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I've seen it all and there is nothing like this...

Author: Thor Arne Rosland from Norway
22 May 2006

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin aka Silver Fang in Scandinavia is a Japanese animation series witch runs for 21 episodes.


A small mountain town depending on ski-tourism has a bear problem, and it all begins with the akita puppy Gin being born. His father Riki is with Master Gohe hunting down the main bear called Akakabuto. In the battle Riki gets thrown off a cliff an is assumed dead. Daisuke and Gin seeks revenge... and we follow Daisuke & Gin preparing themselves for the confrontation with the giant bear. They manage to kill one but it is not Akakabuto, and it seems that killer bear have created a little army of his own, so the mission get tougher.. After this the story goes over to focus only on Gin, his father Riki is still alive and is the leader of a group of wild dogs living in the mountains. Because of the fall Riki has lost his memory and he does not recognize Gin, but to strengthen his army he commands the other wild dogs off to recruit more soldiers for the final battle against Akakabuto and the other bears. A fantastic journey of courage,love,strength and honor begins...

Conclusion: The Japanese are at their best in this touching story about a puppy in search for his father, finding him and then teaming up with him to kill the bear that separated them and stole his childhood years wihout a father... It's 20 years now since the first time I saw Gin, and it still is as powerful as it was. Trust me folks, I've spend a lot of my time front of a tele, seen a lot of animation series, they don't make em like old days... =)

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Silver Fang

Author: Patriot84 from Sweden
4 January 2006

I watched Silver Fang many times under my childhood, so this is nostalgia for me. Its one of the best animated movies ever made. I have the uncut version now and when I watch that I realize that it's not a movie for children as it was promoted in Sweden to be, it's a movie for all ages. It contains allot of violence, ruff language and its about strength and courage. It's not like a Disney or PIXAR movie, because when you see this movie your really get touched.

I'm talking about movies, its not a movie it's a TV series in 21 parts, but when it was realized in Sweden in the mid 80's it's they realized it on four VHS tapes.

If you haven't seen it, do so!

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Still as great as it was fifteen years ago.

Author: jownaus_fanclub from Sweden
23 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Silver Fang" is probably the strongest animated experience I had during my childhood. The story had every classical element in making it an epic journey; a clear goal in sight, bravery, love, fear, hate, anger, tears, kinship, loyalty, heroes, villains, violence, laughter, traveling, cursing and more. The characters are amazingly well thought through; The Three Brothers of Kai, The Four Generals of Mutsu, Benizakura, John, Gohei Takida, Madara, Akakabuto, Daisuke and off course Silver Fang himself. When comparing the soldiers of Ouh you even find yourself relating to some of them (I prefer Akame). The sense you have when watching the first episodes are that you aren't sure what the writers are aiming at, but yet you get curious. The epilogue of Silvers grandfather Shiro was amazingly well performed along with the rest of the episodes spent in the snow covered valleys of Japan. *Spoiler* The series frequently have small downfalls when it gets too unrealistic, e.g when Ben gets an enormous rock on his temple and still survives or when Silver retrieves some weird techniques. But the overall experience and the incredible character development makes it easy to let these things slide. The Scandinavian version was cut down from the 21 episode long series into four feature films and many of the bloodiest scenes where left out (for good reason: I mean Jesus!). I was told about a month ago of existing material which wasn't released in Sweden. I watched the series again for the first time in ages and it was still very good and all of the logical gaps were thankfully filled. This isn't for people with "weak stomaches". However if you want to be bewildered by its unexpected beauty and the artistic approach by the animators you should see it.

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A mission is a Puppy

Author: Johnny Gustafsson from Sweden, Lidköping
26 October 2011

Known in different titles and perhaps a Nordic affair mostly. Since it was sort of a hit in Finland and Sweden at least. Never heard of a English version, which in that case would be a terrible shame. This is a life-time achievement in the genre of Drama trough the eyes of the Dogs. The portrayal of how we exploits the Dogs for our needs feels spot on. One of the female leads owner showed hes true colors when desperation called. When the grown-ups are sloppy, its up to a little boy and a legendary Puppy to stop a psychotic Bear from terrorizing their land. The old hunter has hes guilt and a demon to fight in the gigantic Bear Akakaboto (Red Helmet). A teary-eyed show about growing up, responsibility and honor. Some scenes are very heartbreaking. An instant and powerful classic.

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Animated film series of the century

Author: wetche from Denmark
10 March 2008

This show is probably the best TV series I've ever watched. It's not the usual stuff with clichés and crap everywhere but a unique and special story that really touches you. There are so many aspects of life and the becoming of an adult that surfaces in this story that you can barely believe it. The story is original and pure and it has a lot of theoe special moments when you smile and look out of the window just to imagine if you were there.

I am 19 years old and Im still totally lost in this series. And I've come to realize that it is not a children's series. There is indeed a lot of violence and perhaps also bad words so it is really for all ages.

The animation is, of course, different from what we know today, however, it only adds to the uniqueness of the series. Many critcs would perhaps laugh and watch something else but we who know better will just look even closer.

I can only recommend that you watch it as soon as possible. It is a story about courage, trust and freedom and it WILL touch you, just wait.

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One of the best

Author: Knoxvicious from United States
8 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After watching re-runs of Inyusha, Wolf's rain, and Dragon Ball Z you start to get bored...the sad thing is these series only premier in Japan and mostly all Scandianvian counties. I myself had to download episodes off of Youtube and was taken back by how brilliant and great the show was. It is a very underrated show. Silver Fang (GNG) is about a bear dog by the name of Gin and his journey, along with some other dogs from across Japan, to take down an evil big ass bear that has been killing innocent people and animals. Though this may seem like a bore storyline it is not. It has heart and is unlike a lot of other Animes. It is exciting and will make you want to watch a lot more. Though I most get out of my system the only thing that I disliked about the show was the very poor animation. But none the less, it was not the art that mattered, it was the story and the animation is SOMEWHAT decent enough. Not very though. If you love Wolf's rain you will love this show, definitely. And after you finish this series you will be even more happy to find out there is a squeal to the series entitled, "Silver Fang Legend Weed," or something like that. (GDW) Also very good, I liked it more actually. Even though the characters from the original one somewhat get ruined..... When you spot it on...just sit and watch the tube.

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Kids horror done right.

Author: ternvall from Sweden
15 May 2017

At the age of 6yo, one dark winter night I saw most of this film at a friends house. Though I never finish it some scenes stuck; now 20 years later. Never knew the name of the film but I could never forget the name Akakabuto. Nightmares and feared darkness for years to come. No other flick have stuck with me for so long. Finally found the title, and must re-watch whenever able. Unsure if it holds up but until then. 10/10!

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My Favorite

Author: Ruben Helmersen Johansen from USA
1 January 2015

At the age of 8 I was introduced to Silver Fang. It was in the form of a Norwegian dubbed VHS with a PG-12 rating and the goriest scenes removed. At the time it scarred me for life. However, as a grown-up I realized I had discovered the best anime ever made.

We follow Silver (Gin in Japanese), an Akata Inu pup trained to be a bear hound. The first seven episodes (total of 21) are seen from the point-of-view of humans. After this, the point-of-view is changed to dogs. When humans are involved, the dogs are heard barking and whining. The story-line is strong and compelling, with twists and turns along the way. The anime tells the story of how Silver and other dogs take matters into their own paws by recruiting other dogs to cleanse Futago pass of violent bears, led by the one-eyed bear Akakabuto. Please be advised that this anime is filled with violence, blood, and many killings of dogs, bears, and humans. If you hate the thought of animals dying, then this anime is not for you. However, if you can handle the warning above and enjoy an epic adventure, then Silver Fang will hit you faster than a Cutting fang of Sirius' sword draw (Zetsu Tenrō Battōga)!

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Fantastic animated series!

Author: Dyling from Norway
6 December 2013

I just finished re-watching this series, nearly 20 years after I first saw it as a kid. Did it live up to my expectations?

Short answer: Yes!

The animation in Silver Fang isn't even close to what we are used to today, but for some reason that didn't bother me at all. This series strength lies in the strong story-line, the way you connect to its characters (human or dog), and how emotional it is. No other animated series has made me weep, cheer and smile like this one!

So do you need to have watched this as a child to enjoy it? I doubt it; have an open mind, give it a chance and find out for yourself!

You won't regret it!

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Best of the best for me

Author: titus-paar from Sweden
18 September 2011

Honestly "SILVER FANG" is ridicules, extremely "Japanese 80's", cheesy and at times sloppy animated. But still it's the ONLY movie/series/song that hasn't lost my devotion, excitement and love for since my jaw dropped at the age of 6 (about 21 years ago).

I just love everything about it, it has always inspired me as a filmmaker, to create something unique and not always caring if your movies are a bit naive.

There are some "fillers", ruffly the whole season 3, gathering more dogs, is basically the same scenario over and over again.(I skip that one) But I don't care because this is pure movie magic on all levels, this is taking your imagination to your fullest, it's cute and brutal. It's brave heart for dogs :)

if I'm only allowed to give one film 10 stars in my life, it wouldn't be the godfather, Schindler's list or Citizens Cane. It would be SILVER FANG. I'm probably alone in the world about it but somehow that makes it feel even better.

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