out to have a much stronger connection with his boss, DCI Sandra Pullman that we discover as the series moves forward.

Each episode is a complete story. However through the first few series we watch as each of the character's personal lives are thrown into turmoil.

The rest of this review focuses on the past few seasons 8-10 and the changes. So if you don't want to know anything else please do not read further!

When I heard of the cast changes happening in seasons 8-10 I wondered how this show would continue as a success. I'm glad I hung around and kept watching! The addition of Dennis Lawson was a breath of fresh air. Nicholas Lyndhurst is a brilliant actor and will be remembered for his very clever and funny roles in "Only Fools and Horses" and my favorite "Goodnight Sweetheart" and Tamzin Outhwaite brings a new strength and focus to the show that had been lacking in seasons 6 and 7.

In Season 10 (episode 9) I got a sense that the female lead character is going to have to prove that she didn't get the job because of nepotism. Thinking back to the pilot this is the same issue Sandra Pullman had in terms of having to prove herself, just for a different reason.

And came to me last night "I wonder when they wrote Season 4 Episode 6 "Buried Treasure" where Gerry turns out to be called "The Last Man Standing", that would be true of the character and actor when it came to Season 10 Episode 9?"
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Good for a few more years yet...
benpainter9517 June 2013
This is a consistently entertaining cop show that doesn't simply rely on gritty story arcs, shoot-outs, car chases, clunky macho dialogue and bright, shiny pathological labs with the corpse of the week laid out and being probed by a medical examiner. At the heart of this show is the comical interplay between the four talented leads, but there's a great deal more to enjoy. The characters' private lives, with their various obsessions and idiosyncrasies, combined with some good-old fashioned sleuthing and great jokes make very nearly every single episode fly by in a quick and rewarding sixty minutes. There are a few episodes that grate on me, but with nine series and over seventy episodes it comes as something of an achievement that I enjoy watching almost every one of them.

Plus, I'm very much looking forward to Series 10, despite some people's criticisms aimed at the cast changes, and the fact that the BBC don't seem to want to let it go. Well here's something for the dissenters: Midsomer Murders has been running for sixteen years and counting, Silent Witness for seventeen, and Waking the Dead ran for eleven years. So why exactly are people worried that New Tricks might run for more than a decade, especially when I believe this particular show is a lot less predictable and over-dramatic than other shows in the same genre.
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Good entertainment
bbewnylorac9 April 2013
If you look at this show as lightweight, relaxing entertainment you won't go wrong. It's not believable in any way that a team of old fogeys would be left alone, for years, to do what they like with major cold cases. And they certainly, in real life, would not solve one case a week! Many of the plots are completely over the top (the witch episode, for example) and in some seasons the scripts have got too sluggish and boring. But at its best, this is top TV. The best thing is probably the cast. They all look like they're having a ball, and when the quips and teasing are flying thick and fast between them, it's a pleasure. Especially Amanda Redman and Dennis Waterman. Each character has a distinct personality and their strengths and failings are explored to good effect.
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Exceptional show except for Alun Armstrong during mealtime
K M17 October 2011
How that man is allowed to eat with such disgusting table manners is beyond me. I simply fast forward and miss his parts as he has a fist full of food in his mouth as his yammers on. But, other than his disgusting table manners, it's a very delightful show. You can't miss with this cast, even Alun Armstrong if he never ate. You can do a show without so many meals or at least have him dub over his lines with no food in his mouth. Sorry to go on about it, but it really turns the stomach and gets so ingrained in the ear, it is tempting to just break the telly. But I love his acting, so wish this could be corrected with the eating.

Not just to pick on British actors, I could do without the gum smacking of Brad Pitt and Matt Damon and it's such a shame because they are great actors, but it's unbearable to watch. Everyone is probably thinking this, I simply have the nerve to say it. For them to do this to create an unlikable persona is totally wasted since I am betting most people fast forward through these disgusting sounds.

But, New Tricks is great in spite of these things and I do recommend it. I love Amanda Redmond, Dennis Waterman and the rest. It is really a great cast, great writing, let's just keep the little buggers starved while they are filming. I have seen people pull off good table manners and they can still seem like lower class through dress and speech if that is what they are trying to portray through their eating habits, except Alun Armstrong has done this in every show he's been in, so it must be him and not the directing. Keep that man away from the food. I hate to have to miss parts of this great show due to the unbearable smacking and slurping coming out of his mouth. Please don't cheat us out of the entire episode due to having to avoid Alun while he eats. He is such a fine actor.

How about some lessons in table etiquette for these fine actors. I would definitely rate it a 9 or 10 without the slurping.

This is mainly a message to the creators of the show if they want to know how to attract all viewers. I can find nothing wrong with this show except the table manners. I really look forward to the show, but wish I did not have to fast-forward through certain parts.
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As in Can't Teach old dogs............
bkoganbing30 April 2011
The police series New Tricks which has been on for almost a decade in Great Britain is finally making it across the pond via our Public Broadcasting System and it's a nice import. The British have updated our old TV western classic The Over The Hill Gang to modern times.

Amanda Redman is a modern police inspector who has mastered all the latest in crime fighting techniques, but can't master the prejudices still there about women in positions of authority. They're promoting here, but she's in charge of the Cold Case Squad in London and not getting any real help, nor is she really expected to solve these long cold homicides.

What to do, but recruit her own help in the persons of three retired detectives Alun Armstrong, James Bolam, and Dennis Waterman who are wasting away in retirement. They may not be up to date and you can't teach the old dogs New Tricks at times, but they're still pretty good at what they do.

What's nice about all these people is that they're quite three dimensional and even ordinary somewhat. But they have a work ethic and they get the job done.

Hopefully this show will run in the United Kingdom for several more years and we'll have lots of episodes to look forward to.
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This is a very well done show, please make more !
calgarywino10 March 2011
I have enjoyed this show for years now; the actors are all excellent veterans of their craft and it's great to see people of a certain age being used well instead of retired or cast as fogeys.

Plots deal with things that are often timely and of interest and push all the right buttons. The writing is fun and seems natural and is not aimed at juveniles like US based writing seems to be. Why can't they make such good programs out of the US ? Even the shows that they 'steal' like Cracker are not done well; the pacing is wrong and they seem dumbed down and acted poorly.

UK and Canadian actors look more natural and 'of the real World' than the too pretty US ones, and the acting is more natural and unforced. They have facial expressions accompanying the reading of the lines too, what a concept ! Thank goodness for some of the good programming out of the UK and Canada, I wish there was a way to keep them going by supporting the good ones. We have a long history here in Canada of the good ones living short lives. Billy Joel wrote "Only the good die young. That's what I said, only the good die young." Prove him wrong, Long live shows like New Tricks!

Just a note to say that after the departure of James Bolam as Jack Halford, I was worried about the future and that the 'chemistry' would be upset but I need not have worried. Denis Lawson seems to have settled in and the expert and professional cast has not seemed to missed a step. We on the 'other side of the pond' will just have to see what happens after learning that others are leaving the fold as well. I hope the writers can pull a few more rabbits out of their hats as there is not much else worth watching these days.
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dickjan-braggaar25 September 2010
It's such a shame I live in Holland. I bought the first, Dutch subtitled, series here, but where's the rest? When they arrive here, I'm sure to buy them all. Yes, sometimes I see the series on the BBC, but without subtitles you miss the subtleties.

So now to the first series. I still have a little inside laugh when I think about the talks with the soliciting team members in the pilot-episode. I have a little inside weep when I see the old copper talking to his deceased wife. And what a wonderful woman is the boss! If all women were like she is, there would be no glass ceiling (if you know what I mean, or is it a Dutch expression).

They can act, boy, can they all act. Why young actors, when this lot is still going strong? I'm not yet their ages, but it is quite reassuring that there is so much life in the old guys! Conclusion: I will keep looking for the series here in Holland, subtitled and all, and I very much want to thank the BBC for bringing so much quality and joy in the best series I've ever seen. In a word, its most 'uplifting'. A real medicine.
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This show now sucks
racesgirl2000-11 May 2010
I got into this show by accident but my aunt's a huge fan and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised for only 3 episodes. The use of actors who probably had their heyday twenty years ago was one and the stories are very well written. The show is classed as Drama but there is fun and games in there too.

James Bolam is an actor I have long rated highly and this shows he has not lost his touch. In fact the range of acting skills these people bring to the show make younger actors in the same show look shallow. The team knit well together. They make great use of the fact that they are all retired police officers who can and do ignore rules and protocols to solve supposedly dead cases.

It makes a refreshing change compared to some American shows of the same genre. I strongly recommend it and there should be a US version.
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This is what BBC is all about
DuffyShort13 April 2010
New Tricks is a wonderful Brit cop show. After you get used to BBC shows it hard to go back to the crap that American TV produces. The characters are stable throughout the multi year run and they have great chemistry. This show is one of many that I recommend, including Murphy's Law, Murder City, Life on Mars, MI-5, Dr. Who, Torchwood and Primeval. US shows like Numb3rs and NCIS may rival them, but we can learn a lot from the Brits. I've just ordered my second multi-region DVD player because the last four years of Tricks has not come out in the US. The good thing is the episodes are usually fuller and richer on the international DVDS. Come on BBC, give us some more good stuff.
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Hugely Enjoyable Detective Series ***** out of ***** (a rare 5-star review)
Celticnationalist23 July 2009
BBC TV Series which follows the work of (UCOS) Or the 'Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad' It's led by Feisty Det.Super. Sandra Pullman (Amanda Redman) and a trio of Eccentric Retired Police Officers, Jack Halford (James Bolam) Gerry Standing (Dennis Waterman) & Brian Lane (Alun Armstrong). All three have personal problems, Jack's wife was Murdered by a Criminal out to get him, Gerry has a complicated Family life and Brian is a Alcoholic.

It's just started it's 5th Series in the UK...and is a hugely successful and Enjoyable Series...It's Funny,Sad & Thrilling in Equal measure and just goes to show you don't need Whizzbang CSI type Investigations to Enjoy a very well Written and Acted Series.

***** out of *****
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Amazing contemporary detective series.
TheLittleSongbird20 May 2009
I absolutely adore Touch of Frost, Midsummer Murders and Inspector Morse, but the thing I love about New Tricks is that it is contemporary, funny and still manages to be serious when it needs to be. True, it is a bit corny at times,my only criticism of the series, but it is sterling entertainment for those who want to relax in the evenings. Allun Armstrong is both touching and funny as Brian, a man of intellect and charm, but this is perhaps under-appreciated by his colleagues. James Bolam makes the most out of his character, and one of the main reasons I watch New Tricks in the first place. Jack Halford is seen as quiet and composed, yet there is a certain sadness to him that is quite appealing. Amanda Redman never disappoints in anything she's in, and she gives a thoroughly entertaining and sometimes serious portrayal of Sandra, and Dennis Waterman from The Sweeney and Minder delights with his vocals in the title song(which is quite catchy), and equally delights with his three-times-divorced, heavy-smoking character of Gerry Standing. The episodes allow the four stars to have fun, and the witty and fresh, though sometimes corny, script allows plenty of character development. Standout episodes are when Jack is slowly poisoned by a man played by Richard Briers, and Sandra finding out how and why her father died.(I felt sorry for her then)All in all, an entertaining and often funny series. 9/10 Bethany Cox.
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Eccentric characters and unpredictable plots make it a series worth watching...
Neil Doyle5 April 2009
AMANDA REDMAN is the tough police boss of a squad of discontented officers she has to keep in line in order to solve unsolved murder cases. I've only watched one from this series but intend to watch more because it moves swiftly, has interesting and rather eccentric characters, and the plot took some unpredictable turns before the solution came.

The British do this sort of thing well. Instead of Inspector Morse, we have Redman's female boss dealing with detectives who'd rather not handle some of the cases they're assigned to.

Handsome production values help, as does the intelligent writing. Worth watching if you like your detective stories told in British style.
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Great fun
winstonfg18 January 2008
For us Brits, it's always nice to see familiar faces back where they belong, and this show does that for both Dennis Waterman and James Bolam. While not quite reaching the heights that 'Minder' did for Waterman, it's nevertheless highly entertaining - and he does get to sing the title theme...AGAIN.

The real star though, is Alun Armstrong, whose portrayal of obsessive alcoholic savant Brian is both funny and touching; and the storybase of a "cold case" police unit made up of retired ex-coppers allows plenty of latitude for self-deprecating humour. Amanda Redman is always good value too, and she doesn't disappoint here as the no-nonsense boss of this team of superannuated mavericks.

Yes, there are lots of clichés and several improbable situations, but overall it's a good-natured romp with a bunch of old pros. I always try to watch it if I'm in.
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A new type of police show call New Tricks
barebear230 July 2007
For a change we have here a police show with: Wit,A good story and actors that make you think they ARE retired police officers.not just playing the part. It is a refreshing change to the US police shows., that are at present being shown in the UK.While one will, I think always remember Morse and compare any police show with the great Inspector Morse. I personally think that "New Tricks" is not only more entertaining but it leaves you with a feeling sad that it is over. I find it hard to wait till the next series is on DVD for me to watch, since I live in Florida. British police shows are of special interest to me as I was before coming to Florida some 50 years ago a police officer with the Metropolitian Police in London.
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