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Season 11

18 Aug. 2014
Bermondsey Boy
Gerry is approached by Ralph Paxton, a boyhood friend who became a career criminal and was imprisoned for a jewel robbery. Ralph believes that his grandson, architecture student Jake was murdered by his partner in crime Wayne Pelham because the boy discovered the loot hidden in a tower block due for demolition. After interviewing Jake's brother and his college tutor the team locate Pelham, who informs them that others knew about the hidden jewels. The team eventually end up with two prime suspects, both of whom believing that they were acting out of principle, though ...
25 Aug. 2014
Tender Loving Care
In 2010 trainee doctor Lydia Dryden was found dead in her flat after visiting Bar 393 night club. Neighbours reported a possible stalker lurking outside the building but her parents, both surgeons, do not recognize him from the Identikit picture. Married Laurence Devlin, another surgeon, denies having an affair with Lydia though it transpires that he is her actual father, which her mother Monica has kept from husband Hugh. Lydia's sister had a drug habit and Lydia was suspected of stealing from the hospital medicine cabinets to help her. then the stalker is revealed, ...
1 Sep. 2014
Deep Swimming
Bryony Willis receives an anonymous note to say that her father, peace activist Winston Lovett, did not accidentally blow himself up but was murdered. The team visits Bryony's estranged mother Alison, who points them towards two feminist campaigners who had issues with Winston - Mary Griffith, an inveterate agitator and lecturer Frances Kane. To the team's surprise Frances admits that she and Winston were actually undercover cops infiltrating the protest movement. Then Bryony reports a stalker, whose identity brings closure and reconciliation to the case. Throughout ...
8 Sep. 2014
Elderly dementia sufferer Nancy leaves her care home to report that her policeman husband Jimmy, who disappeared in 1956 was actually murdered. Harry Page, an old friend of the couple, reports that Jimmy had gambling debts and got into a fight the night that he died. Sasha takes Nancy back to her old house where she recalls Jimmy's violence and jealousy. A grim secret is discovered in the bedroom wall, in turn leading to the solution of the murder. Meanwhile Steve is called to the police station when his son Stewie is cautioned for minor drug possession, which brings ...
15 Sep. 2014
London Underground
When film critic Oliver Houghton's corpse is found in a sewer Sasha is reluctantly forced to work with Ned as Oliver had been a witness in the unsolved case of gay artist David Straka two decades earlier. Both men were drowned and Danny sees the river Fleet as a link since it featured in David's last project. David's friend Ruth Shireen tells the team that David and Oliver got involved with the occult due to the unpleasant Cyril Watkins though Cyril, now Cecily after gender realignment, explains that there was no harm intended. However a woman playing the part of a ...
22 Sep. 2014
Romans Ruined
In 2008 body-builder Mark Rix died of a heart attack, seemingly caused by a surfeit of steroids. Now a sword is found in his old lock-up, which decapitated an unknown man just before Mark died. Mark was a member of Imperium, a group re-enacting life in Ancient Rome and Steve and Sasha learn from Imperium members Julia Kane and Tim and Tessa Dugdale that he believed himself to be Marcus Rex, incarnation of a gladiator. Forensic scientist Fiona Kennedy identifies the murder victim as a Romanian gangster who sold illegal steroids and the team deduces that Rix used ...
29 Sep. 2014
In Vino Veritas
Illegal Turkish immigrant Asye Ersoy was working as a barmaid in 2010 but disappeared following a fire which killed the pub's landlord Richard Gibson. Now she has been traced but denies committing any crime. The pub's former pianist Jason claims that Richard was happily married to wife Joanne and she endorses this. Relations with his brother Gavin, a slot machine vendor who wanted to buy the ailing pub, were less harmonious whilst Joanne believes Richard was having an affair with Asye but did nothing about it. The identity of Asye's actual lover and a scam involving ...
6 Oct. 2014
The English Defence
The team notice that DNA from teen-aged market trader Spencer Rogers, arrested for throwing a brick on the motorway, matches that of interpreter and chess club member Agnes Bradley, murdered in 2010 and when Spencer's mother Kelli tells Sasha that Spencer was the result of her being raped by an unknown man it is apparent the rapist is the murderer. Suspects include Jeremy Powell, who, according to chess club captain Viktor Proust, smarted because he could never beat Agnes and Chilean diplomat Carlos Alvarez who had Agnes black-listed after one of her translations ...
13 Oct. 2014
After librarian Ellen Barker is murdered investigating officer Grace Mackie contacts Danny, who had been in the same amateur sleuthing group as the dead woman. He suspects that Ellen was working on an old case but had come too close to the truth and been silenced. He works out that Ellen was trying to reopen the murder of Sally Tunstall, for which Barbara Haynes' son, now dead, was convicted. Danny and fellow ex-cop and group member visit Barbara and her neighbour Caroline Tate, who, with her former husband John Stokes and Sally, was a member of a commune . Stokes, ...
20 Oct. 2014
The Queen's Speech
Over thirty years after school-girl Amy Taskerland died at an end of term disco a time capsule is unearthed, containing a tape where she expresses fear of Alec. Neither her father William or best friend Harriet can identify Alec though Amy's headmaster falls under suspicion as he was having an affair with Amy whilst dating teacher Carla O'Brien. Then Danny discovers that Amy appears to have been reciting a speech to be used by the queen in event of nuclear war which leads to the identity of Alec and in turn to who killed Amy. Gerry meanwhile has a surprise on his ...

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