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Season 3

17 Apr. 2006
Lady's Pleasure
DS Pullman decides to reopen one of her old cases involving the death of Nancy Murray in a car crash. Pullman is convinced that Nancy's husband, Stephen, introduced a mechanical fault and was out to get his wife because of an alleged affair she was having. Jack thinks the threats must have come from another woman, while Gerry thinks that she died for a simple reason: she was a woman driver. The team learns that Nancy was seeing a male prostitute twice weekly, and blackmail becomes a real possibility. The solution to the murder, however, is to be found by examining ...
24 Apr. 2006
With the recent release of Cabinet papers under the 30-year rule, Jack pushes to reopen the investigation into the death of Joe Walsh, a left-wing union leader. His body was fished out of the Thames in the mid 1970s and his death put down to suicide, but it was clear that the Cabinet wanted his antics stopped, and Jack wonders if someone might have taken those wishes a little too seriously. There were rumors that Walsh had fiddled the union books, and several of his contemporaries are convinced he was disposed of by MI5. Meanwhile, Brian decides to stop taking his ...
1 May 2006
Old Dogs
The team revive a 30-year-old investigation into animal cruelty when a dog is found butchered on Hampstead Heath. The original investigation focused on John Fletcher, who was the press officer for The Human Liberation Front, an organization that was set up to counter the animal rights movement but no longer in existence. They seek advice from James Farlow, the animal control officer at the time, but have few leads. They determine that the killer may actually have wanted to harvest the animal's vital organs. Meanwhile, Jack is feeling ill and is hospitalized with some ...
8 May 2006
Diamond Geezers
The vicious criminal Chopper Hadley, who has been back in the country for a week, is searched for by the team. However, Halford is viciously intimidated and the squad start to realise the full danger of their target. Desperate measures are used and Brian is sent undercover to get Hadley once and for all.
15 May 2006
Wicca Work
A young woman insists that the suspicious death of a local librarian was because of witchcraft, and the team are drawn into the world of magic and the supernatural. A series of strange events occur, and they are put under increasing pressure. The squad become convinced that the supernatural exists and struggle to remain cynical.
22 May 2006
Bank Robbery
When one of Gerry's informants returns to England and provides him with new evidence, the team re-open the case of a 1987 bank robbery where one of the bank employees was killed. The prime suspect was always Ray Cook, but the police could never get the evidence to charge him. Cook's alibi has always been that he was with his dying mother at the time of the robbery but the team find evidence that brings their basic premise into question. They also determine that the bank robbers may have had inside help, including that of certain police officers.
29 May 2006
Ice Cream Wars
The team are on the case of the ice cream bandit, an armed robber whose targets were the ice cream vans of two feuding ice cream manufacturers in the mid 1990s. The battle between the two families erupts into violence, so UCOS decide to track down the bandit and stop the conflict once and for all.
5 Jun. 2006
Luke Hanson has recently been released from jail after serving 8 years for setting a fire at his local school in which the caretaker had been severely injured. He was across the country committing another crime at the time and would like the team to reopen the case. This was Jack's last case before retiring to care for his wife, who was the victim of a hit and run driver. Supt. Pullman gets an offer of promotion that she is finding very hard to resist, but it would mean leaving the squad. A woman who claims to be his daughter approaches Gerry, and Brian rekindles an ...

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